Japan Airlines’ 787s taking some heat at Boston Logan

No pun intended…

My gosh, Japan Airlines really isn’t having a good week with their 787s.

On Monday one of their 787s caught fire at Boston Logan Airport due to a battery exploding in the aft electronics bay. Fool me once, shame on me, but a mere day later at the same airport a Japan Airlines 787 leaked 40 gallons of fuel while taxiing to the runway.

Man, think I’ll avoid Japan Airlines’ 787s for the time being (not that I was especially enticed by them anyway, given that they only have angled flat beds in business class).

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  1. Despite the angled lie-flats (awful), I did have a great experience onboard the inaugural flight from San Diego to Tokyo. Granted, the technical (um, fire) issues are raising some eyebrows, but having a nonstop flight to Tokyo Narita is certainly an added benefit.

  2. Its got nothing to do with JAL or ANA. This is clearyly Boeing’s fault.
    Remember all the issues the A380 has been having. Heck even one of its engines exploded mid-flight (QF). if you look back in history, this happens quite a bit with new planes.

  3. Just saw this on CNN. I was thinking to myself that Lucky is probably going to comment on this. 5 mins later…

  4. Heck, I flew JAL 787 on that exact same route back in May last year. Glad that 12 hours flight was a safe one!

  5. There is no such thing as 100% guaranteed safety. Any device or component can fail at any time and then there is human failure such as the recent AF 330 crash over Brazilian waters. I think everybody should come to grips that when you step onto an airplane, bus, train your are entrusting your life to someone else and the machinery they operate.

  6. …but it’s also important to keep in mind and remember that flying is still statistically safer than driving.

  7. Not very happy to read about these problems with the 787.. I just got an award ticket last week in business class on ANA in November SEA>NRT.

    Would you cancel or just hold onto it to see how things go? I’m coming back in first class on Asiana NRT>ICN>LAX, but I really wanted to try out the 787, so not sure what to do šŸ™ My gut instinct is that all new planes have issues, but in this day and age, everyone knows about every.single.problem.that.happens in just a matter of a few minutes..

  8. @ DavisCalifJr — I wouldn’t be worried too much. I’d keep monitoring situation, but I’ll be flying the 787 in a few weeks and am not concerned.

  9. Thanks for your thoughts on this, Lucky. I appreciate it and I agree with you. Hope your trip goes well! And take a look at seat 3A. That’s where I’ll be sitting in November. I think it should be a good seat, but always good to get feedback before a flight!

    Not that I’m getting anal retentive reading your blog or anything..lol..

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