Hyatt Points + Cash Finally Bookable Online!

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Hyatt Gold Passport has announced some fantastic updates, which should be active now. Hyatt has long been behind the curve when it comes to technology, and in my opinion has one of the less user friendly websites of any major hotel chain (despite that, they’re one of the two hotel chains I’m loyal to).

Here are the improvements which should be “live” now:

Points + Cash bookable online!

In early 2014, Hyatt introduced some changes to the Gold Passport program. This consisted both of an award chart devaluation, as well as some positive changes.

The most exciting positive change was the addition of Points + Cash, whereby members could begin redeeming part points and part cash for a hotel stay, at the following rates:


This translates into an exceptional value, and is hands down my favorite use of Gold Passport points. For example, I most frequently redeem points at Category 6 properties, which cost either 25,000 points per night, or 12,500 points plus $150. Being able to pay $150 in lieu of 12,500 points means you’re basically buying points at 1.2 cents each, which is considerably less than I value the points at.

But the best part of Points + Cash stays is that:

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 14

The downside to Points + Cash stays is that they’re capacity controlled, and up until now it hasn’t been possible to book them online.

The good news is that it’s now possible to book Points + Cash stays directly on


That’s fantastic news, as it was rather inconvenient to have to call up Gold Passport and inquire about availability, especially since it’s often quite limited. I always felt like I was inconveniencing their reservations agents by asking them to search space for weeks at a time.

I should note that it’s somewhat of a double edged sword. A lot of people don’t know about Points + Cash, so making it bookable online could increase competition for those rooms.

For example, you can’t book Cathay Pacific first class awards on American’s website, and that’s something I’m grateful for, since it reduces competition. There are tens of millions of AAdvantage members, and a vast majority of them have no clue you can redeem miles on partner airlines, let alone Cathay Pacific.

Just some food for thought, though on the whole this is a fantastic change.

Other online upgrade/award options

While the above is the most exciting news, it’s also worth noting that it’s now possible to do the following on Hyatt’s website:

  • Cancel Gold Passport award bookings and get points redeposited
  • Book paid stays with confirmed Regency Club or Grand Club upgrades using points


Previously both of these functions required phoning Hyatt’s call center.


Bottom line

It’s awesome that Hyatt has finally added these new functionalities to their website, which make the process of redeeming Gold Passport points much easier. I’m especially excited to finally see Points + Cash reservations bookable online, which is something I’ve been anxiously waiting for since the benefit was introduced.

Kudos to Hyatt on these improvements!

Are you excited to see these improvements?

  1. Was searching for grand Hyatt Kauai in May for points plus cash and had to call in. Now it’s easier. However sadly found out that that hotel completely stopped releasing points plus cash. Searched from January to May and nothing available. The hotel policy probably got abused by diamond upgrades.

  2. Awesome! Although I agree it’s a double-edged sword…

    FYI, Points+Cash now shows up in a Hyatt app as well (at least, the iPhone version).

  3. Thanks for this post – I never knew points + cash existed at Hyatt!

    Strange that in categories 2…6, the value per point ist somewhat consistent between 1.2 and 1.375 cents, but in categories 1 and 7 it is 2 cents.

  4. I’m not seeing any of these available (for lots of dates for lots of different hotels). I’m logged into my account as a diamond member. Am I missing something? Can someone please give an example of a hotel and date where they found cash + points availability?

  5. @ JR — try Hyatt Regency Houston for tonight (11/9-11/10). I am seeing both points and points + cash awards available. What hotels/dates were you using? P+C isn’t as widely available as points-only because it’s all up to a hotel whereas for points-only rooms should be available if base-level rooms are available using Hyatt Daily Rate (of course, hotels have been known to play games and to NOT make rooms available using HDR but rather some sort of a package rate to hide them from award inventory).

  6. I’m not sure how much the “if bookable online then a lot more ppl will book it” idea is true. I’ve had no trouble booking 2 *A int’l J/F tickets recently, which are entirely bookable online. I do love the convenience.

  7. Yeah, finally! The C+P option is my favorite award booking method at Hyatt because it does indeed offer great value. It is the one program where purchasing points with cash and then redeeming them as cash+points works for me beautifully, since I earn no significant GP points through stays or credit cards. I can purchase GP points and then redeem them as C+P awards at, say, cat 4 properties (e.g., Park Hyatt Siem Reap) that go for $500/night and get a ton of value! It used to be a real PITA to have to call to book such awards so this is definitely a huge plus…Welcome to the 21st century HGP! 😉

  8. I visited the Hyatt Gold Passport website just now and can find no mention whatsoever of points plus miles.
    I noted that there are extended stay rates but was unable to find out anything about how to book them.
    So the website still leaves a lot to be desired.
    The hotel I was interested in is the Hyatt Union Square in NYC.

  9. @ Tom — this post is about Points+Cash, the details can be found by clicking on “Hyatt Gold Passport” and then clicking “Points + Cash” under Redeeming Points on the right side. Not sure what you mean by “points plus miles” — Hyatt allows you convert their points to miles but it’s not a great rate (for details go to “Hyatt Gold Passport” and then click “Convert Points to Miles” under “Earnings Options”). For extended stay rates, I thought you had to talk directly to hotels. FYI, Hyatt’s extended stay brand is Hyatt House.

  10. Sorry, I meant points plus cash.
    I still can not find a way on the website to book online using points plus cash.

  11. @ Tom — you can view if P+C is available using the same way as when searching for award booking: search for rates, click on a rate, then check this box: “Show Hyatt Gold Passport Points & Awards”.

    Perhaps what’s throwing you off is the fact that Hyatt Union Square seems to be stingy with P+C availability. I searched the next 30 days — most days points-only is available (25000 pts) but no P+C option. That’s just the way it is… Some hotels don’t seem to be proponents of P+C.

  12. Thanks Ivan. Perhaps the stinginess at Hyatt Union Square explains my difficulty.
    It happens to be the Hyatt property that I am most interested in.

  13. @LK, it appears that the Promotional Award is a free night certificate. I see it too when I search for rooms for a one-night stay, and here are the rate rules:

    “Free night(s) based upon qualifying award earned and received into member account -Gold Passport member will recognize they have earned this promotional award when logging into their GP account online, and visiting their ‘My Promotional Awards’ page -1 night maximum stay.”

    However, the only active award I see in my account is the Category 1-4 certificate for the Hyatt Credit Card. Not sure how the program thinks I have a free night, but I’ll take it!!

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