Hyatt Platinum 90-day trial for Visa Signature cardholders

Through May 11 Hyatt is offering a 90-day Platinum trial to those with Visa Signature credit cards (that includes the Chase Sapphire Preferred, United Explorer Visa, Alaska Airlines Visa, and many more). You simply have to go to this page and enter your card number to activate your 90-day trial.

Platinum is Hyatt’s entry level status, which offers free internet, a 15% points bonus, preferred rooms, and 2PM late check-out. It’s also worth noting that Hyatt Signature Visa cardholders get Platinum status for as long as they have the card.

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  1. I keep getting the following message:
    An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later

  2. Giving me “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later.” with my chase sapphire preferred on two different browsers.

  3. If you have the Hyatt visa and are already platinum, is there a fast track to diamond, or would you still need to make 25 stays/ 50 nights?

  4. @ Peetyrd — Unfortunately unless you have top tier status with another hotel program they won’t do a fast track.

    @ Brian — Yes, you should since you’d be an existing Platinum member.

  5. Worked for me. Though the sign up page opened up within a frame on the original page which made it difficult to enter my Hyatt number. I checked a couple of minutes after entering my number, and my status hasn’t updated yet nor have I received a confirmation e-mail.

  6. I tried on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and doesn’t work. IE works, but after registering it says successful, but I have checked my Hyatt account it hasn’t updated nor have I gotten an e-mail. I registered twice and both times it went through. Let’s see what happens over time

  7. is this a real 2 pm check out guaranteed or some flimsy promise that the hotel is free to disavow when someone actually demands to stay until 2 pm?

  8. @ mike — I believe it’s guaranteed except at resorts, where it’s subject to availability.

  9. I got the confirmation page (about 2 hours ago) but my account is still at ‘gold’ level. It may take awhile. Meanwhile, I did save a screen shot of my confirmation page just in case. Happy travels and thanks Lucky! Love your blog!

  10. It worked for me, but not in Firefox. Tried 3X in Firefox to no avail. Then went to IE and it worked, and I received the confirmation page. My account still shows at “gold” level, however. Maybe it takes a while as Michael has pointed out.

  11. As other have stated the from only works on IE (nice crappy programing visa). Still showing as gold hopefully it changes to Plat as I have a upcoming stay soon:). Also Thanks Ben for posting this little things like this make traveling easier.

  12. It seemed to have worked for me in Safari, but as others have noted my status is still showing as Gold. However, in the fine print it mentions that it will take up to 48 hours for the status change to appear. So hopefully everything is fine, will just check it a few days later.

    I’m hoping to piggyback off this offer to nab the two suite upgrades from the Hyatt Chase CC signup 🙂

  13. Worked for me with a non-US (but otherwise legit/qualified) Visa Signature Card. Platinum status showed up instantly.

  14. This is great, lucky. It seems ideal for anyone getting ready to apply for the credit card, because it gets you the 2 suite upgrades.

  15. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll probably sign up closer to the end of the promotion since I don’t have any stays planned through the end of the month.

  16. If I sign up for the 90 day Platinum trial (i have the Sapphire Preferred) now and then apply for the Chase Hyatt Visa in a few weeks will I be able to get the two suite upgrade certificates that come with the card as an existing Platinum member?

  17. @ Rebecca D. — Absolutely, you would get the two suite upgrades since you’d be an existing Platinum member.

  18. Great! One more question: if I get the Chase Hyatt now in 2012, with the 2 free nights and 2 suite upgrades, can I redeem them in January 2013? Or do the free nights and suite upgrades expire at the end of 2012? Thanks!

  19. Hi, I’m from Europe and I don’t have a Visa card, but was wondering if I give you my Hyatt Gold Passport number, could one of you be so kind and upgrade mine as well? (511812906V)

  20. I finally got this to work last night using IE. And just checked my status and it is already Plat. So that was fairly quick. Now I just need to figure out when to apply for the Hyatt visa and dump the BA…

  21. Hey G!Man

    I tried to upgrade you using my Signature Visa, but it wouldn’t let me. Not sure why… Either because I had already used that same Visa for myself or because the Offer has expired as its almost May 11th (I’m on the West Coast so a little behind from the rest of America), even though it let me upgrade myself a number of times using the same card number and the same Passport number … (I did it two or three times first because I couldn’t see an immediate upgrade and then because I wanted to take a screenshot of the confirmation).

    I hope perhaps you got it done or someone else did it for you.

    All the best.

  22. I could email you a confirmation screenshot and you could try convincing Hyatt that it had gone through…

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