Hyatt wants to surprise guests

Check out this USA Today guest blog post by Hyatt’s CEO about a new initiative Gold Passport is rolling out. It comes down to this:

We will be empowering hotel employees to perform what we’re calling random acts of generosity. So, don’t be surprised if Gold Passport picks up your bar tab, comps your massage or treats your family to breakfast. It’s part of bringing authentic hospitality to life and making you feel more than welcome.

First of all, I have to give Hyatt a lot of credit for all of their initiatives lately. They’ve revolutionized Gold Passport from a mediocre loyalty program to one of the best, in my opinion, especially when they recently started giving all elite members free internet and Diamond members confirmed suite upgrades, among other things.

I also think this is a fantastic idea in theory, but wouldn’t it be best to not advertise it? When the public knows about it, let’s face it, they might just come to expect it, or at the very least be subconsciously thinking about it when it’s time to pay the bill.

For a while Northwest was giving out “phantom upgrades” to Platinum members on international flights, but they never advertised it. That way they were truly pleasant and unexpected surprises. Had they said “we’re going to randomly give out free upgrades on international flights to Platinum members,” it would have probably lead to more disappointment than goodwill.

Either way, keep up the great improvements and hospitality, Hyatt.

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  1. I totally agree with you about it being best not to advertise it. As I was reading this I was thinking the exact same thing–so if I don’t get a comp breakfast or a free drink, will I be disappointed?

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