A Jet Airways Crew Was Suspended Over WHAT?!

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Well this is just plane plain ridiculous. Via The Times Of India, a Jet Airways crew has been suspended after a famous Bollywood star sang on a plane.

This happened on a January 4 flight from Jodhpur to Mumbai, when Sonu Nigam was asked to sing for passengers over the PA. Furthermore, this was a charter flight, and allegedly all passengers on board knew each other and wanted him to sing, so he obliged.

Here’s a video of him singing on the flight:

Unfortunately the relevant Indian authorities weren’t happy with this “misuse” of the in-flight announcement system, and demanded that the cabin crew on the flight be suspended:

However, the aviation safety regulator — Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) — has taken a serious note of airhostesses allowing a passenger to take over the in-flight announcement system.

The regulator investigated the incident and asked the airline to suspend the airhostesses on board. Jet has also been asked to ensure that such “misuse” of the in-flight announcement system is not allowed in future.

Confirming the action, a statement issued by Jet said: “All cabin crew on the flight have been taken off flight duty for enquiry and corrective training to reinforce strict adherence to operating procedures.”

Seriously??? There have been similar instances in many other countries (including the US), yet somehow only India seems to take issue with this. If you’re more paranoid than the US when it comes to aviation safety, you might need to take a chill pill.

I’m not sure I get what the problem is with “misuse” of the in-flight announcement system in this situation? If the pilots needed to make an announcement they could cut off the cabin announcements, and if the cabin crew needed to make an announcement they could have taken over the PA.

Yet somehow an Air India pilot can get caught drunk ready to operate a flight three times and still have a job. And pilots licenses in India are fraudulently being issued to people who have flown just an hour. I think the DGCA’s priorities might not be in the right place.

This also isn’t the first time the DGCA has had problems with “live” inflight entertainment. A couple of years back they took issue with some live inflight dancing during Holi celebrations, on a flight between Goa and Bangalore:

The DGCA argued that the dancing endangered the flight because it could have thrown off the plane’s center of gravity, and that the distractions reduced the crew’s alertness and preparedness.

Bottom line

It might be time for the DGCA to step back and take a look at the “big picture.” If their real concern is someone famous singing over the PA while at cruise altitude with the seatbelt sign off, well, then, I’m not sure what to say…

  1. I think it’s pretty obvious the aviation authorities in India have absolutely no clue what they’re doing. Mind you, from what I hear that could be said about any government institution on the sub-continent.

    Time to bring back the Raj if you ask me!

    (** sits back and waits for the wave of flames to hit **)

  2. Obviously, they have too much time on their hands.

    While something like this happens once in a while (think of Southwest), the laws in other countries are different than ours (think chew gum in Singapore).

    If this decision is a bureaucrat gone crazy, spank him. If it is a law/regulation broken, then, as silly as it seems to me, the air hostesses violated the rules.

  3. Arcanum: The Raj? Actually, I don’t know why you’d think that, because India is doing pretty well for itself. The UK on the other hand is a hole of a country that can barely manage to control its borders from the influx of migrants. Can barely stem Scottish nationalism from ripping the country into two either, and don’t get me started on the IRA. Don’t get me started on how nasty London has become. You might want to get off that elevated pedestal of yours so you can truly see for yourself the pathetic non-entity that you are in 2016.

    Ignoring the foolish comments above from pathetic westerners who clearly have no idea about the internal and external security threats faced by India, the govt has every right to be anal about these kind of incidents. When you have got the UN-approved version of the Islamic State right next door, armed with nuclear weapons and itching to use that against a nation of 1.3 billion Kuffars, the threats against the U.S. pale in comparison. You’ve got Mexico next door… they don’t even have nukes.

    The Indian authorities weren’t overreacting. As a matter of fact, their security and strategic advisors are far more competent than any U.S. government official in 2016. Just look at the long string of Amerian policy failures in the MidEast. I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

  4. “Authorities” on a power trip. They have to show how important they are. THEY should be suspended for their silliness… (was going to write a worse word, but decided to be nice today).

  5. Lucky, you are becoming a brit. Love it or hate it, but can’t get India of your mind. Or maybe you realized a lot of Indians are reading this blog.

  6. @K

    Is that you Loz? Was sure we had lost our very own Indian racist, missed you dude!

    Tell you what you can start talking about how well the country is doing when you can bring the youth literacy rate up to level with Sri Lanka and China.

    If I wanted to rub salt in the wounds I would mention Insas, how can anyone manage to make an AK-47 copy that don’t work?

    Agree with you that too liberal politicians are screwing over the UK and Eu in general.

  7. The only reason why these ‘brawls’ start in the first place is because self-important white men can’t just get over their inherent need/addiction for making extremely antagonistic comments about other people. It’s like some of you guys are a cancer on the planet and have inherited the same traits from your ancestors. I’m not even joking.

    Like, seriously, God forbid I made a joke about 9/11 or the Holocaust on here, which would clearly be an incredibly moronic thing for me to do. Yet the very first reply to this post is an extremely antagonistic one that talks about the Raj jokingly – clearly a calculated comment that intended to rile people up. The Raj isn’t a joking matter or something that you’d want to wish upon people jokingly. The scars of 1947 are still fresh on our minds and in all honesty are the entire reason why these stupid draconian security procedures even exist in the first place. Shame on every single one of you. Maybe Europe’s slow death will be the retribution you fully deserve.

  8. I find it odd that the State-run airline gets away with all kinds of dangerous nonsense, yet its main, priavtely-owned competitor receives censure over something incredibly innocuous. Though, having worked with the GOI vis-a-vis the Indian military, this shouldn’t really surprise me. And anecdotal evidence from fellow readers seems to support that.

    Except for Loz…we can always count on him to be the voice of reason with articulate and well-thought-out responses to any critique of the sub-continent.

  9. Oh man the anti-India people and the pro-India people crack me up.

    1. Anti-India people: K has a point. Imagine how the US would feel having China and Pakistan as its neighbors? India is like Israel in some sense – surrounded by lots of shitty neighbors including ungrateful ones like Bangladesh who forget that India got them their independence while Pakistan was busy conducting a holocaust killing millions of Bengali intellectuals, left-wingers, and anyone who cared about Bengali culture. India’s also the most diverse country on earth BY FAR. More religious diversity, more linguistic diversity, etc.

    India has more diversity than the Americas put together in one country.

    2. Pro-India people: India’s in a lot shittier state than South Korea which was just as wealthy in 1947. South Korea also has a shitty neighbor and has China in the neighborhood. South Koreans just got on with business instead of fighting with themselves and being faux-high-and-mighty all the time. India has to face up to female infanticide and its massive corruption. What’s the excuse? The Brits left over 60 years ago. Stop blaming them.

    India has a lot of stuff to fix. India also has tons of opportunity. Get to it 1.3 billion peeps.

  10. yeah I also feel Lucky seems to be catering a lot towards Indians lately, what gives? … is there really that much traffic from that part of the world that you’ve found a golden goose to ironically enough milk? clickbait? flamewars? … seriously, who cares about this non-story?!

    OTOH, Ben you really have no idea why you’re talking about. Indian authorities have plenty to be paranoid about (even if its no bueno for the rest of us) … Indian airlines have been the target of many, many hijackings over the last few decades due to dastardly neighboring nations harboring ill-will. these hijackings have led to a lot of high-value/profile prisoner exchanges. for a while it was so routine, the terrorists almost count on lax security as an ‘easy way to achieve their mission objectives’ not to mention the rise of homegrown unsavory elements who have been joining regional ISIS & AQISC cells … thus the ramp up in security esp in the last 5-10-15 years – on ground as well as in the air.

    9/11 is not the end all, be all of the problem of terrorism. other parts of the world face much worse scenarios, way before the US did and continue to this very day. add to that the scale of this country, where due to high population density – even a small attack or temporary lapse in judgement can have huge consequences. so Coins really, stick to what you know best — miles & points. when you venture a bit out of your league, you just end up looking foolish.

  11. @ Adam — I think you’re missing the boat here. This has nothing to do with 9/11 or hijackings or ISIS or anything. It has nothing to do with which country faces more security risks. It has to do with the fact that a crew was suspended over a famous personality singing on a flight, per the request of passengers. Let’s have some context here…

  12. Everyone on this blog must watch the upcoming Indian movie titled ‘Neerja’ about the Indian flight attendant of Pan Am – Neerja Bhanot – who saved countless American lives on a hijacked flight from India-Pakistan-Europe by hiding and disposing of their passports so that the Palestinian hijackers wouldn’t find out their nationality. Then perhaps you will shut your filthy American gobs out of shame and realise that there is a visceral threat here, but then again, your country doesn’t border friggin’ China and Islamistan. Neerja shouldn’t have given up her life to save this kind of trashy specimen of human being.

  13. yes and India faces a ton more security risks than the US. do you even realize how isolated the US is, geographically speaking? now think about why India faces so many more threats. if you dont know, well better educate yourself before looking foolish.

    no, the crew was suspended for allowing misuse of the PA system. it has nothing to do with some famous guy or singing or anything. it could have been miss India farting on the horn, or the Prime Minster reciting the national anthem — the result would have been the same. pax requests dont mean shit. what is this, amateur hour at the local bar or Total Request Live on MTV?
    time & place, Ben! I’ll leave it at that.

  14. Well “Lucky” it is not the question of the authorities there being paranoid. Give them the benefit of doubt. Why do you say more than the US? Is there a gold standard being set by a specific country. If you don’t really know the threat perceptions in each country it is better not to comment. Airport security including not allowing anyone other than passengers beyond a point and security checks (which are a norm now across the world after the unfortunate incidents of 9/11) were there in India in some form much before that. You can’t complain that Israel airport/ airline procedures are stupid, can you? So why India? Each country has procedures that are based on the local circumstances. India has been facing the threat of terrorism much before 2001. I take serious objection to the tone used in your post. I saw a similar sense of sarcasm when you reviewed your India trip. India is a devloping country but that doesn’t give reason to be cynical

  15. DGCA is always under the watchful eyes of ICAO, FAA, EASA, JCAB, UK CAA to name a few. So if it goes easy on its oversight DGCA gets the shaft. Hence it is hyperactive nature.

    Aviation regulations are local, just because FAA allows WiFi doesn’t mean DGCA has to allow WiFI, similarly just because any one can use public announcement system in some country, doesn’t mean India has to allow it.

    Couple of years back SpiceJet had they crew performed Holi dance. But SpiceJet had additional cabin crew to ensure flight safety. One pilot left the deck(was standing outside the door) for a minute or two, but his seat was occupied by a cabin crew (per regulation). So initially pilots were suspended but DGCA investigation didn’t find any wrong doing by SpiceJet except minor violation of cell phones were turned on (at that time cell phones were not allowed to be on)

  16. @lucky, – interesting find this incident, however may I suggest you to cover more serious aviation related issues such grounding of all Pakistan International Airlines and the thousands of stranded passengers worldwide.

  17. K/Loz really need to chill and stop feeding the trolls, and try to defend India without attacking other countries and coming as bigoted towards both Islam and the West (a unique type of bigotry, to be certain) as the trolls. I mean, Arcanum practically came out and pretty much said he/she was trolling.

    Yes each country has it’s own set of rules and laws when it comes airline regulations and whatnot…but couldn’t things be handled on a case-by-case basis? If this really was a chartered flight where everyone knew each other and they asked a celebrity to get up and sing a few songs, where is the harm in that?

    Also, this:

    “I find it odd that the State-run airline gets away with all kinds of dangerous nonsense, yet its main, priavtely-owned competitor receives censure over something incredibly innocuous”

  18. @lucky: in India now, and I agree that some of the security measures are not particularly well thought through here – especially for domestic flights. For example, from curb to seat, your boarding pass is checked at least 7 times, sometimes 10. 3 of those are AFTER you enter the jet bridge. what could possibly happen between the moment I enter the jet bridge and the moment I reach the plane?! And why do you need a minimum of three armed military inside each jet bridge?
    But again, protocol is protocol.

  19. Subscribing for the comments as usual.

    I wish there is a way to automatically subscribe to the India related posts on this blog.

  20. For those of you who are not Indian, you have to appreciate “K” for what he is. There are entire bands of people like him on the internet who become unhinged at the moment they perceive any slight of India or Hindus. Sometimes its fun to just feed them to keep them riled up.

  21. Suspended over “what”? Simple answer – suspended over violations of the regulations.

    If they didn’t suspend them, the same Times Of India article would have said “DGCA does nothing while Jet Airways crew host inflight concert and jeopardise passenger safety”. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  22. TheAJ, unfortunately for our nation, there are far more self-hating Indians like you that would auction off their dignity to the white man in a blink if it meant you could receive their worthless approval. You think I am the joke? You are the one still mentally colonised by them. Seriously, go and think about what you’re doing by defending their unacceptable behaviour. This is an article that criticises a government agency for doing its job (what a complete non-issue) and rightfully reprimanding FAs for misusing a PA system in the face of the grave threats that we face today. It could happen in any country in the world. This is a country where Muslim Pakistani terrorists can walk across the border in spite of our best efforts to prevent them, and attack airbases and parliament buildings in the case of 2008… an entire city.

    I can’t believe you seriously and literally just expressed your support for more India-bashing comments just for the sake of serving your white memsahib’s sense of humour and ‘riling me up’. I have come across many sellouts in the past, but you are by far the worst and are probably as sociopathic as the white men in the comments who derive pleasure from trash talking the country that gave them the yoga that their girlfriends probably indulge in every weekend.

    This is seriously why every country is turning against the western world today. You’re all acting like I’m the crazy one here for the mere crime of refusing to put up with the bashing of my country (which is the only country that ever gets bashed on this blog), but you’re all contributing to the wave of anti-western sentiment that is rising everywhere in the world. The ‘freq’ in the ‘freqflyer’ guy above might as well become a misnomer ten years down the road it you all continue to contribute to anti-western sentiment. Keep digging your own graves.

  23. Poor K; he’s just a downtrodden New Delhi call centre operative with nothing better to do.

    Ring Ring…. That’ll be for you….

    Don’t feed the troll

  24. Sounds like someone still carries deep scars of insecurity over India’s days under colonization…and it isn’t TheAJ.

  25. @ K: I respect your opinion and I actually agree with some of your points, including that India receives an unduly amount of bashing at times. But please stop this “white man” talk. There is no “white man”, just as there is no “black man” or whatever.

  26. Well said, K. I don’t know why Lucky and his readers have it in for Indians. Don’t take the bait, man.
    Lucky, I think you’re the one who’s missed the boat (flight?) here. It wasn’t just about the singing, it’s about a rule being broken. You should know that, being such a ‘seasoned’ traveler. All’s well when things go well, but should something happen, you wouldn’t hesitate to ask ‘what the hell were they thinking allowing that to happen?’ If we do something wrong, it’s all ‘haha, they suck’. And if we do something right? ‘Haha, such idiots’. I mean, grow up everyone. If anyone here on the comments comes from an absolutely perfect country, go ahead and criticize us. Otherwise, you’re no better than us, so zip it.
    All these comments must be doing wonders for page views and search results, but does it reflect well on the blog? I definitely won’t be bringing any business here.

  27. P.s. For those who don’t know, the singer here, Sonu Nigam, is FANTASTIC. Big fan. I can kinda understand why they asked him to sing, although since the flight was chartered, they coulda asked him to sing before boarding perhaps. I’m sure no one anticipated the suspension of the staff though.

  28. When India is an unruly place where rules aren’t followed, we get slandered by the West. When we start cleaning up our act and start following rules, we still get slandered by the West as evident from some of the viewpoints expressed on here. This proves that regardless of our actions, there is a visceral, inbuilt form of prejudice that these people harbour against us – it is genetically inherited from their imperialist ancestors – and nothing we do can ever make them treat us with a modicum of respect and humility. We can never win!

    The only way we ought to respond is with complete, utter abhorrence for their kind. When they come over to our countries, when they come over to Asia, treat them as if they’re non-existent. Do not help them, do not serve them, do not acknowledge their existence. Remind them who’s boss. Our economies and societies will continue to function and progress without them, even if it has to be at a slower rate. They can barely revive their own countries from the brink of economic and social doom, and in the case of the EU… yuck!

    It’s actually happening in Thailand now – most Thais used to go gaga over the farang, but now treat them as a burden because they’re sick of their antics. May that sentiment spread all over Asia until the farang cleans up his ways and learns to respect his fellow human beings instead of basking in a false sense of superiority that was invented in the colonial era. We learn humility and respect in our Hindu and Buddhist societies, but that is something that is completely excluded from their curriculums because they don’t have a moral compass to begin with. All they know is trolling, bashing, mudslinging, drunkenness, perversion, and just the art of being unruly drunk slobs with no culture and decorum whatsoever.

  29. @K, you need more than a chill pill. Why do you need to take everything posted abt anything regarding India as if these “White Folks” just declared war on India or something. Have you actually followed all of Lucky’s blogs? Has he not posted criticism abt treatment of Muslim/Brown&bearded looking ppl being booted off the planes in the US? Why do yu get so offensive, if yu really feel so offended this is not the place for you my friend, there are forums where ppl are at each others throats regarding racial supremacy or intolerance and every other BS. Keep yur critism simple otherwise, I suggest you don’t do it like your on the stand at the International court of justice at the Hague.

  30. “We learn humility and respect in our Hindu and Buddhist societies”

    And yet, you as a person exhibit neither.

  31. Pedro, seriously? Is your sense of logic as twisted as your brethren that that was the conclusion you arrived upon? There is a clear difference between standing up against BS and propagating that BS in the first place. Sure as hell wasn’t me who did the latter, so my points still hold true.

    And as for y’all who claim I’m insecure, why tf would I be insecure when comparing myself to something inferior? There is also a clear difference between insecurity and feelings of abhorrence towards your kind – widespread feelings that you yourselves are entirely responsible for. The views Indians have towards your kind are rather mild. You should see what the Chinese and the Thais and some Japs and even the Russians think before you go around claiming that I am insecure simply because I’m putting you folks in your places. I’m perfectly fine and content and secure with who I am. It is the entire reason why I live in the country of my origin instead of running off to America like 0.01% of Indians. The fact that y’all are choosing to bash a country you know nothing about reflects far more insecurity on your part than my replies do. Namaste, bitches.

  32. K must be one of the greatest psychologists of all time – able to diagnose others over the internet based on one-liners. Bravo, bravo!

    How much do we want to bet that K actually lives in America, loves it here, but just happens to turn into a raging maniac on the internet for one hour a day. 🙂 🙂

  33. @ TheAJ

    ikr? The way he makes assumptions about “my brethren” without knowing anything about me (for someone who isn’t insecure, he doth protest a bit too much, no?).

    It’s like he has a 2 track mind when calling people out. Either you’re an “evil white colonial imperialist who hates India and Indians and is probably a red-neck” or your a “self-hating brownie who is brainwashed and submissive to evil white colonial imperialist red-neck who hates India and Indians”…lather rinse repeat…lather rinse repeat…

  34. Call center jokes are just so lame. Let’s not forget that Indians pretty much run Silicon valley and the top global academic institutions. So the home is really on us.

  35. In the late 70’s early 80’s I would fly into India. In 2007, I hired on as a Captain for SpiceJet Airlines (I was caught in the FAA’s Age 60 mandatory “retirement” lie.) Having been to India I thought how much worse can it get and packed my bags. I was mistaken . . . it can and did get worse. My suggestion: If you’ve considering a trip to India, hurry up and go because based on my year there, it ain’t getting any better.
    K, while you are pointing your finger a “white men” as being racist, you’ve got three pointing back to you. Try substituting the term “author” for “white men”. At minimum, it would make you more believable.
    I am fortunate that I do have great memories of some very hospitable and diverse people (Indians, K) that I met and worked with while in India. The culture is sterling, the infrastructure and environment is crap.
    BTW, on my trips into DEL and BOM (Mumbai so as not offend K with the use of the ICAO identifier) there were often many empty seats (and being eastbound flight not weight restricted). On trips out of these cities, seldom and more likely never and empty seat. I think it’s called a “brain drain.”


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