I’ve had enough — I’m going to stop blogging

It’s not easy for me to say this, but after careful consideration I’ve decided to make this post because I care about all of you and want to let you know what’s going on. I’ve been blogging almost daily for over five years, and in light of recent events something radical is going to happen. Starting tomorrow I won’t be blogging anymore… for 48 hours.

C’mon, you guys didn’t actually think I was going to quit blogging anytime soon, did you? 😉

As y’all know Boarding Area has had some reliability issues in the past with uptime, so we’re migrating to a new server. Anyway, the migration is going to take place starting at 3AM CT on Friday, March 1 and should take about two days. During this time the blog will be up, though I won’t be able to post and you guys won’t be able to comment.

Hopefully by sometime late night on Saturday or early morning on Sunday the blog will be hosted on our new server and more reliable than ever. If you’re suffering from withdrawal during this period you can always Tweet me, though you can trust I’ll be back on Sunday with lots of stuff to talk about. I’ll have a few more posts today, but figured I’d let y’all know a bit early so you can rearrange your social calendars. 😉

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  1. Phew, I still need my reliable source of when SQ is going to do a migration of their computer systems.. =)

  2. Don’t throw move this headline to your trash as at some point you swill in fact need to use it again as your professional journey moves along, hopefully in a way in which we’ll still be able to interact.

  3. Not cool! I am on edge since Hilton devaluation. This one could have pushed me fully over the edge. Can I assume you will refrain from this sort of silliness on April 1?

  4. You had me for a second there. I wsa thinking, “That’s a little inconsiderate. He could at least finish his last trip report first.” 😉

  5. Thanks for booking our flight to Australia for the period when you wthe blog will be down. This way we won’t be missing your insights while in the air.

  6. I work in IT and it’s very unusual for any migration to take 2 full days, especially for “critical production” one like your site 🙂

    Good luck, and hope everything goes smooth, and still, maybe you need a new host/provider

  7. I should have said this a long time ago – “Thank you for your informative blog. I read it almost every day and have learned so much from you. I truly appreciative the time you devote to helping others.”

    There, I’ve said it. Don’t scare us by going away!

  8. You know, a little more advance notice would have been nice as we could have scheduled a mileage run to offset the withdrawal symptoms!!

  9. I second the motion for one more part of your trip report before you go silent for a couple of days. The suspense would be too much to wait until late weekend to hear about NRT to IST. 😉

  10. I am desperately waiting for your trip report on Turkish Airlines business class. Any chance of that coming up in near future?

  11. Everyone calm down, you have plenty of time to prepare for this. The next “Friday, February 28” insn’t until 2014. 😀

  12. @ Stuart Falk — Hah, if I can help it I’ll never shut the blog down. It’s my favorite thing I get to do every day, and while it’s what I do semi-full time right now, it’s also my passion. So no plans to change that if I can avoid it!

    @ Evan — Hah, I’ll do my best! I figured this was my one chance for having such a headline be believable given that it’s *not* April 1.

    @ wwk5d @ caveman — Your wish is my command!

    @ hsw25 — Hahahaha!

    @ Emman — I love you!

    @ steve — Whoops, fixed the date. That’s what I get for writing a post at 3AM.

    @ Nancy — Hah. In all honesty I found out about this only hours before I passed on the news to you guys.

    @ Yi — It shouldn’t.

  13. Oh man 🙁

    I thought you were actuall going to stop! I was excited. If you ever do want to stop blogging, please do!!!



  14. we will miss you even for a single day. every evening, the first email i check is “on mile at a time” because i want to make sure i did not miss possible promotion that expires by midnight. look forward to your return …

  15. Whew, you got me for a second. Also, in case the day ever comes, I want to say thank you for the great blog. I read your blog every day and can say that for only two blogs. :-). In the meantime, enjoy your weekend.

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