Inflight Yoga: I’m Not Sure Whether To Be Impressed, Or…

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Twitter user @Raadmobrem live Tweeted a pretty funny situation he witnessed on a United flight from Los Angeles to Cabo last week, which is now getting quite a bit of media attention.

In it you can see a passenger doing yoga, including a handstand on their seat, in economy. First the lady warmed up a bit:

And then she did handstands:

Apparently the inflight yoga session lasted for about 20 minutes, until the flight attendants asked her to stop.

I’m not sure whether I’m more amazed by the fact that she managed to do all this without waking up her neighbor, or the fact that she felt this was necessary on a two hour flight.

  1. On one hand I am amazed with americans to live their life as they want without concern with what others think on the other I wonder if they take it too far.

    I don’t know, if she wasn’t bothering anyone and it wasn’t illegal why should we care what she does?

    Is the hobby coming to its death. My apps are getting declined and your articles aren’t the scoop (we can only find the information here and nowhere else anymore). Whats going on?

  2. What westerns do is not even close to yoga. Yoga pants are very opposite to the purpose of doing yoga. Westerners are only interested in showing off, as always instead of doing yoga.. The correct uniform for yoga is just any loose clothing..

  3. Really wish the plane hit turbalance right when she did that. Glad flight attendants stress the importance of not having a small bag in the exit row but handstands are good. Priorities.

  4. Given the recent frequency of in-flight turbulence slamming people into the tops of planes maybe we should all fly in handstand pose. Ryanair could probably monetize that actually…

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