I don’t feel special anymore!

One of the many things I enjoy about flying in premium cabins is trying out all the special meals, no matter how obscure they might be. Last weekend I flew with FlyerTalker MatthewLAX from IAD to DEN on a reconfigured 767 in business class. The seat was, as usual, incredible, but all they serve for breakfast is a fruit plate or a deli plate. Pathetic. I decided to order a “low calorie” meal. Let’s compare:

My low calorie meal

Matthew’s fruit plate

The first thing I noticed was how similar, wait, scratch that, identical, the main courses looked. Second, my “low calorie meal” has a bagel, cream cheese, and apple sauce, while the normal breakfast has a croissant with jam. While I’m no nutritionist, I do have to wonder which has fewer calories?

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  1. I’m no expert, but I am a diabetic and need to watch my carbs. A bagel is loaded with carbs a well as a croissant with jam. A better bet would have just the fruit plate and a Wasa crackers. A plate fruit is loaded with carbs as well, but it is much lower in calories and fat that an omlette/sausage/bacon and toast. I would even settle for low-fat, no sugar added yogurt and protein.

    What would I consider a low cal breakfast?
    I need to mix carbs and protein. So I would have a few slices of melon or low-fat cottage cheese or egg whites or slice of low fat meat (chicken). Or high fiber cereal ( 1/2-1/3 cups) with skim milk. I need to stay below 250c and/or 30 carbs.

    Sure I can cheat, but it also shortens my lifespan. I really blew it in Las Vegas last summer.

    I am not a dietitian and don’t play one on the telly. I would love to see what is offered for “special meals”. I knew there was an airline meal site but it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

  2. i’m flying that route/cabin in a few weeks and was hoping for a better food offering than your photos. i wonder if they’d give you a second “meal” if you asked?

  3. @echohorn: Funny you should mention that. There was a passenger in 6A who was angry about the lack of a hot breakfast option and asked one of the FA’s if he could have a second breakfast because he was still hungry. The FA stated that there were no extra meals but offered him a “fresh breakfast” or snack box from Y.

  4. I decided to try out the first class offerings on a Northwest flight for a change. I skipped breakfast at MSP since my flight to DFW featured breakfast. And the breakfast? Cheerios. Yes, cheerios. And a bagel. And a sugar laced yogurt. And a strawberry. Yes, one. And not a single additional meal option. Honestly, your fruit plate looks like heaven compared to the cattle feed Northwest is slinging.

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