Hyatt Gold Passport Cash And Points Now Available

Back in November Hyatt announced an award chart devaluation, which was quickly followed up by some positive changes the following week, including the introduction of Points + Cash awards as well as the introduction of My Elite Rates, both of which kick in today, January 7, 2014. This morning I wrote about Hyatt’s new My Elite Rate, which offers 20% off the Hyatt Daily Rate at select hotels, and actually exceeded my expectations in terms of availability.

Points + Cash is what I was most excited about, though, for a few reasons:

So how good of a value is Points + Cash? Here’s the award chart:


Basically they’re giving you an option to pay for your stay partly in cash, though the savings in Gold Passport points varies by category, as follows:

  • Category 1 save 2,500 points for $50 (2.0 cents/point)
  • Category 2 save 4,000 points for $55 (1.375 cents/point)
  • Category 3 save 6,000 points for $75 (1.25 cents/point)
  • Category 4 save 7,500 points for $100 (1.33 cents/point)
  • Category 5 save 10,000 points for $125 (1.25 cents/point)
  • Category 6 save 12,500 points for $150 (1.20 cents/point)
  • Category 7 save 15,000 points for $300 (2.00 cents/point)

It’s a particularly spectacular value for Category 6 properties, since there are some amazing hotels among them, it’s the best value on a “cent per point” basis, and they’re also the Hyatts I most want to stay at. Between now being able to use suite upgrades on these stays and having them qualify for elite nights/stays and promotions, I’d say this is theoretically a huge win.

So how good is availability through Points + Cash? The big downside of the new offering is that Points + Cash can only be booked by phone, and since they’re capacity controlled it gets a bit tricky. So the best I can go off is my experience from calling Hyatt about a handful of times this morning.

So how good is Points + Cash availability with Hyatt? Based on what I’ve asked about it’s exceptionally good, though not perfect.

I asked about Points + Cash space at the following properties:

  • Grand Hyatt Kauai
  • Grand Hyatt Cannes
  • Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
  • Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin
  • Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Tsi Sha Tsui
  • Hyatt Escala Lodge
  • Hyatt Regency Nice
  • Andaz Maui
  • Park Hyatt Maldives
  • Park Hyatt Moscow
  • Hyatt Escala Lodge

All but a few of the hotels had Points + Cash space for all the dates I asked.

  • The Grand Hyatt Cannes didn’t have any Points + Cash space
  • The Hyatt Escala Lodge and Grand Hyatt Kauai only had Points + Cash space for some of the dates
  • For what it’s worth, there were standard rooms available, and traditional points awards available for all dates I enquired about

I’ve also read reports of Diamond members already being able to apply suite upgrades to these reservations, though apparently it takes a few phone calls to find an agent willing to do it, since the rules for the upgrades say they’re only available on “eligible” rates. I suspect as time passes this will become less of an issue.

Bottom line

All things considered I actually think Hyatt’s changes which kicked in today are positive, so I’m extremely pleasantly surprised. While six hotels joined the new category seven and went up by 8,000 Gold Passport points per night, the addition of My Elite Rates and especially the addition of Points + Cash more than outweighs that and any other award chart devaluation, in my opinion.

I can’t wait to book Points + Cash stays at Category 6 properties and apply suite upgrades and earn elite stays/nights that count towards promotions. Now we can only hope that Points + Cash availability stays this good.

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  1. About an hour before the clock struck midnight I was able to book a long weekend at the Park Hyatt Paris on a suite award. No more points in my account. 🙂

    The hard part is going to find somebody to babysit the kids.

  2. Well the one night I needed on Cash and Points isn’t available, and the my elite rates often either haven’t shown up or are much more than AAA or advanced purchase. Boo.

  3. It seems the hotel I just booked on cash/point is in the same inventory for the standard point redemption. right after i made my c/p booking, i was not able to see anymore standard room available for regular point booking.

  4. Just booked 3 nights using C&P at Hyatt Regency Maui and another 3 nights using C&P at the Andaz Maui. Had no problem applying a Diamond Suite upgrade.

  5. How do you book the C&P nights? Do you have to actually call in to make these bookings? I’ve looked at several dates across various properties through and have not seen any options for C&P.

  6. Lucky,

    I have 10 nights at the PH Maldives booked for later this year, using 220K points. If it were available, would you recommend switching it to a Points+Cash stay for 125,000 points + $1,500 in cash?

    i.e., is 95,000 Hyatt points worth more or less than $1,500 cash?


  7. @ C Diddy – If you’re a Diamond member and you have a suite upgrade certificate available I’d say do it since you can use one of your suite upgrades on that stay – at least for 7 of the 10 nights. And you’ll get stay and night credits toward elite status for all 10 nights, and they would count towards any promos going on at the time. If you’re not it’s probably about even either way according to Lucky’s valuation of Hyatt points at around 1.6 cents each.

  8. For the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong – If i made a 3 day booking there on Cash and Points, how could I use points to turn that into a Suite upgrade? If it is a suite upgrade, will that get free breakfast for the 3 room occupants, or would they have to pay breakfast out of pocket. None of the 3 have Hyatt status.

  9. @ C Diddy — Totally agree with KevininRI. If you care about elite nights it’s a total no brainer, and since your nights will qualify towards any promotion Hyatt is running, it’s an even more compelling value, in my opinion.

  10. @ Tocqueville — Unfortunately I don’t believe you can use points to upgrade to a suite on a Points + Cash booking, though I could be wrong. Diamond confirmed suite upgrades can be used for sure, though.

  11. You had better luck with Cash and Points then I did….

    I looked at using Cash and Points at Scottsdale Gainey Ranch – and she couldn’t find a single day for the entire month of March. I also called and asked about Kauai, and again couldn’t find a single day in my range of dates when I would be in Kauai. So I pulled the trigger on hotwire and bingo Kauai for $286 YES!

    However, she could find the Hyatt Elite 20% discount which was over 7% cheaper then the AAA rate

  12. I booked two nights at the Andaz Maui yesterday before the deval at 22,000 points per night. Do you think the Cash and Points price is a better value if I am not concerned about the nights counting towards elite status?

  13. @ jpgisbd — If you’re not concerned about the stay credit or nights counting towards a promotion I’d say it’s more or less a wash.

  14. I thought you couldnt use Diamond upgrades at the PH Maldives since there really isnt a’s either standard, beach, or overwater…..or am i mistaken there? would like to know if I can use my Diamond upgrades rather than pay to upgrade the room.

  15. Ian, you are correct. Since every room is considered a suite at the PH Maldives, you can only use cash to upgrade to a pool or overwater villa. No diamond upgrades are allowed.

  16. Currently have two nights booked at HR Kyoto under the old rates (18k/night) for travel in July. The hotel elite rate is about $240/night giving me a 1.33 cents value on my redemption.

    I could swap the stay to P&C which would mean paying $250 to save 16k points (36,000-(2×10,000)). I’d also earn about 1,438 points as a platinum member. So my true savings would be 14,563 points thus the cost of these points would be 1.72 cents/point.

    I’m thinking I should just stay with the points rate, is that the right call? Note I feel comfortable that I can manufacture points at ~0.7 cents/point in the future and don’t need elite stay credit.

    The only reason I think I might switch is if diamond trial is available again and thus the P&C rate would let me use suite upgrades. Thoughts?

  17. @ Jeremy — I think the deciding factor is when you say that you feel comfortable with being able to manufacture spend at 0.7 cents per point in the future. If that’s the case then I think you’re making the right decision by sticking to the outright points rate given your circumstances.

  18. HI Lucky, Is there anyway to check online for PH Maldives cash+points availabilities? The reservation agent to me there is zero c+p inventory for this Aug & Sept, I am curious what date have you looked at as well. Thanks!

  19. So, all things being equal
    Cat.1-use2500+$50 or 5000pts/take your choice
    use 2500+$50 if rate is more than $100
    Pay cash only if rate is less than $100
    Cat.3-use6000+75 or 12,000/take your choice
    use 6000+$75 if rate is more than $150
    pay cash if rate is less than $150

  20. I just apply for diamond status and they say I have 60 days and status will be through feb 2016. So Does this mean suite upgrade is to 2016 ? I’m confuse. Please advise.Thanks

  21. Lucky,

    I just got a little presumptuous and lined up an entire trip to London, airfare, everything (around a work conference), and even transferred UR to Hyatt because I was planning on using cash and points at either the Churchill or Andaz (this is a Sunday through Friday…). Was also planning a diamond challenge during this time.

    Called today and no availability for either hotel with cash and points. Not enough points to do a points-only stay (only could afford 2 nights) and could not afford $500+ cash rates.

    Anyways, any idea if they will open up points and cash award space closer to the dates? This is mid-September.


  22. @ Jamie — Mid-September can be a busy time in London, so I wouldn’t count on it opening up. There’s always a chance it can so it makes sense to monitor, though.

  23. Any thoughts on my likelihood to be able to stay in a suite if I use an upgrade on a cash and points night (night 1) followed by two nights on points (night 2 and 3)? I would be diamond at the time.

  24. @ Jamie — Really depends on the hotel and how full they are. No way to give an educated answer there. Sorry! Some hotels are more generous, though I wouldn’t count on it in London necessarily.

  25. Are points deducted at booking for C+P? It seems like you can book without having all the necessary points in your account as long as you have them by your stay.

  26. Hi Ben. I am trying to see if it makes sense for me to do a 12 days mattress run to our local Hyatt House to complete the Hyatt diamond challenge. We have upcoming stays in the next 12 months at the PH Paris, Sydney and Milan. I would value the room upgrades and breakfasts quite a bit. IF they offer cash and points rate at our local Hyatt House AND I am registered for the current Hyatt promo, would I earn points and would the nights count for the challenge?

  27. Thanks Ben. Now I just need to do the math, but I actually think it’s a no brainer. We have probably 12 or more nights at the PH in those cities, so I think the points would almost be a wash with all the summer promo points, the 6000 points from the challenge, and the points earned on the cash part of the stay. In essence it would cost me $55/night for the Diamond benefits for two.

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