The (Odd?) Reason I Want To Fly Mexico’s Interjet

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Mexico has grown very nicely lately as an aviation market, and in particular we’ve seen Interjet and Volaris grow and make air travel in Mexico more accessible.

While I haven’t flown either airline, I’ve in particular heard good things about Interjet. They basically seem to be Mexico’s version of JetBlue, with an all-economy layout that has seats featuring 34″ of pitch, which is industry leading.

As an aviation geek I recently learned something about the airline that I wasn’t aware of, that now really makes me want to fly with them. While I had never looked too much into the airline, I had assumed that they exclusively operate a fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft. At least those are the only Interjet planes I ever recall seeing at airports.

But as it turns out, they have another aircraft type. A really interesting aircraft type, no less.

Interjet also has a fleet of Sukhoi Superjets, which are Russian-built jets that are pretty rare. Only a handful of airlines have ever ordered this plane. The biggest customer for the plane is Aeroflot, while the second biggest customer is… Interjet!

The airline apparently has about 20 Superjets in their fleet, though based on looking at the flight history for these planes, it doesn’t look like all of them are flying.

Now, I’m not sure there’s actually anything that exciting about this plane. The plane has just under 100 seats and is in a 2-3 configuration, so in many ways it looks similar to the popular Bombardier CSeries aircraft (now known as the Airbus A220).

Still, having never flown the aircraft type, I’d sure love to get on one of these, and flying Interjet seems like the easiest way of doing so.

While Interjet serves several destinations in the US, best I can tell they don’t actually fly the Sukhoi Superjet to the US. Rather they’re used primarily for flights within Mexico.

Has anyone flown Interjet, or the Sukhoi Superjet? What was your experience like? Anyone know the history of how Interjet came to order this plane?

  1. Unremarkable, flown them one. A few months back, I read an article where they were storing some of the Sukhoi Superjets because maintenance and parts were difficult to obtain.

    Let me look in my history and see if I find the article.

  2. Brussels Airlines is also flying the Sukhoi Superjet to selected European destinations (operated by CityJet). Apparently, the planes encounter a lot of technical problems, causing delays and cancellations, and Brussels Airlines wants to get rid of them. I was scheduled on two Suhoi Superjet flights with Brussels Airlines last June (to Stockholm and Milan); both flights were cancelled last minute.

  3. I do business with many Mexican businessmen. They all prefer to fly Interjet than either Aeromexico or Volaris. I flew on Mexicana airlines once from MEX – JFK and the service was fantastic.

  4. A lot of their Super Jets are stored, due to shortage in parts. They may have the second largest fleet in the world, but no access to a network of suppliers ala Boeing and Airbus.

  5. Flew in them a few years back from Cancun to Havana. Surprised how spacious the sukhoi is. Internet is solid I’d fly them again. I heard the aircraft had some fatigue issues last year and they had to ground their planes for while though.

  6. I’d say “Awesome! Go for it!”, but knowing that you really just like to post half-baked articles that say that you’re going to do something and we never see the outcome, save your money and stop wasting our time and just don’t do it.

    Day 13 without a trip report from you or anyone on your team.

    I bet flying Interjet would be interesting, but at your rate, we’d probably get a trip report five years after you made the trip.

    Stop being the National Enquirer of travel bloggers, Ben. Less talk, more action.

  7. Finnair was leasing CityJet Sukhoi SuperJet couple years back and I got to fly WAW-HEL onboard one. It was really unremarkable flight with only notable thing a loud noise when operating flaps.

    One other thing came to mind. It look like they did everything they could to hide the fact that plane has any connection to Russia. They referred it everywhere – safety card, announcements, etc. – just as “Superjet 95” and I didn’t find any other hint of origin even I paid special attention to it.

  8. Yeah, the Sukhoi Superjet, or any other niche Russian jet that barely makes any sales outside Russia does not interest me. The MRJ Mitsubishi Regional Jet on the other hand… very interested to fly that and see how it fares.

  9. Flew Interjet in December. Did not think it lived up to the hype as “Mexico’s JetBlue.”

  10. @ Sally @ bratty

    I mean, I’d be more forgiving if this was a hobby. This is his job.

    When you’re getting paid to provide a service, the expectations change. If he had a job in addition to his blog (and I mean like a job that isn’t his own business) I would be more forgiving.

    But that’s not the case.

    I’m not trying to be harsh. But this had to be said.

  11. Flew them on a Brussels Airlines flight from Basel to Brussels. Unremarkable. A bit quieter than the CS300 (A220) I flew the day before, but supposedly BBD (Airbus) has this fixed.

    Not surprised on the lack of parts. Combo of Russian and Italian is not a winner when it comes to supply chain.

  12. They used to fly the SSJ-100 to DFW, but that was replaced with an A320 some time ago due to the plane’s maintenance issues. You can try finding a route that still flies one, but I wouldn’t bet on the Superjet actually sticking to it, especially if you book far in advance.

    On a related note, I intentionally booked a weird routing from Brussels to Chicago via Stockholm Bromma in November just to fly on the Brussels Airlines/Cityjet SSJ. Sadly it was switched to an A319 about a month ago 🙁

  13. I flew them from Miami to Cancun about 2 years ago.
    Back then then had 2 daily flights
    It was a double turn
    The flight from Miami to Cancun was only about 1.5 hr including ground time
    The flight left at 7 am (with the crew sleeping in Miami )
    The legroom was amazing
    I would say more than 34 inches you could get up and out of the seat with others having to move!
    Back then they included 2 checked bags but I think it has since been reduced to one
    They served a small snack and full beverage service including tequila
    Unfortunately they ended Miami Cancun service
    I think the market between Miami and FLL has too much capacity so they could fill the flights.
    But they still fly Miami to Mexico City but I don’t think it’s with the Superjet aircraft
    I took that flight from Miami specifically to fly that aircraft which to be honest was like any other jet
    Also the free baggage was a plus because on American you have to pay to Mexico even with the credit card
    I say go for it. Take one of their flights !!

  14. Lucky, the Sukhoi Superjet flies at least one route to the US-between Houston and Monterrey!

  15. Lucky, the Sukhoi Superjet actually operates one route to the US currently, between Houston and Monterrey!

  16. @Trey

    You should get all the money you’ve spent on this site back. Obviously, since you still come here to complain about things not being posted, you can’t be too upset about these trip reports being missing…

  17. I’ve flown Internet from Mexico City to Vegas and from Acapulco to Mexico City. I *believe* the Acapulco flight was that configuration. But all I considered noteworthy was that the under seat compartments varied widely. Not just the aisle seat being a little more narrow, which is what I’m used to, since I always sit in the aisle, but the aisle seat on the 2 seat side was huge compared to the window seat. And on the 3 seat side, the middle compartment was way bigger than the wither the aisle or the window seat. It was very weird.

    My sister flew Volaris to Mexico City a couple of months ago and there was something about her experience that made me not want to fly them. I think it was that they very strictly enforce their cabin bag weight restriction, which few airline/airports do.

    International airlines have changed their policy in recent years to their 10 kg weight limit including the personal item, as well as the carry on, instead of just the carry on, as it was before. However, the only person ever to ask me to weigh my personal item was a Norwegian ticket agent at Gatwick. But then, they are strict about everything at Gatwick, putting you through all of the paces, then letting you just go ahead anyway – after nearly making you miss your flight.

    I like VivaAerobus, which is supposed to be the Mexican equivalent of RyanAir. But I flew AeroMexico nonstop from London to Mexico City and it was one of my favorite transatlantic flights. I fly between Mexico and the US several times a year, bc I love this country – the people, the food, the city and the beach. I spend weeks, sometimes months at a time here – I’m currently in Playa del Carmen. And I have to say that I have never had a problem with any of the Mexican airlines.

    I do sometimes fly Delta, American or Southwest between Mexico City and the US. And I have found no difference, really, between the US and Mexican airlines.

  18. You are not loosing anything special. In fact this planes are very noisy inside!!!! I used to fly on this on the route MEX-MTT-MEX over more than 2 years.

  19. Flew them on the sukhoi a year ago. Pretty fun but very noisy plane and not so interesting airline.
    I don’t know if still, but the route map in the magazine showed routes operated by sukhoi and those by A320

  20. @ bill @ Davis

    I just have higher expectations.

    I mean, I think co-branded credit cards who run ads on here should get some of their advertising money back, but that’s just me. Frankly, most companies that run ads on here should get their money back.

  21. @Trey

    It’s a FREE site. If you are so upset, take your page views somewhere else and let the adults pla.

  22. @ Trey — I appreciate your enthusiasm for trip reports, but you could also express that without being a jerk. You don’t actually seem to be a troll based on your comment history (or else I wouldn’t be responding to this), so the hyperbole seems unnecessary. Five years to get a trip report? If you look at my track record for publishing trip reports, I pretty consistently publish them within a few weeks of trips, which is what I target (I like to leave a little bit of a gap between between the initial thoughts I provide and the actual review).

    You’re absolutely right, though, there has been a gap for two weeks. And let me tell you, it bothers me more than anyone. We run a lean operation here (intentionally, because I really love what I do, and I’d rather you get posts from a few writers rather than having a staff of 60), and we’ve spent the past two weeks working tirelessly on a couple of projects that you’ll hopefully see shortly. I’ve spent the past week with Tiffany in-person working on this stuff, and I thought my time was better spent on that than spending a few hours on a single trip report post.

    This isn’t stuff that’s visible right now, but it will be soon. Trip reports take a really, really long time to write, and writing them is my passion. I just haven’t had the time to do it the past couple of weeks. The good news is that those projects are mostly done now, and I will be publishing the next installment later today.

    But seriously, please don’t be a jerk. If you enjoy the trip reports as much as you say you do, perhaps you could instead focus some positive energy on actually commenting on the trip reports saying you enjoy them, rather than leaving a handful of consecutive comments complaining about how I haven’t published one in a couple of weeks, and about how advertisers should get their money back (really?).

    If you can’t accept that as an answer, I’m sorry. I appreciate you reading, but if you’re that disappointed in me, there are plenty of other sites out there as well that you’re more than welcome to enjoy instead. I do the best I can with the resources I have every day, and sometimes that’s less than perfect.

  23. I flew their NEO recently and they had really nice high def screens on the overhead (no seatback sadly). They also gave me a full bottle of my drink. I’ve gotten a full can a bunch of times before (and I’m really happy when I do) though I’ve never gotten a bottle. It was a pleasant surprise.

  24. Superjets have a ton of ongoing maintenance and assembly problems that keep them grounded a silly amount of time. It was interesting to see Interjet grounded 4 of their Superjet fleet to cannibalise for spare parts to try and keep the others flying. Great investment!

  25. @ Kevin

    … didn’t know offering an opinion is childish, but thanks for letting me know.

    Trust me, I’ve definitely been considering reading elsewhere. Also, I’m well aware it’s a free site, for the average casual user at least. However, Ben generates revenue and points from advertisers on this website, as well as referrals.

    If someone offering an opinion and trying to keep Ben accountable bothers you so much, then maybe Ben should consider putting up a “suggestions” box. That way, you don’t have to worry about reading what I have to say about his articles, and I don’t have to be subjected to your comments in return. Win-win.

  26. Lucky, I don’t read any of your articles. I just look at the photos.

    What’s the difference between a troll and a jerk? Which is worse?

    People that reply will end up being one or the other. I can feel it.

  27. Yup. Sometimes, I just read the articles, sometimes I just look at the photos, and sometimes I do both. Each writer has something really nice and cool to offer. For example, Tiffany gives the best written articles. Lucky aka Ben gives the best photos. Travis is best at giving very good advice on whether we should experience it or not. Lots of good points offered by each writer. Free site thanks to Ben and others doing articles for credit card revenues, so we get lots of good articles and reports that include credit cards and etc. Choose what you like and do something else if you do not want to read certain articles. No need to get all harsh and plain rude.

  28. My feeling is that the Superjets are more dangerous because of maintenance problems but not yet extremely dangerous, in contrast to the 1930’s Junkers Ju-52 (which crashed this weekend).

    Do it! Take many pictures! (seat, cabin, toilets, overhead bins, outside, etc.)

    I am glad to have flown aboard some less common planes, like the 747SP. I never had the chance to fly aboard the Concorde, Mercure, Comet, Caravelle, VC-10, Trident or Convair 880. Nor the IL-62 or Tu-154.

    If you do fly on a Superjet, please consider Y, not F, unless you fly twice. That would be the most helpful

  29. @Trey – unless you’ve paid for some advertising, Lucky isn’t accountable to you. His blog, his site, he can do what he likes.

    You obviously think you can do better? So less talk, more action and go make your own blog. I’ll promise to provide you a share of my constructive opinions.

  30. @ betterbub

    Honestly, though. Their sample sizes put a damper on my *free* Sunday brunch.

    Ben, I appreciate the response, and I’m sorry if I was short with you. I have been reading your blog since 2014 and I do enjoy it, which is why I keep reading. I have positively commented on your reviews before, and I will continue. The gap right now has just seemed more prevalent than it has been in the past, and maybe that’s no one’s fault (it is the summer). I certainly appreciate your ambitious attitude and I appreciate what you do. I just think there at least needed to be a discussion or at least some sort of response about it, but it was given, and I’m satisfied with it. So it’s the end of this discussion.

  31. @ Bch

    I love competition, and I’ve certainly thought about it, so thanks for the further inspiration! Maybe you could do the same. I’d love to see how you could do, too. Less talk, more action!

  32. As @Andrew said, they fly the Sukhoi between IAH and MTY. I have some family members that take this flight several times a year, and they prefer Interjet to United for this route.

    I could be mistaken, but I think they give out free beer and wine on the flight between IAH and MTY.

  33. @lucky
    Obviously trey is right otherwise you wouldnt have written that tiresome comment.
    This is a blog of airline reviews and all i ever see is credit card exploitation. For someone living outside of usa (thank god) it gets rather tedious.
    Nonstop dan and pauls trip reports are literally churning them out on an hourly basis.
    So lucky less credit card hussling and more flying.
    And please dont attack me.

  34. Not wierd at all! I’ve been curious to fly the Sukhoi Superjet for sometime too – I was hoping to catch a flight from London City Airport with CityJet as they were in the process of replacing their ageing noisy Avro’s but they seemed to almost closed down their LCY base and there’s been no news on certification for the steep landing at LCY.

    Also I appreciate the av-geekery here! I am glad I am not the only one who appreciates these things…

  35. Like vlcnc says, not weird or odd at all. Every avgeek wants to get on it. Though I’ve been targeting the SN/Cityjet one.

  36. Have flown them from Mexico City to Ixtapa, they are great but very noisy compared to the E-Jets of Aeromexico. As said before, they fly to Houston from my hometown airport, Monterrey, and they used to fly them to San Antonio too.

  37. I have flown them dozens of times. Their fares are reliably lower than Aeromexico and the seating is comfortable. But their frequent flyer program is not as attractive as Aeromexico.

  38. I did some research and came up with the following:

    Interjet has 22 SU-95s in their fleet ranging from 3-5 years old.

    Of the 22 in the fleet 9 have not been used in some time. Eight have not flown within the time frame of April 2018 to the present and one has no recorded flight in over a year.

    That’s a lot of money sitting on the ground.

  39. I will have to agree with those disappointed about the lack of trip reports and the growing credit card advertisement. I came to this site years ago for the trip reports (Ben’s being the only interesting ones on this site, IMO) , but now I feel maybe the target is just USA based people.

  40. @Trey, thank you for saying what many of us were thinking. It needed to be said. It’s unfortunate that Lucky called you a jerk for expressing an opinion that many of us share. But sometimes name-calling as a response to criticusm is evidence that your words rang true.

  41. Living in Mexico most of the time, we try to use them whenever traveling domestically. The planes are really nice, offers a lot of comfy legroom so not a bad seat in the house, good baggage allowance and can purchase more baggage if needed for cheap. Also, the flight attendants are young, attractive, polite and accommodating. I have flown on both of their aircraft. Both are really nice, but I prefer the Sukhoi Superjet over the A320 whenever possible due to the 2-3 seat config. We always select a window/Isle even if there is a middle seat, so the Sukhoi is ideal for us.

  42. To further the comments about the lack of trip reports, at the end of the day most people are here because that’s what they like to read and obviously Lucky doesn’t make that much money from people reading about his adventures in TAAG first class and maybe clicking on a random ad (on this page I have a advert for a hat seller in the USA, even though I’m based in London) but he’d hope they’d come back and maybe sign up to one of the various credit cards that he promotes.

    The problem is, there seems to be lean periods when there’s no trip reports and sometimes it feels like he deliberately holds back on posting the more interesting reviews to keep people coming back day after day (recently the first Qsuites and new Emirates first class reviews were held up for a ludicrous amount of time after the previous parts of those trips were posted).

    It’s just a word of warning, turn off your regular readers and lose them to someone else. We might not pay cash to read the website but Ben’s income is directly related to how many people read the blog.

  43. @Lucky: Loved your responde to @Trey! You couldn’t have written it any better, I hope your new projects are coming along fine, and that you’re enjoying this couple of weeks of “normal” life without traveling! Keep up the good work!

  44. The first time I flew on Interjet’s SSJ100 was from Mexico City to Dallas in 2016 and it was very comfortable (though they are a bit noisy). I flew in the SSJ100 again from Guadalajara to Los Cabos in 2017 and still loved it! I love Interjet, it’s the best airline in Mexico (after Mexicana de Aviación of course, but sadly they are no longer in operation). Fly on Interjet’s Sukhoi aircraft, it’s a great experience!

  45. Flew VIE-BRU in Business on an SN Superjet last year. Pretty little airplane to fly if you’re an aviation geek 🙂

    The Cityjet purser was amazing!

  46. @Trey – nah, trip reports are too much a pain in the effing arse. I like flying, travelling, staying in hotels and just enjoying (generally) the moment I am doing those activities… not having to write about it and take pics for someone else to read and view. People can go experience stuff for themselves.

    As for taking action… well, I am not the one complaining about Lucky’s site, you are. I don’t have a problem, so I don’t need to take any action to fix the problem.

    When you get your site up and running, let me know.

  47. @Karl L. – Entitled to your opinions… but I would note that the top bar of the website has 6 headings (excluding advertisers), one of them is ‘Trip Reports’… so I don’t know whether it is accurate to say this is a blog of airline reviews. I would also suggest that Trey’s issue was not his point, but his delivery. He is entitled to express his views, but you can say the same thing nicely ey (yes, this is the internet and being polite is lost on people).

  48. @ bch:

    If we’re really going to talk about delivery, let’s keep in mind that I brought this up on different articles (politely, I might add) and didn’t get anywhere until I was in Ben’s opinion “a jerk” about it. Frankly, I don’t even think I was mean. I find Ben’s response acceptable and I won’t comment further on it other than that if he’s so offended that I suggested that advertisers get some of their money back and that he needed to stop being the National Enquirer of travel blogging, then maybe this is a sign for him to not have his primary profession be travel blogging. I think common courtesy and politeness can only go so far and I wasn’t getting the response I wanted with common courtesy and politeness.

    As for you, you’ve been an ass since comment one. With regards to me doing travel reviews, I think I’m going to be like you and phone it in as being a pain in the “arse” and not agree to it. Also, I never was expecting you to take action for Ben’s reviews, so please don’t put words in my mouth. That was never the insinuation or inclination. I was merely expressing a frustration (and I’m not the only one with the same frustration), and since you claim that being polite is lost on people, please strongly consider practicing what you preach, otherwise you come across as quite the hypocrite. THANK YOU!

  49. Interjet have all but one of their Superjets back flying and that one was damaged by an airbridge smashing into it rather than being grounded by a maintenance issue. It is being used for “loaning” parts to other aircraft as well though.

    The latest accounts for the company show a large claim on Sukhkoi Ps733 million in relation to maintenance issues so it’s clearly been an issue but they seem to be getting through it.

    Flew one once, nothing special beyond the novelty factor, would put the A220 well ahead of it.

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