Don’t Forget To Make Hyatt Points + Cash Bookings TODAY

Just over a week ago we learned about changes that World of Hyatt is making to Points + Cash awards that are booked as of November 1, 2018.

Historically Points + Cash is one of my favorite ways to redeem World of Hyatt points, since you can redeem a combination of cash and points towards a stay at a favorable rate.

As a reminder, here’s Hyatt’s current standard room award chart, including for Points + Cash bookings:

This all changes as of tomorrow. Starting tomorrow (November 1, 2018), Points + Cash reservations will require half the number of points of a free night stay (as before), but will also require paying half of the standard nightly rate in cash.

In other words, Points + Cash awards will become a true hybrid between the award cost and the revenue cost of staying at a property.

This won’t be bad news in all situations, necessarily. If you’re not redeeming at a really expensive hotel, the cost may be the same, or may even go down. However, for those looking to make redemptions at hotels that represent an excellent use of points, you’ll absolutely want to try and lock in any Points + Cash bookings today.

Points + Cash awards are capacity controlled, so they won’t be available for all stays. Anecdotally I sort of feel like Hyatt has reduced the amount of Points + Cash availability significantly within the past week or so. But I don’t have any hard evidence to back that up, as it could be that a lot of people have just been making Points + Cash bookings in anticipation of the devaluation.

Anyway, if you are considering any stays I’d highly recommend booking today. Typically these stays have the same cancelation policy as a standard award stay, meaning that in most cases they can be canceled up until a couple of days before arrival (though some hotels have stricter cancelation deadlines, so check your specific hotel).

Are you making any last minute Points + Cash bookings before Hyatt’s changes?


  1. couple hotels I’m trying to search / book constantly giving error message. Anyone experiencing this?

  2. I booked Hyatt Centric Madrid not because it’s that big of a difference, but because I’m going there anyways and might as well save a handful of euro.

  3. Phew, thanks for this! I was on a (points, of course) vacation last week and wasn’t following the blog… you saved me a bunch on some upcoming nights in Japan!

  4. Didn’t know about this at all. Luckily I’ve already got a few booked in a very pricy spot for a holiday for a deal.

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