I see naked people (public service announcement)…

This is a public service announcement for past, current, and future guests of the InterContinental Berchtesgaden. This is one of my favorite hotels in the world, and the views from the hotel are stunning. Well, for the most part.

The hotel has a pretty awesome design whereby all the rooms face the center courtyard and surrounding mountains. That’s great, except for the fact that if you’re on one side of the hotel you can literally see into every single room on the other side of the hotel, unless the curtains are shut.

I’m not a (total) prude and I have no problem with nudity at clothing optional places. But I’ve seen at least a dozen people today alone walk onto their balconies wearing nothing but their birthday suit (and we won’t even talk about the number of rooms in which I’ve seen “stuff” going on). I think most people don’t realize just how “visible” the balconies are, because just about everyone has had the same reaction — they walk onto the balcony for 30 seconds without looking up, then realize how easy it is for everyone to see them, and then run inside and shut the curtains.

Anyway, just a PSA, before I go blind…

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  1. Same deal at the Arabella Park Sheraton. You get used to it. Watch long enough and you’ll eventually find a diamond in the rough.

  2. But it’s not like if you have the room 2 meters away… You would really have to stare with a camera…
    Of course this is another country and they still SHOULD close their windows and use some clothes…
    But again they are not in front of you, not that close.

  3. Ben- I agree with the other posts, we need some pictures. Although, we don’t need to see any German sausage!

  4. When I was at the Westin Grand Frankfurt a few weeks ago, my fiance and I went for a morning swim in the pool. Afterwards, we were using the sauna when a buck naked German man walks in and sits down next to us like it was the most normal thing in the world. Only when we left did we notice a sign that said no bathing suits allowed.

    Lucky, at least in your case you were separated by a courtyard!

  5. I’ll never forget when I went to Barcelona and it was cold enough to wear a coat on the beach and there was some older man strolling around naked. Totally don’t understand that. He also accidentally photobombed many of our pictures of the beach. Looks like that is an image I really will have forever.

  6. It is Germany for sure.

    Try walking in the ‘English’ gardens in Munich in Summer you might be in for a big surprise!

    Or go visit the sauna for another one.

    When in Rome…. Time to sling the togs and feel the mountain breeze where you’ve never felt it before.

  7. Its a human body…we all have one. I will never understand why Americans are so timid about the POSSIBILITY of being seen naked. Now, naked doesn’t mean sex, but most people expect people not to be glaring into windows…and if they do, its their problem for whatever they see. 😛 In most of the world, nudity is not taboo…

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