YAY! Promotional Iberia Avios Now Posting!

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Many of us can enjoy a collective sigh of relief — it looks like the 90,000 Avios from the recent Iberia promotion are starting to hit accounts.

With some caveats, of course.

My account is registered in the U.S., and I used Iberia.com to purchase my tickets. As of a few minutes ago, my account balance has been updated to show the additional 90,000 Avios:

Looking at the account breakdown, there is a single line item reflecting the additional Avios, which is interesting. I assumed we would see individual line items for each eligible flight, so this suggest there has been some manual intervention (or at least oversight) into the process:

I’ve also confirmed with one of my colleagues (again, with a pre-existing account), who has received their Avios. Their account is registered in Spain, and they also used Iberia.com.

Please share your data points in the comments so we can what other patterns emerge.

But it’s at least the start of good news, for some.

What if I can’t log in to my Iberia account?

As James noted yesterday, accounts that were created during the promotion have been locked, pending review. It looks like there are some paperwork hoops to jump through, and we have some accounts we’re testing that on.

When we know more, we’ll update you.

Can I use these Avios for anything, or just for Iberia flights?

I don’t remember where I heard this rumor, but there was a buzz that these Avios were going to be highly restricted. Based off just a few minutes of searching, that doesn’t seem to be the case (at least, not any more restricted than Iberia Avios typically are).

I was able to get to the final screen for these flights on American, for example, which I otherwise wouldn’t have enough Avios in my account to do:

Searching the Iberia site is an adventure, and partner awards are restricted, but this is good news in general.

Bottom line

We’ll keep researching and gathering information, but I know people have been anxious, so I wanted to share a bit of good news. It does seem that despite some rumors, Iberia intends to honor this promotion.

That being said, there are still details to work out with newly-created accounts, and possibly for people who purchased using a website outside of their home country. And it’s not immediately clear what the “special T&c” for these points will mean in practice. I haven’t tried moving Avios over to British Airways yet, etc., but we’ll dig in a bit more and let you know what we find.

Initially, however, this seems like good news.

Have you received your Avios? Where is your account registered, and when did you create it?

  1. I assume it will use the bonus Avios first with the earlier expiration date, since I have regular Avios and bonus Avios? Or is their some way to designate which Avios I’m using for an award?

  2. My 90,000 avios just posted!!! Old account registered in the us. Purchased the tickets while in Israel on the us website. So excited!!

  3. yes, 81K on my account… I have to say also that I’m one of the few that chose my flights intending to use all of them….
    Some comments from some people reminded me nasty points crime dealers….

  4. Have an “old” account (opened 11/2016), but no 90K Avios credit yet. Waited this long, I’ll wait a bit more to see if they come through. Does anyone else have an account created before the promotion that did not get the bonus Avios yet?

  5. New account still blocked. I provided the requested info, but they said it may be a few days before they unlock. That means availability is going to dry up fast. This is a real shame because my whole purpose in doing this promo was to book my parents a surprise trip to Spain. Looks like I may get screwed simply because Iberia couldn’t have verified this info earlier.

  6. Just noticed that my 90K Avios posted! Dated as of July 2nd, which I find interesting – I didnt see them last night when I checked.

  7. My Iberia+ account is currently locked on the web but changed the pin on my iPhone app and I can access it through there.

    Currently none of the bonus points have been posted as of yet. Did send a DM through Iberia on Twitter to see what the process is to unlock my account and verify my identify if they require this from me to have the points posted.

  8. @Janewat
    I’m like you. I have an old Iberia account and I still have not gotten my 90000 avios 🙂

  9. The images you showed is fine. You cannot say successful until you can ticket it. I had a newly registered account and I just transferred some UR into it to redeem for an AA ticket. At the last step I input my credit card info etc, but couldn’t ticket it. I had to call in and negotiated for very long time since the rep at the beginning was unwilling to waive the phone service fee. Their IT sucks.

  10. I have got my 9000 Avios for the only flight I bought on Iberia.com and I will take it in comming days HAM MAD ORY. My account is registered in Spain since 2017. I bought with a french IP

  11. @George

    It’s good to know I’m not alone! Have you had any activity in your Iberia Plus account? It doesn’t look like I ever had any activity, so I wonder if I have to wait a little longer?

  12. my avios posted too
    account created in early 2018
    registered in the US

    Tiffany – if i cancel an existing reservation and transfer the avios back to BA, do you know if that would cause my acct to go negative once i use up the 90,000 promo avios?

  13. Yaaay from Belgium with love! Hahaha avios in the pocket!

    And now some jewjetting.

  14. Just checked, 90k avios posted. Indeed it was marked “Bonus For Purchasing At Iberia.com – Special T&cs Apply”

  15. Congrats to all who got their points. I hope they are still there when you start no-showing for all your flights.

  16. My points have posted! My account was created a while back, US based account when there was a 50 avios sign up promotion. My girlfriend on the other hand…has a locked account.

  17. Old US based account. No points posted. No activity in the account since roughly 2013.

  18. Bought 8 flights and got the credit. I used mixed US and UK iberia sites to book.
    My Avios
    Michael, this is your Avios balance: 72,750 Avios
    Your balance shows the total Avios you have to enjoy on the different services we offer in the Iberia Plus Programme.

    Date Description Sector Avios Elite Points
    7/2/18 Bonus For Purchasing At Iberia.com – Special T&cs Apply Other services 72,000

  19. US-based account created in 2017. 10 tickets purchased on 6/22 under the promotion. Avios still have not posted.

  20. My account is old and points posted. Spouse’s account was created right before we bought tickets and we can’t login. Waiting to see if his works out too…

  21. ….and we will see when Iberia goes bankrupt and partners cancel flights for not getting paid. 😛

  22. NEW PROBLEM! I just received 9 refund receipts for the travel I booked with an old Iberia account. Not sure what this is all about yet.

  23. I set up a new IBERIA US acct and it was working fine but is currently locked so hoping that means another 24 hours will see it working and AVIOS posted.

  24. Have an account created June 2018, but prior to promotion. Country of residence is USA. Have had no issues accessing the account but no avios yet.

  25. Old account and have not received my points. I bought all my tickets at around 3 PM CDT on 6/24.

  26. 1,5 year old account and no points posted. However, I never had any activity, so a 0 balance.

    My guess is that accounts with > 0 points received their avios, and that accounts with a 0 balance didn’t. Anyone with an older account, but a 0 balance or no previous activity at all that got their avios posted?

  27. I created my account in 2017, my flights are still showing up as booked, but no Avios yet. I booked on the 24th, so mine hopefully will show up tomorrow. I am very happy they are showing up for people.

  28. My 90K is posted too – I have an old Iberia Plus account from 2015. By the way, what’s the deal with new accounts that were just opened during the promotion? Are those accounts now all locked? And what to do?

  29. My account and my wife’s account are a couple years old, and both have the 90,000 points loaded with the following notation in the Points balance area
    “Bonus For Purchasing At Iberia.com – Special T&cs Apply”
    Now to spend them.

  30. Iberia account opened in 05/2016 but avios haven’t posted yet. Booked 9 flights on June 21 :((

  31. 9.000 Avios credited on my 18 years old Spanish Iberia Plus account following the purchase of only one one way ticket. Spanish resident.

  32. 90k points posted but can’t make booking online.
    “To be to use your Avios we ask that you contact your Iberia Plus Customer Service Centre: (+34) 91 374 24 42. We apologise for the inconvenience.”
    I sent form and passport last night.
    Reset PIN via app as well

  33. My wife and I have not received our Avios.

    Both accounts registered in the U.S.

    Both accounts created on June 22, immediately prior to purchasing 10 tickets.

    Still receiving “An error has occurred in the Login” message as of this posting.

  34. Open account 3 months ago. Account not locked but dont have anythings post in it yet. I dont have any activities on my account yet. And im based in Thailand. Curious if that s the problem.

    Anyone that dont have activity more than 6 months is considered as inactive account i guess.

  35. US based account created 02/17. 10 Flights booked on 6/22 with Iberia Plus # still connected. Haven’t received my Avios yet. My account is active.

  36. I have not received any Avios and yes, I have been locked out of my account. However, I have not received any further notification from Iberia advising me why that is the case or how to fix that? I know via social media that some people have received emails requesting validation of their ID but I haven’t heard anything at all from Iberia. Is this a waiting game do you think Tiffany? Surely Iberia should be advising customers directly? I did receive flight confirmations at the time of booking. Any thoughts appreciated.

  37. 90,000 Avios posted to account created in 2017. Now have 90,050 Avios from 50 point promotion food r creating account.

    Did a search of BOS-BCN. Lots of PE space in March for 25.5k plus $75 on Level flight. Not bad.

  38. OK – so here goes.
    90K in my account
    I spoke with the service center in Spain.
    I dialed +34913894357 and got reservations who put me through to the service center.
    First, changing/resetting your PIN will not unlock your account. You will be able to access it but you will not be able to make bookings, even if the Avios appeared.
    According to the agent, you *must* fill out the data rectification PDF and email along with a copy of your passport or whatever ID you used to set up the account.
    Now the bad news: they have a huge backlog of those requests and anticipate that it will take up to SEVEN days to clear it.
    I’m just thrilled to get the Avios – if I have to wait to book an award, so be it.
    90,000 Avios at less than $0.004 each when I expect to use them for travel at $0.06 per? I’d be nuts to complain about any delay.
    The process has been a little convoluted but – with all due respect – perspective!

  39. @ Jane Blogs — I’d sit tight for a bit. We have a few folks around here in a similar situation, so should have more info that we can share soon.

  40. Old account here. Flights were booked on June 21. No avios posted yet. Should I file a dispute with credit card or wait?

  41. 90K posted for me, and 90K for my husband. We just booked a roundtrip in business from SCL-MAD in Jan/Feb at 51K per one way. It looks like the upcharge for the additional Avios was 1.5 cents each. Very happy!

  42. Tiffany – sorry I wasn’t clear earlier. the booking that i want to cancel was booked with Avios earned and transferred from BA account. if I cancel, do I lose these avios?- because they’ve been “contaminated” by the 90,000 avios from this promotion?

  43. Have an old account with 0 points (50 or 60 expired recently). All 90000 points posted today based on what AwardWallet is showing. Haven’t tried logging in directly.

    FYI, people are reporting that BAIberia point transfers aren’t working at the moment so we can’t definitely tell if these points can be transferred to BA.

  44. Opened my account for this promo and was locked out. Asked for pin today and was able to access but no points shown on my account. What should I do?

  45. Old account here with 3,000 miles. Got my points. Hubby has an old account with 0 points and hasn’t gotten points yet. I think it’s just a matter of time. Not locked out or anything.

  46. Lucky/tiffany – youll remind us all in oct and nov to use them right? I hope to use mine for a TA J ORD-somewhere and connect to go skiing 🙂

    Given way they have posted imagine they will go at expiry but not linked to original flights

  47. Points posted. Account registered in Hong Kong but booked on US site. Unable to transfer points to BA.

  48. No points for me yet. Old UK account had activity before but zero balance. I made 4 bookings on the first day, 5 on the second. Hope it’s just a case of waiting.

  49. @AJ

    old account, based in Hong Kong, no activity within 6 months, tickets booked on 23/6, got my 90k, i don’t think country of residence or inactive account is an issue

  50. MAD-EZE , GRU-MAD Easter 19 on J , I had to pay high season rate on return, but certainly a good gift nearly for free …

  51. Old account. Got 9 emails with the following statement and refund credits for every flight. All reservations cancelled even though booked well before the deadline.


  52. New account, it was locked so I sent the documents they request. They unlocked it about 12 hours later, and then after another 12 hours got a long email saying

    “Additionally we already unlocked your account and sent you a new PIN number so you can access and continue using our services. The Avios of the promotion will be added within the next 10 days.”

    Looks like it might be a long wait.

  53. @ Bradley — Same thing is happening to me (old account with a few avios points in it).
    Getting these cancelation emails from “[email protected]” one by one… Then when I try to pull up the res on Iberia’s site, no longer works.

    What kind of Airline is so incompetent that it advertises, then runs a promotion like this?
    Let’s hope Iberia’s crew scheduling and maintenance computers have better IT…


  54. I received my 90,000 Avios yesterday, after booking the nine flights on June 23rd. I had an existing Iberia account, created in March 2018 for the sole purpose of transferring-in 51,000 UR points to take advantage of Iberia’s R/T Business Class sale. No problem redeeming them then and I’m optimistic about this deal, as well. Thanks Iberia, for standing behind your offers.

  55. Just booked a r/t from TLV to JFK via MAD in Business class. costed 110K, had the extra 20K from a previous flight.

  56. Hey Lucky, I was an existing member of Iberia Plus (took up an awesome bonus for subscription to The Economist a few years back)…. but I was concerned the promo would after reading reports about the country of origin because I am based in Australia (I have no idea which country site I booked through, was kinda in a frenzy to get it done lol)… Well pleased to say they have posted tonight! 🙂

  57. 90K points posted this morning. Older US account that never had an Avios in it before. All flights booked on 6/24 on US site.

  58. Still no Avios.
    Created IB+ account on Jun 24th and booked 9/10 SDR-MAD flights (mistakenly booked one flight twice).
    Israeli residence, booked on UK site.
    My IB account # shows on the confirmation emails, but not under “my reservations” on IB’s site.
    Had some issues logging in lately but can now login, sent them the form + passport scan anyways.
    Fingers crossed…

  59. Hi guys. New account created during the promo. I can’t access my account. What do you recommend to do next?

  60. Join Date: Jun 2018
    Posts: 2
    Still no Avios.
    Created IB+ account on Jun 24th and booked 9/10 SDR-MAD flights (mistakenly booked one flight twice).
    My IB account # shows on the confirmation emails, but not under “my reservations” on IB’s site.
    Had some issues logging in lately, sent them the form + passport scan.
    Fingers crossed…

  61. I got my mileage sent across yesterday. The transaction was smooth and received all my 90000 Avios without a fail. To be on the safe side I booked my flights already and burnt all 90000 on U Class tickets to South and Central America. I hope Iberia, BA or other Airline will run a similar deal in the coming months.

  62. I already had an existing account and my avios posted today but the accounts I made for family members, their accounts are locked. I downloaded the app and changed the pin for one of them but logged in and it’s at 0 avios. I will have to wait til next week to send in the IDs since I’m out of town this week.

  63. When I try to login to one of the accounts I created for the promo, now it says there is an error and there is a link you click and it say to fill out a form and email it to iberia with a copy of your ID

  64. I have an existing Iberia Plus account with quite a few Avios. I received my Avios (I’m a US subscriber), and they appear to just be lumped in with my existing Avios. My question is this: Does “use by December 1, 2018” mean book something by December 1, say to fly next year, or must I book AND fly by December 1? To date, no one seems to have addressed this point.

  65. 4th July and 27k have posted from my ten tickets bought (1 x set of six one-way and 1 x set of four one-way flights)…..hope to see the rest in the next few days and hope they recognise all as one ways too!

  66. @ William.

    No. All Avios received via this special offer have to be redemeed by 1st of December as stated by Iberia. However you can book the flights for any date that suits you either before or after 1st of December. I have booked all my flights in November, January and March. Just remeber that the longer you wait to redeem these miles will likely impact your flight availability and you may find yourself struggling to redeem these miles on the prefred flight. Just Something to bear in mind.

  67. I just called Iberia Plus customer service and they said I had to send them an email to [email protected] with my passport data page attached in order to unlock my new account that was created during the promotion. She said once this is done, account will be unlocked and mileage credits should appear. She said it could take a few days to a week to unlock. So I advise doing this if you have not so far.

  68. From another site…email from Iberia…

    “Dear customer,

    Thank you for your interest in the Iberia Plus programme.

    It is a standard requirement of our programme to check the registration details for your Iberia Plus account. To help us do this, please email a copy of the official identity document you used for registration to ….. The subject line of the email must include your Iberia Plus number in order for us to process it and you must send it to us by 31 July (GMT+2). If the documentation is not received before this date, we will be unable to register you for the Iberia Plus programme and you will not have access to any of the associated benefits.

    If you took part in our recent 9,000 extra Avios promotion for the purchase of tickets at ……, please attach a copy of any tickets purchased during the period and send it to us by 31 July 2018 in order to collect your Avios.

    Once we have verified your identification and proof of ticket purchase we will award the Avios due—as per the campaign terms and conditions—to your account.

    Kind regards and we hope to see you on board again soon.

    The Iberia Plus team”

    There are other emails going out for canceled duplicate accounts in addition to refunds of tickets which did not qualify for the promotion (from countries which were not eligible for the promotion).

  69. The only collective sigh of relief is to hear from you again Tiffany and not have to put up with the vacuous and whining words of your colleagues. Guess we’re stuck with Ben but did you really take part in the selection process that anointed James to the forum?

  70. Thanks Tiffany, will hang tight & look forward to hearing news from either you or Iberia!!

  71. @Lilly Ming

    Totally agree! Love Tiffany’s posts! Informative and interesting to read.

    I think the selection of James was down to Lucky and his eye for a certain ‘type’ of guys he prefers…

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