Shantay Blue Stay: JetBlue Celebrates Pride With Drag Race Plane

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Oh my goodness, isn’t it just wonderful when your two worlds collide? I love airplanes and I love RuPaul’s Drag Race. JetBlue seems to appreciate that, and they’ve just made my day/week/month.

JetBlue is known for naming their planes, and in celebration of pride month, JetBlue has named their latest plane “Shantay Blue Stay.”

For those of you who have no clue what that means (hi, straight people!), it’s a reference to RuPaul’s Drag Race. In each episode of the show, the queens compete, and then two queens end up in the bottom.

They have to lip sync, and then one queen gets to stay, while the other queen goes home. When making her decision, Ru always says “shantay, you stay” to the queen who gets to stay, while she says “sashay away” to the queen who is eliminated.

Here’s an example of a lip sync (perhaps the second most epic one ever, after the recent one between Brooke and Yvie):

Okay, that’s actually a really bad example because no one goes home, but I digress…

So that’s the reference. Not only did JetBlue name a plane after a RuPaul’s Drag Race reference, but JetBlue also made a video featuring two popular winners of the show, Bob the Drag Queen and Trixie Mattel. Here’s a safety demonstration by them, which is hilarious:

Shantay, Blue Stay with JetBlue | Bob The Drag Queen & Trixie Mattel

Ready for take off, Queens?! To celebrate the release of JetBlue’s “Shantay, Blue Stay,” the fiercest plane in the sky, they invited Bob The Drag Queen and Trixie Mattel to give a sickening new take on their inflight announcement:

Posted by RuPaul's Drag Race on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Well done, JetBlue! So well, done! JetBlue, shantay, you stay!

  1. This article has no place on a website devoted to REAL airline news and reviews not this.

  2. turbueleeeeeeeeeeence. you . shake. everything
    I hope Alaska AIrlines hires Alaska to do theirs!

  3. Then next, for Straight Pride Week ™, they are going to feature Stormy Daniels.

    You know, for diversity… 😉

  4. @Matthew: Welcome to OMAAT. The blog where Lucky can talk about whatever he wants because it’s his blog. And NOT YOURS.

  5. Kudos to Jet Blue and those fabulous queens! (and to Lucky for being fearless and fierce)

  6. Enjoyable, though it was really the end of the video that made it for me. Just gets me pumped up for seeing the Yvie Hometown Celebration on Sunday.

  7. @Matthew

    Where were your complaints when Ben posts virtually every new airline safety and promotional video? He posted an Oman Air promotional video just yesterday. Oh right, it’s your homophobia that’s the problem, not this category of post. Sashay away, darling.

  8. Love this!! Wish I was in the US to fly with them this month.

    @Matthew and @Tim – time to find another blog.

  9. @BrewerSEA
    This is a very insulting comment being that I identify as gay. I just don’t believe that an airline blog should be discussing this stupidity. Believe it or not I’m a gay guy who thinks the whole drag race thing is stupid and overdone.

  10. Who would’ve thunk that JetMo would do such a thing? Small PR stunt to boost rainbow dollars that will float as tithings to SLC.

    PS- My favs: Sharon Needles; Katya and Trixie. Excellent demo video of Trixie making cocktails and PB&Js.

  11. @Matthew

    Gay men who moan about drag are often displaying internalized homophobia in my opinion. You don’t have to like it or watch it, but you can’t deny it’s an integral component of our community’s history. That RuPaul has brought drag to the masses and given more than a hundred queens the ability to support themselves with their art is praiseworthy.

  12. Apparently United is hosting a Drag Brunch at EWR next Thursday.

    (Cue the “dragged right off the plane” jokes!)

  13. Brewer – so gay guys that don’t like drag are internalizing their homophobia? Hmm that’s strange. Hopefully you’re not a therapist. Not all straight men drive pickups and like blondes and country music. I’m out and proud and I get sick of drag queens as well. Chaps also play a historical role in our community but I also don’t wear them or like them for that matter.

    Being gay is part of me. It’s not me or anyone for that matter. You thinking someone in our community who doesn’t glom onto everything queer is actually discriminatory not Matthew.

  14. @BrewerSEA while your first comment to Matthew was spot on. You can’t tell people they are a gay homophobe because he complains about something that you like. That’s what I can’t stand about society in general. No one can say anything anymore. @Shawn thank you. As a bisexual, ex Army vet I am tired of people telling me oh you don’t know xyz about your culture. What the heck does what I watch on TV have anything to do with my sexual orientation? I would rather watch a hockey game or play in my rec league than watch anything on Bravo (sorry Lucky) @Everyone calm down. Lucky has as much right to post this as you do to critique him and people have to critique you. Believe it or not it’s good to disagree. Also as far as Pride goes remember that everyone is different and respect their choices and we can all get along.

  15. OMG… That is awesome! Love me some drag qweens on a plane! Where is Samuel L Jackson when you need him? I think this is the best idea ever!

    Also, I agree with some above comments… Some of you guys deserve starts @charles! Gotta love successful gay bloggers. Keep it up!

    Im not big on drag queens, but I can get on board with this… see what i did there?! lol

  16. @brewerSEA
    I agree with Shawn 100 percent
    I’m gay but that doesn’t mean I need to like drag or enjoy parading butt naked on floats through nyc. I also don’t deny that drag is part of our history and I never once did deny that. All I said is that I don’t think it has any place on a blog about air travel. You wouldn’t see me on a gay blog bashing drag.
    I think an apology is in order brewer.
    And thank you @ Shawn

  17. Ah, yes, Matthew and Shawn…the “I hate gay stereotypes” gay stereotype wherein they have to tell you how gay acting they AREN’T and how much they hate Pride events. Tell us more about how different you are from “normal” gays. You know, it’s perfectly alright to not be “into” drag queen entertainment without letting everyone know how much you aren’t into drag queens. It’s not a contest. Get over yourselves.

  18. I think it fantastic. My son named this plane and I’m very proud of him. After so many years and still people want to exclude a certain group of people for who they LOVE is disgusting. If you don’t like it, to bad. Let people live their own lives, just like you would like to live yours.

  19. The “masses” couldn’t give a crap re: airline marketing/branding/identifying. The “masses”, of which I’m one, possess zero clue what the hell any of this is and/or what it relates to. The “masses” who take issue w/ this—or find it offensive (really!!) need to get a life & if they manage, perhaps a hobby thereafter. Very simply, OMAAT is a terrific blog, PRIDE is a terrific thing….& the absolute reality for both straight-folk like myself or any kinda folk, is……IF YOU SERIOUSLY TAKE ISSUE, JUST BIGHT YOUR FREAKING TONGUE FOR 10 SECONDS—AND WHILST DOING SO CONSIDER THAT “SOMETHING” CALLED PEDIATRIC CANCER EXISTS…SO LIGHTEN UP.

  20. I don’t understand… They named a plane. Is there a paint scheme/event/special branding otherwise to coincide with this or just a name?

  21. I am gay — saying that so I don’t get flamed or attacked or banned for the question — but why does the one have two different face makeup colors? (I don’t watch the show so please cut me some slack.) ((And no, I am not internalizing any homophobia; I just don’t watch this show.))

  22. Much as I enjoy Ru Paul’s Drag Race, this is a portrayal of a stereotype
    The same as assuming all Jewish people are Hasidic, all Muslim women wear a burka etc
    This plays into the hands of homophobes who then believe all gay men wear drag I’ve seen it in the news recently quoting demonstrators saying they don’t want their son growing up wearing a dress

  23. I am all for LGBTQ equality, and quite sensitive to many of the issues the community faces, but this drag queen garbage just gets on my nerves. I find it so over-the-top and annoying. To each their own, however. I don’t have to like it, they don’t have to care about my opinion, and we’re all happy.

  24. “For those of you who have no clue what that means (hi, straight people!)”

    Given the success of the show and how mainstream it has become, I wouldn’t be surprised if straight people made up a significant portion of the viewing audience.

  25. @Matthew. Sheesh with the toxic masculinity. Lucky is gay, and he’s highlighting somethings lgbtq related in the world of aviation during pride week. It’s almosr as if he’s celebrating his queerness/sexuality I’m his industry of work. Good god girl get a grip, homosexuality isn’t contagious.

  26. @will. Because that drag performer mimics to be a real live Barbie. Her make up is painted a certain campy way to reflect that of a doll. It’s contoured to exaggerate that.

  27. I never heard of this show or the star ( I don’t live in a bubble: I can sing Over The Rainbow in 3 languages plus have many KD Lang CDs). But it looks like fun and a bit of harmless smut. It’s clever for some corporations to engage this way: they might offend a few religious nutters along the way (but who cares), and appeal to Gen X travelers as they appear to have fewer hang ups about such matters.

  28. I agree with both the author and readers to publish/read what they Want. I’m OK with that, but maybe the issue is that last trips reported are Tiffany’s 6 months ago and the Sri Lanka 4 monthss ago…. Honestly my grandma travels more.
    If this expected to be a point, mile, trp ‘experience’ blog maybe we readers could get a bit more that copy content without interest.
    Even the ‘awesome fares’ published are a bit dull.
    As a tip I just bought ADB DPS RT QR J for 1050 USD 5 minutes ago 🙂

  29. Many here seem to be equating drag queens with gay people

    Drag queens are a PART of LGTBQ+ culture
    Nothing more, nothing less

    More importantly, Drag queens are performers
    They are “over the top” for precisely this reason

    No different than the Kardashians, a stand up comedian, straight burlesque show, a WWE wrestling or MMA match, “Jackass” or any other reality TV show, a monster truck rally, or rappers

    All of these groups of people are performing, all are over the top, and all have adoring fans and detractors

    Love it or hate it, Drag Race has affected America and much of the World (Did you know there is Drag Race Thailand?)

    Similar to what Will and Grace did in the 90’s, RuPaul’s show is culturally important as it humanizes gay and trans men (many of color) to many in our nation

    But unlike Will and Grace, it has a strong presence of Trans people, people of color, and extremely impoverished people

    Although there is cattiness, in the end the show is about love and acceptance

    Every person gets a trophy
    Every person “is one of my girls”
    Every person is told to Sashay Away in a positive way

    A black trans kid has a 50 to 75% chance of suicide attempt

    Thank god there is at least one fun show they can watch, maybe even with their straight family and friends

    Thank god that they have one day or month per year to have “Pride”

    Thank god some corporations have “pink washed” themselves even if for the wrong reasons

    Good on Jet Blue to pink wash themselves
    Good on Americans for letting them do it

  30. Thank you @JRMW. You brought tears to my eyes as someone who struggles with gender identity in a conservative family and environment.

  31. @ JRMW — To echo what Natalie said, that was beautifully explained. Thank you. And I think that’s something that anyone who doesn’t watch the show or who doesn’t understand the community doesn’t get. This isn’t just about the entertainment value, but it’s so much more. I’m not someone who cries easily, but each season I’m brought to tears multiple times. The show — and concept — has done so much for so many kids who don’t feel like they fit in.

  32. @ Aaron — Indeed, I know a lot of straight people (including Tiffany) who watch the show!

  33. @ Icarus — So to be clear, you’d rather that all stereotypes be avoided so that we can give in to demonstrators so that they don’t grow up thinking their sons will wear dresses? Hmmm….

    I’m curious how you’d like a company to show their support for the LGBT community? Should they have hired Aaron Schock instead?

  34. @ Done — As far as I know, just a name, and a small cross-promotion partnership. But it will still get people up in arms. 😉

  35. @ Matthew — I recognize that not everyone is going to like everything I write on this blog, and I’m totally fine with that. I hope readers are fine with that too. I’d like to think what makes this blog unique is that you know where I stand on things, and you know who I am. I share what *I* find interesting. The fact that I can share what I find interesting every single day is one of the reasons I’ve been able to publish 50+ posts per week for over 11 years, and haven’t grown tired of it.

    At times that might be of interest to you, and at times it might not be. The alternative is a site with 100 authors where you don’t really know who anyone is. Frankly I’m comfortable with my decision.

    I admit that sometimes my interests are a bit odd. For example, did you see how much I’ve obsessed about Air Belgium, or Air Zimbabwe, or Air Tanzania? In the case of Air Belgium I think I published more posts than they operated flights. But my gosh I find it endlessly fascinating. I know some readers do too, while others don’t.

    In my opinion this is very much airline related. Just as I share airline ads and branding videos and special liveries, this is also something really special that JetBlue did, and it makes me happy.

    I’m sorry you didn’t find this interesting, though I hope you can also see where I’m coming from.

  36. @AR – Who said I hate pride events? Columbus’ parade is tomorrow and I was planning on walking in it until something came up. I’m an out and proud gay man.

    The point I was making is saying someone in the LGBT community has inner homophobia for not liking drag queens is obtuse and usually not correct. There’s lots of things I don’t like. As I mentioned, being gay is a part of me. It doesn’t define me. I say that as a proud gay man who promotes and supports our gay community.

    I for one generally don’t like drag queens either but think these drag planes are a cool idea and would probably enjoy the experience. But not liking them generally doesn’t make me less gay or homophobic.

    Anyways….happy pride everyone.

  37. Ben – no explanation necessary. It’s your blog and those of us that don’t like it….well….I heard DCS started a blog. Lord help us all.

  38. @ Shawn — All of that is fair enough, though I think there’s an important distinction to be made, and I think that might be what’s causing confusion. You say you “generally don’t like drag queens,” which is a sentiment shared by many.

    Do you actually dislike them, or do you just not find them entertaining? If you actively dislike them then I’d have an issue with it and ask why, while if you just don’t find them entertaining, it seems easiest to just ignore them? In Matthew’s case he seems to actually dislike them, based on saying it’s “stupid and overdone?”

    Let me make a comparison. I don’t like televised sports. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against it, I just don’t personally choose to watch it, because I don’t find it interesting. But if someone online is writing about something football and airline related, I wouldn’t show up in the thread to say how I don’t enjoy it. I just wouldn’t click on it because I don’t find it interesting.

    Matthew said the following:
    “This article has no place on a website devoted to REAL airline news and reviews not this.”

    So for example, Travis has written in the past about how the Patriots bought a plane:

    I didn’t see anyone there commenting “I don’t like sports,” and “this article has no place on a website devoted to REAL airline news and reviews not this.”

    So I can understand why people interpreted it the way they did.

    And none of this is to suggest football=drag. But I think the point remains…

  39. Hey guys. For those who cringe at Drag, here’s a private, nobody’s looking fistbump. I cringe, every time I encounter a drag queen, even on a screen. But I’m working on my internalized homophobia (not sarcastic). Many many other gay guys my age have the same issue and most of us have evolved to understand, tolerate, celebrate. Yes, I cringe, too, and I’m as queer as a three-dollar bill.

    @JRMW thanks for the summary and for the tear it brought. There’s a lot of suffering in the world and Drag is definitely part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    @Everyone, Happy Pride, even if you aren’t quite “there” yet. You’ll be welcome when you get here, and you’ll see ours really is, without question, the best party.

    @Lucky thanks for the deep breath you take before responding to comments. Such restraint from the Chief Cat Herder! It’s nice up here on The High Road with you!

  40. I’m gay and I
    Have no idea what this is. Not a show I watch and not into drag. While this is kind of fun, I definitely think I’d get annoyed with this safety video if I flew JetBlue and heard it all the time.

  41. Ben – No I don’t dislike them. I have been in the community long enough (early 40s here) to know the role they played but I guess I would say I don’t go seeking out gay bars on drag night etc. but I have nothing against people doing drag. It’s an art and I do agree it has helped brought our community more mainstream.

    What I was trying to get at with Matthew is just because someone doesn’t particularly care for an aspect of the gay community, it doesn’t make them less gay or even homophobic. To be frank, accusing him of being homophobic for not liking drag queens (he would need to define what that means) is no different than calling someone an animal hater that doesn’t like cats or calling them mysogonistic because they say they don’t like women.

    Let’s all be honest for a sec. With us becoming more accepted and integrated many gay bars are dying. It’s a sad thing to see but I’m also glad when I see two men kissing in a “straight” sports bar.

    We still have a long way to go. I was just this week called a fa5 while stopped at a pedestrian walk so I must look the part. Instead of bickering whos the better queen we should be supporting each other not calling each other homophobes.

    It could also be that I have two kids and have become more gentrified and frumpy. Who knows. I have given many a drag queen (and hot strippers) dollar bills .

  42. I said the same thing on another post a while ago. Why do people care so much what others do with the life?

  43. Thanks for the fun, light-hearted information that an airline is doing to celebrate pride month.

    Gay guy here with zero interest in drag of any sort. I didn’t know what the reference was. Thanks for explaining it!

  44. There is also a RPDR station/setup in T5 at JFK. So far Nina West has also performed in the terminal!

  45. All I will say is that was a better watch than AA’s multi-million dollar, over-the-top/distraction filled “safety” video (that they can’t even show on their newest aircraft because they removed all screens)

  46. To many, air travel is not a fun experience, and some in my family it is touch and go whether they even board. And when the faux air crew doubles as a comedy tandem, it does not help. Does JetBlue intend doing a serial killer skit next? What are the borders? or are there any?

  47. @Matthew – sorry you aren’t getting your money’s worth from Ben’s blog.

    Oh, wait…it’s FREE. And it’s HIS.

    So he gets to talk about whatever he wants to.

    And, as he pointed out, this is a story about airline marketing. Being done by an airline. You know, the subject of the blog?

  48. I think the one thing we can all agree on…@Joseph Alba has the homophobic comment of the year. Are you really equating this to serial killers?

  49. @JoEllen. That would be great, I’d love to fly Sodom and Gomorrah Air…I bet they’d have killer amenity kits.

  50. “I’m curious how you’d like a company to show their support for the LGBT community?”

    Well, it depends. Are they a transportation company, or a Trans activist group?

    I’m sure if they now have Stormy Daniels do a strip show on a flight, and Lucky posts a video of it, there would be a chorus of complaints in the comments. Especially from the LGBT members, who would decry the support of ‘heterocentic’ values.

    From a previous OMAAT post: “VietJet is a Vietnamese low cost carrier that is perhaps best known globally for their annual flight attendant bikini calendar. Personally I’m not a fan of objectifying flight attendants in that way…Anyway, I never post about the bikini calendars”.

    So yeah, a most outrageous gay performance on a commercial flight is just “supporting” gay “pride”, but something as ‘vanilla’ from straight culture as a bikini calendar is a ‘degrading objectification of women’ (sic).

    If it’s really going to be about live and let live, then stop the ‘toxic masculinity’ slurs. There was a time when gays were second class citizens (or worse). Having learned nothing from that experience, the LGBT community has decided they now want to be the bigots. ‘Everything gay is ok, everything straight is disgusting’.

    And as the backlash from that occurs, they will have no idea they had a major part in creating it. 😉

  51. @ Robert Hanson — You really think that in the US gays aren’t still second class citizens? Sure, in cities like LA, NY, and SF they can live their lives freely, but you do understand that many states still legalize discrimination against gays in a variety of ways?

    Also, it’s fine that you don’t get drag, but you’re taking away the completely wrong message from it. Drag isn’t about objectifying people or about any “erotic” value (unless someone has a fetish for that, or something). Think of drag as being more along the lines of kabuki theater rather than a “Stormy Daniels strip show” (lord have mercy on me…).

    And companies get involved in social causes. You can be a transportation company but also pro-LGBT. Just as a transportation company can raise money for cancer research, help in communities that need it, etc.

  52. Let’s start by saying: this is your blog, which I mostly greatly enjoy, and you are entitled to post whatever you want. Then again, I am entitled to my reaction to individual posts, and since you have a comments section, I feel as entitled to post that reaction as anyone else.

    “You really think that in the US gays aren’t still second class citizens? ”

    Lets see, the US Ambassador to Germany, appointed by Donald Trump, is openly gay. Pete Buttigieg is a major Democratic candidate for POTUS, and doesn’t seem to think that being openly gay is going to doom his campaign. The Mayor of Seattle is a Lesbian. The so liberal Major Media are all very pro LGBT.

    So yes, while I understand a small minority of folks are “homophobic” (sic), for the most part being gay is not going to keep you from getting a job with a major corporation, from joining the Marines, being a Movie (Jodi Foster)/TV star (‘Ellen’), or running for public office.

    Frankly calling the US homophobic is like calling it racist. I’ll believe that the US is no longer majority racist when a Black man gets elected POTUS. Twice. Oh, wait….

    The gay card is as out of date as the race card.

    Torn from todays news: “3 Openly Gay Candidates are Running for Congress in Texas General Election”, and another one is running for Governor. And yes, I did say TEXAS !

    I should preface the following by saying: I’ve never been to a strip club, a drag show, or a Kabuki performance.

    “Drag isn’t about… any “erotic” value…think of drag as being more along the lines of kabuki theater”

    Yeah, except for the following:

    The Japanese government has tried to suppress Kabuki a number of times over the centuries for being too sexually explicit. From Wikipedia:

    “1603–1629: Female kabuki
    Much of its appeal in this era was due to the ribald, suggestive themes featured by many troupes; this appeal was further augmented by the fact that the performers were often also available for prostitution”.

    So is drag like that or not?

    “In 2005, the Kabuki theatre was proclaimed by UNESCO as an intangible heritage possessing outstanding universal value.”

    Will Ru-Paul be considered a part of an ‘intangible heritage possessing outstanding universal values’ 400 years from now?

    So is drag like that or not?

    “a “Stormy Daniels strip show” (lord have mercy on me…).”

    So now you’re just making my point for me. Putting the most outrageous style of gay “fabulous-ness”, so far out there that openly gay commentators on this post say “I’m a gay guy who thinks the whole drag race thing is stupid and overdone”, on a commercial flight is, as you say, “just wonderful”.

    But an expression of normal straight culture, like a bikini calendar, is somehow ‘deplorable’. Ignoring that one would have to go out of their way to see that calendar, whereas every person on that flight is being forced to watch, or at least listen to, the drag “safety demonstration”, whether or not they find it offensive. And I note that two groups that would find it offensive, are (non-‘fabulous’) gays, and conservative Christians. And let’s not even mention orthodox Muslims. 😉

    So if folks want to have drag shows in gay bars, and on obscure channels like Logo, fine. I have no problem with that. But forcing folks locked in a narrow body plane to endure it is just, well, obscene.

    Supporting Drag shows: good. Supporting straight males: deplorable.
    Supporting LGBT ‘community’: good. Supporting the NRA, evil.

    If what you want is an entire country fiercely engaged in a culture war, this is how you go about it. 😉

  53. @ Robert Hanson — I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere debating this, though I do want to comment on one inaccuracy:
    “Putting the most outrageous style of gay ‘fabulous-ness’, so far out there that openly gay commentators on this post say ‘I’m a gay guy who thinks the whole drag race thing is stupid and overdone’, on a commercial flight is, as you say, ‘just wonderful’.”

    What is being put on a commercial flight? This video obviously wasn’t filmed on an actual flight (you can see the back of the cabin is empty, and there are no real flight attendants), but rather was quite obviously filmed specifically for the video to be created… which is available on VH1, social media channels, etc.

  54. @Robert Hanson, the people on the plane are Jetblue employees, my son is one of them and he was the winner of the naming of the plane contest.
    This was a promotional video about the naming of the plane. The only reason why its drag queens performing a skit is because the name that was choosen “Shantay Blue Stay” is a take on what RuPaul says on the show. Plus, JetBlue is a company that is very pro LGBTQ. Its suppose to be all in fun and bring attention to the LGBTQ community. Jetblue does alot for others as well, great example is when they fly police officers or firefighters for free when one or more of their brothers is killed in action. At the pride parade in Manhattan they give away a few free trips for 2 to anywhere in the US. Giving back to any community is a great thing.

  55. It’s just really stunning and quite refreshing and simply hilarious to witness how far society has come. I am just in awe — thanks for posting this Lucky. And for all of you Stormy Daniels followers … just to “enlighten you” , old Stormy is a regular at perennial LGBT club/ hot spot The Abbey in West Hollywood ,California. She strolls in and out with her entourage and gets out on the dance floor and shakes her groove thing!!!!!! The crowd seems to simply adore her! Just You Tube that one….. Umph.

  56. Heck I’m gay and it seems just over the top. It would have been a better video if it was more about the tongue in cheek phrases that aren’t blasted at you through a bullhorn. Sorry but Bob The Drag Queen and Trixie Mattel weren’t the right pair for this video. Would have been better to be Bianca Del Rio and another queen to play the “nice one” instead of the mess that was in this video.

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