I can’t get over….

…how awesome “Up in the Air” is going to be. December 4 can’t come fast enough now. I’ve been watching the trailers at least a dozen times a day, and every time they get better and better. Initially I wasn’t a huge fan of the first trailer, but it has grown on me as I listened more carefully to the words. For better or for worse, I can relate to many of the sentiments he expresses in the first clip. I don’t value (some) relationships enough, and I can fit most of my “life” in a bag, for better or for worse. I especially love this quote:

“The slower we move, the faster we die.”



I haven’t been this excited about a movie, since, well….

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  1. IT’s just seriously bad a$$ that George Clooney gets to play ‘us’.

    Someone on Flyertalk posted about adding this to their Netflix queue. I’ll be in the theatre opening weekend for sure…

  2. I agree completely. It looks to be as good as the book, if not better…
    Lucky, they announced that the movie will be out NOV 25 in all markets and a limited release (in areas TBD) the week before. I vote for a pre-Thanksgiving mini-DO and MR wherever it releases then.

  3. The film was aired at the Toronto film festival yesterday- reviews are already coming in and seem to be very positive. However, I can’t tell from the reviews how much frequent flying vs corporate downsizing this movie is really about.

  4. Wow. It looks like I’ve stumbled on to the Frequent Flyer’s version of a Trekky-Nerd site. You guys have some sort of secret handshake or anything I should know about?

  5. I’m worried that we’ll be disappointed. This doesn’t seem to be so much about mileage running as it is about a guy who travels a lot for work and likes miles.

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