Insane Video Of KLM 777 Landing In Gusty Winds

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When it comes to my obsessions in life, I’m even more in love with airplanes than I am with loyalty programs. Airplanes were my first ever love. To this day I can’t help but look in the sky every time I hear a plane.

Not surprisingly, that means I also love some exciting landing videos. On Saturday one was uploaded to YouTube of a KLM 777 landing at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Winds were very gusty, as you can see based on the plane’s approach, though the most exciting part is when the plane dips to the right just before touchdown.

Here’s the video:

And not even a go around… kudos to the pilots!

  1. When I see landings like that, I can’t help but wonder what it felt like inside the airplane. Is it possible that sometimes it looks worse from the outside than from the inside? Or is it the other way around?

    Anyways, thanks for sharing that!

  2. @Him: Not necessarily true. My KLM flight from JFK to AMS was painted KLM Asia as well. They reposition equipment all the time. Also, this livery is a new sign where “Asia” is as big as “KLM” and the blue shape flows down the plane nose.

  3. Nicely done. Looks like they got a little tailwind during the flare, which sucks. But overall not that dramatic.

  4. @KMIA and others: Is this really not that dramatic?

    Obviously the footage was spectacular; it made the Today show this morning. And had I been a passenger on it, I’d probably need to find one of those convenient Brooks Brothers airport locations (if you know what I mean.)

    But is a landing like this really not a big deal?

  5. @pointster. Its not a big deal. The pilot would have had no way of really knowing he was going to tailwind or crosswind that close to landing. Its almost impossible to predict that when landing, the plane corrected quickly and landed fine. Yes inside the cabin you would have felt it. But it does happen a lot around the world every day.

    Birmingham & Bristol airport in the UK are fairly windy most of the time, some good landing videos shot there.

  6. For such a large plane, to be pitching around that much, so close to the runway, must have been terrifying onboard, with anything loose flying around inside the cabin. But in the final couple of seconds, the main gear were well aligned and the touchdown, by comparison, must have been uneventful. It could just have easily have been a fatal crash.

  7. @pointster: During my active duty on the flight deck I performed landings that were a lot worse in way better conditions 😉

    It’s somewhat hard to tell from this angle, but it looks like crosswinds during flare where not that bad and the plane stayed aligned with the centerline with no significant sideslip. The tailwind caused the landing to be somewhat “flat” resulting in the bouncing. Certainly not a smooth landing, but looked very much under control to me. But I agree, certainly a lot more scary in the cabin than on the flight deck.

  8. We came in on the KLM equipment JFK-AMS route, in wind just like that earlier this month and the landing was very similar.. It was the flat bump/slap at the end that was noticeable but really was well controlled and folks, This is why you should have your seat backs and tray tables up, things put away I don’t think I’ll tell Mom about that landing!

  9. Yes, that was last Saturday! That is also when this video was published. We had a big summer storm in NL, with gusts of wind above 100km/h (60miles/hour). Many flights were cancelled, many flying trees ended up blocking the highways closer to the coast.

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