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A couple of days ago Andrew shared with me a link to a documentary called “Flights From Hell: Caught On Camera.” It’s clearly targeted at a UK audience, and examines all kinds of airplane and airport related incidents, ranging from fights breaking out to mechanical problems. To be honest, I had seen most of the individual clips before at one point or another, though I find it interesting how they formatted this, and that they included commentary from psychologists, etc. It’s not the deepest show ever, but I found it enjoyable to watch.

Here’s the video:

The most interesting part, which I hadn’t yet seen, is about the guy with tourettes. My gosh, it has to be really tough to fly if you have tourettes. At the airport he’s yelling “I’m stashing cocaine,” “bomb,” “I’m a terrorist,” “AK-47 in my back pocket,” “I’m part of ISIS, I swear,” “I want to have your babies” (to the flight attendant), etc. (for those of you who specifically want to see that portion of the show, it starts at 3:15).

Anyway, if you have some time I highly recommend giving the show a watch.

  1. You really need some diversity training if you find it ‘interesting’ to gawp at someone who has a mental disability…

  2. Very funny video – although the fighting etc. is really a result of a disturbing (and growing) trend in air travel. Although many travelers following this blog travel in premium cabins at least some of the time (myself included), there is a direct correlation between the way airlines are making flying bigger and better for premium passengers and compensating for that by making it much smaller and worse for standard passengers that make up about 90% of fliers. Economy cabins are turning into airborne jungles populated by wild animals. Combine this with Orwellian security procedures (perhaps we should ask – why do the bad people hate us, and then maybe fix the problem?) and confusing multiple lineups for everything, and we are seeing more of these distressing incidents every day. The wake up call on this still hasn’t happened yet, but when it does, I predict it’s going to make Dr. Dao’s dragging incident look like a grade 4 schoolyard tussle.

  3. I once flew from Atlanta to Denver. The last person to board was a man with Tourette’s who walked down the aisle handing out flyers with information about Tourette’s. As he proceeded, sympathetic murmurs accompanied him. The atmosphere was hushed like a church service. We pushed back, he buckled in and we took off.
    By the time we were crossing the Mississippi, passengers were overtly, loudly begging the captain to land the plane…anywhere. The crew passed out free drinks, but still people wept and begged. Yes, I was sympathetic like everyone else, but I was familiar with the syndrome and I knew what we were in for. If the crew had first offered the chance to get off and take a later flight, I would definitely have done that. Btw, he was a lot louder than the fellow in the film. We were trapped and manipulated by the airline into a miserable experience.

  4. -I’m afraid you’ll have to get off the plane ma’am.
    -now , now , now , now, now ,now , now , now , lmfao

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