Hyatt Diamond Fast Track Returns

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For a long time Hyatt offered what was arguably the most generous hotel status challenge, with their Hyatt Diamond Challenge.

Hyatt’s previously very generous Diamond Challenge

Basically if you could prove any status with another hotel chain you’d immediately receive Diamond status, along with four confirmed Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards.

If you stayed 12 nights within 60 days you’d get to keep Diamond status for the rest of the program year. Plus they’d give you 1,000 bonus points for each of the first six nights you stayed during the promotion period.

Not surprisingly, the opportunity was ripe for abuse, whereby people just used it for the confirmed suite upgrades. So in November 2014, Hyatt discontinued the Diamond Challenge.

Hyatt Diamond receive four confirmed suite upgrades per year

Hyatt’s targeted Elite Tier Offer

Last December I wrote about how Hyatt Gold Passport was apparently bringing back a different version of the Diamond Challenge. At the time I had reason to believe it would be brought back in early 2015, though as it turns out it was initially only brought back as a targeted offer, which only those working in sales offices at hotels could enroll people in. In other words, it wasn’t publicly available.

Hyatt’s Elite Tier Offer is now publicly available!

It’s now official. The Hyatt Gold Passport Elite Tier Offer, which was introduced on a targeted basis earlier in the year, is now publicly available. Here’s the official information I have:

The Elite Tier Offer continues to be a sales tool in which Hyatt colleagues provide a form to eligible clients in order to experience the benefits of elite Hyatt Gold Passport membership. However, members who call the Hyatt Global Contact Centers and request the elite offer will also be able to receive it.

Elite Tier Offer:

  • There is not a Diamond Trial period. Members have to complete the 12-night requirement before receiving Diamond status.
  • No competitive tier statement is required to qualify for Diamond fast track offer.
  • New and current base members can register to earn trial Platinum status and if they achieve 6 nights during their 60 day promotional period they will earn Platinum until 2/2017. The member will also be automatically registered to receive Diamond status through 2/2017 if they complete another 6 nights, for a total of 12 nights, during their 60 day promotional period.
  • Platinum members can be registered to receive Diamond status until 2/2017 if they complete 12 nights in 60 days.
  • Offer registration valid June 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016.

It’s definitely not as generous as the old Diamond Challenge, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, given how many people were exploiting that offer — it was simply too generous.

I think this Elite Tier Offer is much more reasonable. You don’t have to prove status to enroll, you get Platinum status upfront (which you keep through February 2017 if you stay six nights in 60 days), and then you get Diamond status if you stay 12 nights in 60 days.

It is worth noting that the promotion is available for registration through April 30, 2016. That being said, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it sooner rather than later. That’s because if you enroll in the Elite Tier Offer now, the status will be valid through February 2017, so you’ll have 20 months to enjoy the status. Even if you sign up early next year, the status will still only be valid through February 2017.

Hyatt Diamond members receive complimentary full daily breakfast

Bottom line

It’s nice to see Hyatt bring back a fast track to Diamond status which is both useful for customers and sustainable for Gold Passport. Nowadays most hotel chains don’t do status matches/challenges at all anymore, so Hyatt is still among the most generous. And I think this is a promotion which is valuable for people who actually want to switch to Hyatt long term, and not just for those looking for four free suite upgrades without making a stay.

Do you plan on enrolling in Hyatt’s Elite Tier Offer?

  1. 30k Points + $600 Cash seems like a lot of value to recoup from Diamond status in an 18 month period. Maybe I just don’t travel enough to get the value back from the investment?

  2. @ Lucky,

    Just couple questions:

    1. It states that Diamond member receives 4 complimentary suites upgrade every year, and if we complete the challenge within 90 days from now, we will have Diamond status until Feb 2017. So is that mean we will get 12 suites upgrades in total (2015, 2016, 2017)?

    2. The complimentary breakfast and lounge access (when restaurant is not available) for Diamond member …… is it for the Diamond member only or can they also bring a guest/companion with them for free too?


  3. @SFOflyer I’m pretty sure Hyatt issues their Diamond Suite upgrades around March 1. This would give you 4 Suite Upgrades this year and 4 Upgrades for 2016.

    The breakfast is valid for each registered guest of the room – up to 4 people.

  4. @ ODB — Yes, if you’re staying exclusively to mattress run then I’d agree. But it’s a different story if you just need one or two extra nights to achieve status, or just switch business from other chains to Hyatt in order to complete the trial offer.

  5. @ SFOflyer — You’d get four upon achieving Diamond, and then four more with the new membership year, for a total of eight. And ODB is correct, breakfast/lounge access is for registered guests in the room.

  6. @Lucky Can I count previously stayed nights toward the challenge? I have 4 nights stayed over the last 30 days…could I mattress run 8 more within the next 30 days to complete the challenge?

  7. This is frustrating!!!

    I was able to sign up for the Elite Tier offer in April of this year. I’m about to finish my 12th night for diamond status, but under that offer my diamond status is only good until February of 2016.

    It appears if I had waited for the “new” ETQ, my diamond status would be good for an extra year. Is that correct? That is totally unfair!

  8. 1. Would cash and points stays count toward the 12 night requirement?

    2. Would two rooms at the same hotel on same night count as one or two nights?


  9. I just called Gold Passport and they stated that this can only be initiated by a sales or front desk manager at a Hyatt in person. Also, they stated that MGM stays will not count for this promotion.

  10. @ Matt — That’s normal. In the past if you signed up in the first half of the year then the status was only valid through the following February, while if it’s in the second half it’s good through the year after that. Pretty normal for status matches/challenges across the board, unfortunately.

  11. @ ODB — Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe you can backdate it.

  12. @ Marcus — You’ll want to hang up and call again, or maybe wait a day or two. What I have is official communication from Gold Passport, so it could be that not all agents are informed yet.

  13. @Lucky

    Thanks! Wish I would have known. O well guess I’ll have to stay a few extra nights with Hyatt this year to extend through 2017. Hopefully won’t be too difficult.

  14. Lucky, can you apply a diamond suite upgrade to a reservation you made using points only?

  15. lucky are you absolutely positive you can go for the challenge again if you have done the diamond trial in the past. i forget where i read it (probably FT, but i was always under the impression it’s once per lifetime per account

  16. @ Al — I’m pretty sure, as this is a different offer. Can always call otherwise if you want to double check.

  17. So, you can get diamond status each year by doing 12 nights in a 60 day period. That’s a big dilution of the diamond pool….

  18. I’ve reached out to Hyatt to see if my current Elite Offer can be moved I just started on the 20th and already have 5 nights.

    I’m not overly joyed to hear that I lost out on an additional year by two weeks. Found a Hyatt place in Dallas for 65 a night .

  19. Hey. Are you sure it’s 60 days? I read on another site it was 6 weeks…

    Also how long after they 12 nights do you know receive the dsus? Is it immediate or does it take time to process? Thanks!

  20. Lucky – My wife is currently Hyatt Diamond but I may have a bunch of travel for work coming up. Could I:

    1) Sign up for this offer;
    2) Add my wife’s name to the reservation;
    3) Apply HER suite upgrade to the stay?

    I have a 10-15 night stay coming up so it would be nice to get it in a suite if possible. But I suppose I can “suffer” through a regular room if I must to get status…

  21. PS: Related question — With that same work I could also stay at a Starwood and get Starwood Platinum through their challenge (the trip probably wouldn’t get me to 18 nights, but I’d be close enough that I wouldn’t mind mattress running at that point to hit 18.) If you could only choose one would you rather have Hyatt Diamond or Starwood Platinum? What Starwood Platinum recognition like? Seems like the free breakfast + 8 upgrades (4 for 2015 + 4 for 2016) makes Hyatt the better deal of the two, but I’m wondering what your opinion is?

  22. I just did a search for the best and cheapest way to meet the challenge. I came up with the Hyatt Regency Kuantan Beach Resort, Malaysia. $91/night AARP rate. Allegedly a 5 star resort. See you there!

    PS Please let me know if you find better options.

  23. Lucky,
    Would I be eligable for this “challenge” if I don’t have any status? (I just signed up last month and I don’t have any stays on my account yet.)

  24. @ Without Bacon — Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other. All depends on the properties you mostly stay at, as the most restrictive aspect of both programs is the limited number of properties they have. If you’re not going to make 50 night Platinum with SPG (in which case you’d get 10 Suite Night Awards) I’d say Hyatt probably has the stronger program, all else being equal.

  25. @ Without Bacon — As far as the suite upgrades go, the reservation would also have to be in her name in order to use the suite upgrades (she can’t just be an additional guest on the reservation).

  26. @ Cory — 60 days for sure, as this is “official” communication. I would assume it will take a few days for Diamond status to upgrade, and then possibly a few more days before the DSUs post. But it shouldn’t be too long.

  27. @ dmodemd — Well, no. This promotion is only valid through next April, so we don’t know whether it’ll be offered again in the future or not. But this is different than the Diamond Challenge which was previously offered, which is why it’s possible to do this one, even if you did the one in the past.

  28. Thanks lucky. I’m planning a trip where I’ll be hitting a few cat. 1 hyatts and would like to use a dsu when I reach a bigger city at my final destination. How much time do you recommend betw. the last of the 12 nights and when I make a res/check in at my destination?

    Is there some kind of 1000 pts for each of the first 6 nights going on?

  29. nice article but you don’t provide any links or website info to apply for the promotion/program.

  30. @ cory — No 1,000 points per night, unlike the old promotion. I’d leave at least a week between stays (though keep in mind sometimes there’s not last minute space in suites).

  31. @lucky ahh hehe well i guess that’s how it is. what about booking a suite and then canceling? or doing a points booking and downgrading to a cash/points and then applys a dsu?

  32. So, from my understanding, the cheapest Hyatt chains are in Vegas, which are:
    The Luxor in Las Vegas can be had for under $40/night (plus resort fee)
    The Excalibur in Las Vegas can be had for under $30 (plus resort fee)

    So if I want to maximize to get the Diamond status faster while I am doing this challenge, I will go to Vegas, then book 1 night at Luxor, then move the next day one night at Excalibur…repeat until 6 stays in Luxor and 6 stays in Excalibur on different nights. If each night cost $50 after resort fees, total cost would be $50 x 12 = $600 for Diamond status until Feb 2017! Not too shabby, right?
    Let me know if any of you have better idea.

  33. Thanks so much for this great info. 2 Qs:
    1. My diamond status will end Feb. or April of 2016 (I don’t remember which). If I register later this year and qualify, will my status be extended to 2017?

    2. If I have reservations made for this Sept., will they count, or do I need to cancel and re-schedule after I register for the challenge? Thanks for you help!

  34. @ MBH — You can’t do the challenge while you’re Diamond. It doesn’t matter when the reservations are made, but rather only when you stay.

  35. You can twit to @HyattConcierge and ask to enroll you for the fast track diamond tier challenge. They will happily enroll you for the challenge. I am a platinum member thru the credit card, and the term for the challenge is to complete 12 nights in the next 90 days for a diamond status thru 2/28/2017.

  36. Correction – the twitter team from @HyattConcierge now confirms 12 nights should be completed in the next ’60’ days. They initially informed me it is ’90’ days – it was a mistake.

  37. Lucky!

    I am staying at PH Tokyo under a AMEX FHR 3rd night free deal — Any insight on whether I’ll get credit for 3 nights for just 2 — thanks!

  38. Hi Lucky,

    Can I simply book 12 nights at the Hyatt Place and physically there to check-in (in person, swipe my credit card & get my room key) But I don’t plan to stay there and let it do the auto check-out?
    What is your advise on this?



  39. SFOFlyer – I think there was an earlier post about MGM hotels at Vegas not counting for credit in this challenge.

  40. Thanks for the post. I called twice this morning asking to be enrolled in the Elite Trial Offer — the first time, the CSR said I need to go through the hotel manager to apply, to which I responded, ‘Hmm, okay, so I can’t apply directly through you?” Response: No. I called a second time a few minutes later: same drill, different CSR who responded, “Sure, let me sign you up now!” Sweet!

  41. @ Zoh — Technically you’re only supposed to get it for two nights, but in practice you might get credited for three nights.

  42. @ cory — In theory you could, though keep in mind that if you’re using a DSU on Points + Cash, they don’t have last suite availability. Only a subset of suites are available on Points + Cash.

  43. Dear Lucky,

    Can I book 2 rooms at the Hyatt Regency for 6 nights each under my name, and pay using my credit card? (My family will be in the other room). Appreciate your advice if this meet the requirements of the offer.


  44. I already have a two 4 night stays in Dec using Points + Cash already booked. If I add another 4 night stay somewhere within that 60 day window, that should qualify me. Do I need to rebook my stays after I start the challenge, or do existing reservations count?

  45. @ lucky Do you know if prepaid nights count? I already have a prepaid night in a few weeks, and I wanted to make sure it would count towards my 12 nights. Thanks!

  46. I’m Dia now but will be about 10nights short of requalifying. I’ve got about 25nights booked starting in about two weeks -think I can sign up for the challenge to secure Dia into 2017? It would be a lot easier than trying to find an extra 10 nights in my schedule

  47. @lucky Would a reservation for 2 rooms for 6 nights qualify as 12 nights to complete the challenge?

  48. Q to you experts: For P&C stays is it better to call way ahead or last minute only? Thanks!

  49. @ EvilDrWally — Both. Some hotels make space available way in advance, and others only much closer to the arrival date.

  50. @lucky need some help!! Just yesterday I finished a 12 night stay at Park Hyatt Mendoza trying to complete the “Diamond Challenge”. Today just 900 points were credited to my account. Contacted GP Callcenter and “Gold Passport Concierge” at, in their words:
    “The Virtuoso rate is a volume discounted rate and is does not earn points and stay credit I do apologize. You can earn points on any incidental charges you may have during your stay. ”

    Have you heard of any change in policy regarding Virtuoso rates? I’m really confused and disappointed, don’t know what to do. 🙁


  51. @ Lautaro — That’s definitely not correct. I’d recommend calling up Gold Passport and asking them. Sounds like one of the agents was just misinformed.

  52. Do you happen to know whether the Hyatt Credit Card spending bonus additional nights would count toward the diamond challenge?

    The Hyatt card has the following benefit:
    Receive 2 stay credits and 5 night credits toward Diamond status upon spending $20,000 in each calendar year.
    Receive an additional 3 stay credits and 5 night credits toward Diamond status upon spending $40,000 in each calendar year.

    If I were to spend 40k on the Hyatt card, then stay two nights in a 60-day period, would that meet the challenge requirements? I’m thinking no, but what do you think?

  53. lucky,

    would like you help. just finished diamond challenge. started 6/15/2015 and ended 7/15/15. our account says we are diamond but only through end of feb 2016. I called to ask them about this and they are telling me that the diamond status is only granted through 2/16. not 2017. I am extremely upset by this because all of the info I got from you guys clearly stated this. and I started the diamond challenge at this time simply because I thought it would qualify me until 2017. Can you look into this for me?


  54. Hi Lucky, do you know if we can combine this with the Citi Prestige 4th night benefit? For example, will Hyatt count nights booked by Carlsonwagonlit as qualifying nights?

  55. Hi Lucky,

    We also just completed the Diamond Challenge (started 6/25 and finished 7/22, we phoned to get signed up for it) and today our account posted saying that we are only diamond until Feb. 2016 as well. Would appreciate what you can find out about this since I would never have done a challenge with such little time left to benefit from it. Thanks so much! Congrats on all the recent excitement!

  56. Maybe you needed to start the challenge in July since that would start the second half of the year? Just an idea, I don’t really know one way or the other.

  57. I had the same problem. Contact the hyatt concierge through Twitter. They will make it right. Apparently the person inputting the challenge entered the wrong code. There is a thread on it on flyer talk.
    Good Luck!

  58. I called today, 8/13/2015, and heard that the Diamond Challenge promotion is over at July 31th. Is there anyone success to register after that date? I wondering the representative has correct information or not.

  59. I’m so sad that I am just now coming across this post! [3 days after the April 30th deadline. NOOOOO!]
    Any new info. I’ll be on the road from the end of May on through the Fall. I implore you: Please, help me get lucky! 🙂
    Thank you for all the info you post.

    A Fellow Lover of Travel

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