I just threw up a little bit in my mouth….

I’ve posted my opinion about The CW’s new “reality” show, Fly Girls, in the past, which revolves around the lives of a handful of Virgin America flight attendants that live in a $1.5 million crashpad (where’s the reality in that?), but I couldn’t help but cringe at the new preview and interviews they’ve released.

Two of them seem somewhat normal, but the other three, well, I’m pretty sure if you combined their IQs you wouldn’t hit three digits. This looks like so much of a train wreck that I actually want to watch….

And I’ll say it again, if I were a “normal” flight attendant I’d be pissed about this show. From watching this show there’s no way in hell I’d ever have any sympathy for flight attendants. I mean, you all live in ritzy crashpads, visit “exciting” destinations all the time, can afford to shop in New York all you want, and never get old, right?

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  1. Reality show aren’t real these days, some of the stuff they said are scripted, if they don’t play dumb, no one will watch the show, this is “Paris Hilton” effect.

  2. Well it about a Virgin crew.

    Need I remind you about Pam Ann’s view on Virgin Cabin Crews? [b]lucky[/b];)

  3. I really can’t understand why they try to make it look like a reality show. Looking at the filming, all the dialogues and the sound quality when they’re in clubs makes it seem so.. stupid. I mean, come on, we’re not that stupid. We do know how a club sounds like when filming there.
    Stupid show.

  4. My favorite flight attendant TV show is Mile High from BBC. That show didn’t claim to be reality though

  5. @ Eric — Wednesdays at 9PM eastern on the CW.

    @ grace — I loved, loved, loved, loved that show. I literally didn’t leave my house for a week when the DVD sets came for the two seasons I ordered. Filthily entertaining. I think I cried when I finished the last episode. Nooooooo!

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