Is Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Worth The Price?

Back in December I revealed my plan’s to take my dad on a huge birthday trip this coming November for his “round” birthday. Then in January I shared an update of our A380 first class round the world journey, with stays at Park Hyatts everywhere along the way. On top of that, all the destinations along the way are places he has yet to visit.

I love my parents more than anything, and also love traveling with them. I took both of my parents on big trips this past year, and had an awesome time:

As I get older I’ve come to appreciate spending time with my parents a lot more, and there’s no better time to bond than while traveling. And hopefully the best part of sharing the experience wasn’t my trip report, but rather the reports that my mom and dad wrote.

Why my dad’s birthday trip will be even more interesting

There are a couple of things that make this trip with my dad even more fun:

  • It’s going to completely be a surprise trip. He knows we’re going for two weeks, but he has no clue where to. And he LOVES that. He has gone so far as to say that even when we start the trip he doesn’t want to know our next destination, but wants each day to be a surprise.
  • My dad has proactively offered to write a live, day-by-day, trip report. I’m still trying to figure out the logistics of this given that he doesn’t know how to use a computer and faxed me his trip report last time, but…

My dad’s last trip report

Maybe I should just convince him to do vlogs. That way the German accent doesn’t have to be in your head. 😉

What hotel I have booked in Dubai as of now

As of now I have a few nights in Dubai booked at the Park Hyatt. I’ve stayed at the Park Hyatt Dubai before and really love the property. It’s awesome in that it feels like a secluded resort but is only minutes from the “sights” in Dubai.

I booked the Category 5 Park Hyatt using Hyatt’s new Points + Cash option. It’s a spectacular value at 10,000 Gold Passport points plus $125 per night. On top of that I was able to apply an expiring Suite Night Upgrade Award to the reservation, so we’re confirmed in a Park Suite.


Obviously I’m really happy with that, but…

Is it worth staying one night at the Burj Al Arab?

I can’t believe I’m even considering this.

Other people spend stupid amounts of money on clothes, bags, cars, going out, etc. I tend to spend more on travel than anything else, and I’ll gladly spend a stupid amount of money on an unforgettable experience with my parents.

For those of you not familiar with the Burj Al Arab, it’s a self-proclaimed seven star hotel, and was so expensive to build that they apparently don’t know the cost.

Burj Al Arab exterior

Here’s a promotional video for the hotel:

And here’s a rather ridiculous minute-long advertisement for the hotel:

Burj Al Arab lobby

While I’ve never stayed there, I’ve had afternoon tea at the hotel twice, once at the Skyview Bar and once at the Sahn Eddar Lobby Lounge. The experience was simply over the top and ridiculous (and priced accordingly). And on one hand I don’t think I’d ever want to stay at the hotel, because it’s just obnoxious. Here’s what I said about the hotel the first time I visited, which I still stand by:

One of the nice things about visiting the hotel for afternoon tea is that you can get a sense for the hotel without shelling out the money it costs to stay there. And I’m happy I did, because this place is obnoxious… fascinatingly obnoxious. And I kind of mean that as a compliment, because I think that’s their goal.

For me hotels are about hospitality and creating an environment that’s relaxing and low key. Of course no one stays at the Burj to be low key, but there’s nothing relaxing about it either. The place is overrun with people taking pictures. Hundreds of them. All over.

You literally can’t even really walk around the hotel, because you’re constantly having to dart people taking pictures. It’s such an impressive building, but at the same time there’s nothing relaxing about staying somewhere when you literally have hundreds of people standing around taking pictures. Of course I was one of them. 😉

But then again I think “obnoxious” is kind of what the hotel — and perhaps Dubai as a whole — is all about. They need the biggest of this, the most expensive of that, etc. Dubai is basically built by gold digging size queens!

So is there any way that it could make sense to spend a night there?

If booking through American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, a night at the Burj Al Arab is $1,835 plus tax and service charge:

Burj-Al-Arab-Price Burj-Al-Arab-Price-1

I mean, $%&^, the taxes and service charge on the room are more than I’d otherwise ever consider paying for a room. It’s outrageous.

On the plus side, for a one night stay you do get the following benefits:


So two massages, breakfast, guaranteed late check-out, hopefully early check-in, and hopefully an upgrade. 😉

And also in fairness to the hotel, their entry level room is an 1,830 square foot suite. And they have 1,600 employees, meaning the staff to suite ratio is 8:1.


What do you guys think? The Park Hyatt Dubai is awesome and can be done on points. But in a totally twisted way does it make sense to do a night at the Burj Al Arab, both to shock my dad and so I can write a review of the property? Or is afternoon tea the way to go?

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  1. for westerners: rent a suite at the burj and make a party there

    good memories … Guessing that ur dad is over 50’s he will not enjoy it that much !

  2. Maybe a night or 2 at the burn dubai and then spend the rest at the park hyatt? You get the best of both worlds.

  3. hmm 8:1 staff to suite ratio even beats the 3:1 bow ratio on KE. I mean, you just HAVE to do it Lucky. You have to.

  4. I would go with afternoon tea. They money aside, I don’t think there is of of “ze ambiance” that your father is looking for. If you are looking for an uber nice place, maybe the Armani Hotel in Dubai?! My friend stayed and loved it.

  5. You only live once. And long after you forget about how much it cost – you and your Dad will remember that crazy time you stayed in a 7 Star hotel like Sheiks with oil money. Have fun.

  6. Why not just take him to the tea? As a wise young man once said, …

    “One of the nice things about visiting the hotel for afternoon tea is that you can get a sense for the hotel without shelling out the money it costs to stay there.”

  7. Please do it for the review. I don’t know if I would ever be able to afford a stay there. Reading a trip report of the place from you would be very exciting.

  8. I thought they give out golden iPads for each stay, is that no longer the case?

    But I’d still say you should do it for one night. 😉

  9. I’ll write the conclusion of your review:

    This place will show you what money can buy (and also what money cannot buy)

  10. Jumeirah is still an Amex IDC partner, even though they pulled out of the UK and US schemes.

    Its an OK deal. 8th April is 8,000 points, so 160,000 Amex points. Cash price inc tax for the same night is $2,207.

    Amex points can be transferred from a personal MR account to an IDC one.

  11. Don’t do it. This is like buying a Vertu phone. Spend the money on activities like camel rides or hot air balloon or submarines. Those memories would outlast the 7-star cruise ship hotel.

  12. Can you write it off as a business expense? Then totally go for it. Otherwise, take that money and use it as spending money for other great experiences you and your father can have.

  13. dude, we all know you are swimming in cash from all of the signups. I heard from someone on the last FTU that big bloggers like yourself make more than $400k per year just on commissions, not to mention the 10 people that work for you, do just go for it, don’t be a cheapass for your parents. If I had that income I would splurge for sure.

  14. Save the money and spend it on something else. One of the great things about your trip reports is that they give us a taste of an experience we might actually have in the future. I, for one, never plan (nor aspire) to stay at the Burj.

  15. @Lucky,

    Most people here will want to see it, and aside from the fact no blogger or any on ft for that matter has ever stayed at the hotel, and want to see the report. U will have huge traffic alone just from the report.

    But for the experince and everything else!

    DO it!!!! I really looking forward to reading the report.

  16. I wouldn’t do it if you’re expecting you and your dad to get $1800 worth of enjoyment out of it. Sounds like more of a business decision to me – if you can make $1800 back in terms of additional content to drive new readers, new clicks, etc, then I’d say yes.

  17. Go for the tea party, enjoy the tour but no need to stay there for this price. Remember that a huge part of the 1 day stay your dad will spend sleeping so it is better to use that money for things he will enjoy while awake.

  18. STAY THERE! For all of us who never will! We live vicariously through you. Plus — you only regret what you didn’t do, not what you DID do in life. 🙂

    DO IT!

  19. Save your money. The hotel is too far away from the rest of the sites (except the mall of the emirates). Go for tea or drinks and you’ll be $2000 happier and he’ll still get to see it. We can read plenty of reviews and see pictures of it on tripadvisor.

  20. If the purpose of the stay is to write a review, then it should be expensable (I’m not CPA). I’ll bet it will be the best hotel review ever.

  21. I suggest you instead stay “ONE NIGHT” in an orphanage in Burundi or Congo. You’ll never look at frivolous spending the same way again. I know it changed me.

  22. I have stayed there. Life is about making memories ( that you can afford) and this hotel is absolutely unique and will create life long memories. The suite are simply over the top.

    The three other properties I would recommend would be the Tawaraya in Kyoto, the Cipriani in Venice and Vanyavilas in Ranthambore. All absolutely unique

    Have fun!

  23. Tea will be a great experience but then as a travel professional you could argue a $2K stay esp if you can take it off your taxes. Can you get back some of that through your business in some way? Surely there’s some networking you could do there that could pay off later.

  24. Stay at the Park Hyatt. Take him there for tea. Arrive early to get the best view. I can give you a media contact to show you around the top suites etc.

  25. Ok, this is ridiculous. 2200$ for ONE night? This is rent for 1-2 months for some people.

    Like I’m glad you’re doing well for yourself but posts like these just make me think sometimes you are getting a little excessive and forgetting about reality.

  26. Don’t stay there. Tea only. Gary’s smart. If it were someone else’s money, okay, but you have better things to do with yours.

  27. Don’t stay there. As far as grandiose gestures go, there are plenty more meaningful things you can do with however much the hotel costs per night.

  28. Can only agree with others to stay at the Park Hyatt, unless your goal is to be part of the obnoxiousness, which is not your style. You’re more classy than that.

    Different had perspective: I had the chance to buy tickets for my partner and I on one of the last Concorde flights and we couldn’t justify the cost (severely discounted though it was). Today, we regret not doing it given the technological speed that it offered air travel and for the experience of it. If you think this way, go for the Burj.

    On the other hand: The Burj perpetuates some old-school philosophies many today view negatively, that something gold-plated and bigger is somehow better. And, at who’s expense (1,600 ’employees’)? Let conscience be your guide on this one. If this is important – to you AND your dad, skip it as your money and your conscience are far more valuable than what the Burj can offer you.

    We’re passing on the Burj on any trip to Dubai. Beautiful architecture, but it’s too much.

  29. I’ve been there for tea also, on your recommendation! Thank you! You should compare your cost of an overnight there to some other hotel or event you and your father might want to do at some other point in your trip, as I also think the Burj tea and viewing the property might be enough Or, go REALLY crazy and do the Dinner on their Helipad instead!

  30. Totally outrageous price! But none of us are ever going to do it, vs. I’ve stayed at Park Hyatt’s before. Please, please do it! It would be an awesome experience and review.

  31. Do it for your readers. Write it off, like someone suggested.

    Also, yes to video trip reports from your dad 🙂

  32. Just go to Al Maha instead. It includes desert activities, 3 meals a day and it rated higher on tripadvisor. I just returned from there and it was incredible…. Plus you can earn SPG while there.

  33. Do it! I want to know what it’s like and I will never be able to afford it.
    Also, I want to know what $2k+ buys you. They probably serve beluga caviar and Dom 1997 at check in.

  34. I’m sorry, but “writing off” a $2K stay just reeks of corporate excess and made up BS charges. I say, no, the money can be spent on far better things for you and your dad.

  35. I sure hope Emirates supplies you with a car and driver to the hotel. I would not want to drive up there in a taxicab. IMJ you won’t be running around in the lobby in shorts and Tennis shoes. Are you able to get Gucci’d up?
    Seriously, your comment about people gawking and snapping pictures in the lobby and around the hotel,reminded me of my trip to the Belagio in Vegas when it first opened. It greatly diminished my experience there.
    The hoity-toity who park in this hotel very rarely come down to the lobby and are quite pampered in their suites with butlers and servants.
    On the other hand, it makes a lot of sense to me for you to be able review the hotel and file a trip report on your suite and overall experience. There are many people who envy what this hotel has to offer and could live vicariously through your report as it will be out of the reach of most people.

  36. Find a place you can stay for on points and give the money you would of spent to the poor souls you encounter on this trip.

  37. Obviously, it all comes down to whether or not you can afford it and won’t feel like a total schmuck spending that much. But your audience is basically made up of people who long to live lifestyles of the rich and famous – but on the cheap. And thanks to you (and some fellow bloggers) I can’t believe the vacations I’ve had. Years ago, before my frequent flyer days, I spent a lot to stay at The Point in Saranac Lake and yes, it was great. But $2200 per night and to stay in a country that discriminates against women and many others (like me) – you do what you want but I would NEVER do it. And while I love your reports more than any other blogger, that’s one I won’t read. But I will truly respect any choice you make – even if you have to cheap out and only stay at the Park Hyatt!

  38. I have stayed there, did a four night stay back in 2006 at about $2k per night. It’s nice, and YOLO etc. But I preferred the Al Maha Resort (now SPG) that we did three nights in afterwards.

  39. Jay said,
    “And they have 1,600 forced migrant workers, meaning the slave to suite ratio is 8:1.”
    Fixed it for you!

    Todd said,
    I suggest you instead stay “ONE NIGHT” in an orphanage in Burundi or Congo. You’ll never look at frivolous spending the same way again. I know it changed me.

    Stephen said,
    Donate the money to your father’s favorite charity. He should appreciate that more.

    ^ These.

  40. Stay at the Madinat Jumeirah. It’s the sister property to the Burj, and they’ll drive you over to the Burj for High Tea in one of the golf carts. It’s a little cheaper, with many more interesting things to see and do. This is where most celebrities stay when in Dubai. Spring for one of the beach villas. It’s my favorite hotel. Seriously. Give it a look.

  41. I don’t think the Burj Al Arab is really worth it… and there are much better uses of the money in Dubai 🙂

  42. Not that I have a vote, but I’d say “no.” Your dad, from all I know, is someone who works hard for his money and while he can enjoy an extravagant travel experience when you are using miles/points, I think the fact that you are actually paying for this would undermine his enjoyment. Further, you and your family share the values inherent in good taste, so I’m not even sure he’d inherently enjoy it in the first place. I’d suggest, if you are going to spend that kind of money you do so at a property like one of the Amari hotels (always in good taste) or a fine 3 star restaurant.

  43. Maybe you can get sponsored? Can the hotel comp the night? Or an alcohol brand? Or a new website that’s trying to appeal to travelers? I say do it if you can justify it for your business. If you could get a million hits from the post, then ad sales would be one thing… but I don’t see a whole lot of ads on your site. Maybe you can post an affiliate link for the Burj Chase Card…

  44. Agree with above post, stay at madinat jumeirah complex, their arabian villas or their club rooms/suites at AL QASR are nice, very arabic atmosphere arab decorated, staff friendly, clublounge, pools, gym and restaurants are excellent. Visited by locals too. Staying at club level you can get a free tour of the burj and they will drive you there privately in a golfcart: have experienced this personally and is a perk is done for staying at AL QASR suites/villas.

    Even my emirati friends find the burj over the top, to much obnoxious russians and their play things and if you want to go out for food, drink or sight seeing you are a bit isolated …. (Good alternitive to nature/isolation is the AL MAHA desert resort: recommended for full service luxury desert experience)

  45. @ Lucky – follow Gary’s advice 🙂 and spend extra two grand on some cool experience(s) on your trip!

    P.S. Just wanted to note that “Ivan” in #24 is not me.

  46. Belief me: I have stayed at the Burj Al Arab, and it is not worth the price tag at all (unless you have money to burn). It is a hype. The hotel is luxurious, no doubt about it, but tasteless and definitely not worth that price. If you want to spend 1800 USD a night, you may as well take the plane, fly to the Maldives (4 hours), and stay at a truly top notch hotel that will be a memory of a lifetime. For Dubai, I recommend staying at either the Al Qasr hotel (one of the 4 hotels of the Jumeirah group on the site of Burj Al Arab, that will give you access to the hotel), the excellent Armani hotel, or the lovely One & Only hotel, all uberluxurious places. But for the best hotels in the Dubai area, head out of town and either stay at the wonderful Al Maha desert resort (1 hour drive) in the middle of the desert, or the amazing Zighy Bay Six Senses Resort in Oman (2 hour drive) in majestic natural setting (check for their websites). Contact me if you want more info!

  47. @Ben, I have the same reaction as @Stuart Falk. I can envision your father yelling at you (well, that’s how mine would react and I sense a lot of similarities between them) for spending so much money on one hotel night.

    Plus, I can think of much better hotel uses for that $1,800. How about an Aman property? Or the Four Seasons Hualalali?

    As others have mentioned, you–and your father–strike me as far too classy for the Burj al Arab.

  48. I wouldn’t. Maybe do tea again with him. But if you have a spare 2G’s lying around burning a hole in your pocket then I guess it would make sense. I just don’t have THAT much disposable income.

  49. If you’re gonna spend that kind of money spend it at Al Maha. #1) I think it’d be a cooler trip report and #2) You’d earn a bunch of SPG points…

  50. There’s a diminishing return on opulence. Don’t project your learned expectations onto your dad. He is not you. You perceive a difference between the Park Hyatt and the Burj because you’re intimately familiar with the nuances of luxury travel.

    I’ve run into this problem before, when I’ve used points to fly friends First Class who’ve only flown Business once or twice. I get excited about all the bells-&-whistles, but all they see is a seat that is waaaay better than any economy class seat they’ve ever had, and flight attendants who care about them, and multi-course meals, and fine wine. They’re *almost* as impressed with Business as they are with First because it’s so different from their day-to-day experience.

    Think about your dad’s experience in Lufthansa First. He was just agape at “ze ambience.” He would’ve been equally agape on Thai, though you would’ve found some comparative flaws. That doesn’t matter to him.

    If YOU yourself want to splurge on the Burj (and your readers), then do it. But don’t kid yourself that it’s for your dad. I guarantee that he will not get $1,835 worth of value out of the difference between one night with his son in a really nice hotel and one night with his son in an outrageous hotel. For him, it all just fits into the mental box labelled “luxury.”

    Save your sheckels and take him to some amazing restaurants in Australia where he really will experience the difference.

  51. If you can afford to do it without having to cut back on other things then go for it, parents are definitely worth spending the money on so you can share the experience.

    If you’re going to Dubai you may as we’ll go all out and make the most of it, just imagine your dad’s face when he sees you getting closer and closer to the place before pulling up at reception.

  52. You’ll be paying with pre-tax dollars (as you do for all your travel)….your cost is a little more than half of that. Just suck it up and pay for the room.

    Email their media relations team, and perhaps you’ll get a further upgrade beyond just AXP FHR.

  53. Gosh Ben, I can’t believe I am saying this but it seems like a pass to me. I can see spending it at an Aman or something like Southern Ocean Lodge (where everything is included) but in Dubai? I would spend more $$ on some of the luxurious Australian lodges…

  54. I wouldn’t do it, but then again I don’t really want to go to Dubai either, so I’m probably not the target audience.

  55. I did stay there under Amex FHR last year. It was a great “one off” experience but would not hurry back. Didn’t get a room upgrade, but the lead in room was amazing anyway

  56. At first, I thought do it, but have decided I think tea is better instead. Most of the trip is already “over the top” for your dad (in a good way) so I don’t know if he would be able to fully appreciate the 24 hour experience at the hotel or just see the price tag associated with it. Take him to tea and then maybe in 6 months or a year, if he is interested, take him back and you two can stay there for a night. You never know what tomorrow will bring but at the same time, you could save some of the outrageous experiences for your next trip with him. Either way, he will be having a wonderful time.

  57. I’ve stayed there and in the neighboring resorts. For that kind of money and based on what I think your dad would like ( a very Arabian experience) better you check out the al qasr hotel which is in the same complex. Enjoy the grounds and the neighboring beaches and the ambiance is really something else. Maybe have tea there instead? And dinner in the Atlantis?

  58. I’ve always wondered — what’s the point of Dubai? A mirage in the middle of a hot desert, a monarchy with no elections… I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman. I hear 85% of the expat population are Southeast Asians catering to the local rich and foreign rich. Yuck. Sort of like what happens in our country with Mexicans who are considered 2nd class citizens. No thanks.

  59. I was initially leaning toward the give-it-to-charity-insteaf sentiment, but surprisingly still on the fence as I read through the comments. Then I got to
    comment 81. One finds wisdom in the most interesting of places sometimes.

    Josh nailed it. What he said.

  60. @the (purported) Luxury Travel Expert: What is “Belief me?” It might be best to focus on spelling and grammar first…

  61. Look, you probably won’t want or be able to go again. Give your Dad an experience that he probably won’t get again. If for nothing else, it would be a great trip report addition to the blog.

    Though while typing this I also agree w/ comment 81. Your dad probably won’t care about the difference, but you will.

  62. Lucky,

    I lived in Dubai for 7 years. Like you, I’m a connoisseur (aka snob) of luxury airline and hotel accommodations. I never wanted to try Burj Al Arab because I thought it was overpriced, overrated, and overhyped. But I decided to try it for one night before I left. I expected to be underwhelmed. Long story short, I was blown away by the service – which you won’t truly be able to experience unless you are an overnight guest. I went from total skeptic to total convert. Best hotel I’ve ever stayed in, although I’ve never stayed in an Amanresort like you have.

    Have your tea, take Gary up on his offer to have a tour of suites, but also take the plunge and stay overnight. You are more likely to regret not doing it than regretting that you did.

  63. So, when all is said and done….

    What is dad’s reaction to the hotel stay?

    What is his reaction to the tea?

    Was the difference worth $2K?

  64. It’s a bad use of money, but we all want to read the review, so do it. We’ll never otherwise get an inside look at that crazy place. You’ll earn it back in a few of our credit card signups, so just do it for us. 😀

  65. I had lunch there (next to the sky bar) and it was pretty phenomenal. They made me sign a waiver when I wanted to takeaway our leftover steak, and they sliced my friends steak for her.

    I think there are better overall places to stay, as many have noted, but I think a nice long lunch there would be worth it on a clear day.

  66. I probably I’d with your dad from from an age perspective, and can think of several hotels, etc. in Dubai that offer a better “experience”. Sounds like my kinda guy. New places, rather than someone else’s ides of where to go, are more important.

  67. If it’s for yourself, don’t do it.
    If it’s for your dad, probably.
    If it’s for us, just do it!

    And think about this, with a really nice and long report, how many more google traffic can be generated! There isn’t a lot of trip report on this property I suppose. But there must be A LOT of searches for that!

  68. Don’t be an idiot. Save the money and invest it. A night in a ridiculously over the top hotel won’t enhance your memories of the trip with your father one iota.

  69. Do it (if you can afford it).
    I have been there twice – especially when they have a promotion.
    It is expensive, but the price is reasonable for what you get. And the memory will stick.

  70. You have to do it. But contact them and say you’re writing a review of their property and maybe they’ll comp your room.

  71. I wouldn’t do it. Would feel ripped off every minute of my stay there. You can use MR points to stay there! It comes out to about 1.3¢/point. Not such good value but makes it possible!!

  72. i am also curious if it is worth, so would be nice to see your view on the prie after staying and review of the hotel

  73. I would take Gary’s offer but I since it is your job to tell people whether staying there was worth it – you could make it a one time splurge.

  74. I spent $600 on one night at a Japanese onsen (Traditional hot springs resort) a few hours from Tokyo when my friend got married there. I thought it was a ridiculous sum for one night, especially at a place where you sleep on mats on the floor. Before we left my wife and I agreed that we might do it again one day when our kids (3 years & 7 months at the time) are old enough to enjoy the experience because as Westerners, the food and experience were so unique. I don’t think I would feel the same way about Arab luxury, but to each his own.

  75. If you check in at noon and check out at 4:00 the next day, it works out to $1.31 per minute.

    I figure it’s worth it to spend that much per minute for dinner for two at a really good restaurant (works out to $250 or so total). I do that all the time.

    But there’s only so much over-the-top pampering I can stand, and about 3 hours is the limit. Unless someone else were paying for it, personally I’d never stay at the Burj. But that’s just me. If you think your dad would get $2200 worth of kick out of it, well, you only live once!

  76. best advice I ever got was that a hotel is only a nap and a crap. Just spent two nights in Dubai and stayed at royal Radisson on bogo points stay with credit card. If paying oop, its hotwire for $50. Use your money for activities during day. Go on helicopter tour instead.

  77. From what little I know of your father, I don’t think he’d appreciate it. He’d think you were nuts for spending that amount of $$

  78. Why are you even asking? Hell yeah you should absolutely do it. If you can’t enjoy the Burj, why even travel to Dubai? 🙂

  79. That is a lot to spend on one night at a hotel, but it is about the same price as buying US Air miles which will only get you business class for 20 hours or so. This is the same thing but you get to be stationery for that long. Just don’t leave the hotel at all for the stay! 🙂

  80. Do it. I stayed at Al Qasr last time and went to the Burj for high tea as well. yes, it is over the top, but it would be fun to try it out.

  81. Stayed there once – “meh.” Vegas on steroids.
    You’re dad probably just wants to spend time with you. Why not treat him to the Aman experience like you did your mom? Amanpuri in Phuket. Unforgettable.

  82. I stayed there in 2006- we booked a room for 3 nights and transferred to another hotel after the first night because it was such a bust. this place is for clowns who like to impress other people by implying or outright saying how much money they spent to stay there. i appreciate luxury and am willing to pay for it when the value i get back is commensurate. the burj is all show, no substance. for example, if im staying at a supposed 7 star hotel, the only one in the world and i call the concierge to see if they can get me a rez at gordon ramseys resto that night i expect them to do it. instead they called me back and gave me the phone number to do it myself. i put fair value on a room here at about $500 a night.

  83. Based on your comments of your usual maximum cash rate, your dad’s reaction to the Lufthansa flight which you’re so used to, I say no way. Your dad will definitelynot appreciate it, especially knowing how much it cost. Take others advice and do the high tea so he can see the place, take Gary up on his connection for a behind the scenes tour, but don’t stay there. Ask yourself if its worth almost $2000 more, for less than 24 hours in the hotel. I say absolutely not. Save the money, even if its expendable, on some other fabulous experiences with your father.

  84. Not worth it, Lucky. Part of the fun of these trips is knowing you didn’t pay full price…sometimes breaking that rule makes sense, but I can’t imagine that this place is actually worth 2 grand a night. From your descriptions, your dad seems like a sensible, modest gentleman who would be a bit put off by such an astronomical cost. (I’ve got a German parent too, and she sure doesn’t like seeing money wasted!)

  85. If you’re going to be able to write off part of the cost to the point where there is only a marginal premium, I say do it! The majority of people equate Dubai to the desert and to those who travel, the Burj. Everyone I’ve talked to about Dubai has mentioned the Burj but nobody has every stayed there because it is ridiculously over the top and expensive. I’ve paid $1500/night for a room in Bora Bora and Maldives and happy to do so because that was the going rate. However, for $700/night you could stay in an over the top suite nearby and use the difference to create other memories.
    If you feel that staying at the Burj will create a memory your dad will cherish and appreciate, go for it if your budget allows. You don’t’ want to look back in 20 years and regret not doing it.

  86. @Lucky, no way. If the Burj were widely considered one of the best hotels in the world, then *maybe* you could consider $1,800 a night. But frankly, I’d only ever even *consider* anything north of $900/night for a once-in-a-lifetime beach resort (Bora Bora, an Aman resort, the Four Seasons on the Big Island, e.g.). But paying $1800 for an over the top, tacky suite seems like money ill spent.

  87. Why not do it at the Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah instead, which is next door? The Burj al Arab is unnecessary.

  88. I know nothing about Al Qasr, but I like the thought behind what Jaaon said: find the best bang for buck non-chain luxury hotel in Dubai and review it.

    However, I still think you should spend one night at the BaR, not because it’s a sane choice, but because our support of your CC links and ads is the ONLY way we’ll ever get a proper TR of such a place. Shoot, search traffic over next five years to that TR might pay for the stay in ads. Choose your keywords carefully and make sure to use the full range of descriptive words.

  89. No. I am very fussy about where I stay and love to hear about great hotels, but this place is just ostentatious and tacky. I wouldn’t stay there if I was a billionaire.

  90. You can go through their entire year of booking prices and their there are some periods where the rates are as “low” as $900/night…….not tooooo bad!

  91. The suite and the service is well worth the money, the uplift on everything else is maybe over the top but, we thoroughly enjoyed our two day/night stay.

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