JetBlue Devalues Their Price Drop Policy

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A few months ago I wrote about JetBlue’s price drop policy, which not many people know about. This is something that many airlines offered back in the day, though nowadays it’s quite a rare policy, as airlines increasingly do everything they can to squeeze money out of consumers.

Specifically, with JetBlue’s price drop policy you could get a voucher if the cost of airfare dropped within 14 days of when you booked. Here’s how this worked:

  • This needs to be requested by phone, and not online
  • This is only valid when the airfare has dropped in a way that doesn’t require the use of any promo codes; it has to be a publicly available fare (it’s fine if there’s a promotion, but that promotion just can’t require any promo codes)
  • The “refund” will come in the form of a credit to your travel bank, which you can use for another JetBlue flight within 12 months

While JetBlue continues to offer a price drop policy, the bad news is that they’ve made a change to it. Per Deals We Like, JetBlue’s price drop policy now only applies if the fare drops within five days of when you book, rather than 14 days.

As before, JetBlue Mosaic members get waived change and cancellation fees for themselves and another traveler on the same reservation (this doesn’t apply if you’re traveling with someone who is on a separate reservation).

This is an unfortunate change on JetBlue’s part, though after Alaska and Southwest, they have the most generous price drop policy of any US airline. Alaska will issue you a voucher up until departure if the fare drops, while Southwest has no change or cancelation fees, and you can always apply the credit towards a future ticket.

  1. Isn’t Alaska’s more generous? From what I remember you can request a credit basically until you travel

  2. Ugh this is sad. That was one of the greatest policies of B6… I lost track of how many times I rang up and asked politely for the difference to be credited… and if memory serves correctly in one or two cases it was even 30+ days after booking.

    Inevitable consequence of becoming a big airline? Maybe.

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