Which Hyatt Diamond Amenity Do You Select?

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One of the benefits of being a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member is that you get a welcome amenity every time you check-in.

On their website, the amenity is described as follows:

Receive a special welcome point bonus or food and beverage amenity during each stay

Welcome amenity consists of the following: at Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Hyatt properties in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean; a choice of 1,000 bonus points or Food and Beverage option; at Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Hyatt properties outside of U.S., Canada and Caribbean; a choice of 1,000 bonus points or a Food and Beverage amenity will be provided; at Andaz hotels worldwide; a choice of 1,000 bonus points or a locally inspired amenity; at Hyatt Place a choice of 500 bonus points or a complimentary beverage; at Hyatt House properties a choice of 500 bonus points or $5 credit in the Guest Market; at Hyatt Residence Club Resorts 500 bonus points will be awarded.

Being able to select points as your Diamond welcome amenity at international properties is actually a fairly recent addition. Up until last year you didn’t have a choice, and instead were automatically given a food & beverage amenity.

As I explained at the time, the quality of welcome amenities at international properties varied significantly.

They ranged from properties like the Hyatt Regency Mainz, which offered four not-so-appetizing apples as the amenity.


To properties like the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, which offered wine and fruit and chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and more chocolate as the amenity.



Nowadays at least you can select points at the properties which would otherwise give you a few apples as a welcome amenity.

When do I choose the Hyatt Diamond food & beverage amenity over the points?

At full service Hyatt properties, the Diamond amenity would be 1,000 points. I value Gold Passport points at 1.5 cents each, so 1,000 points is worth ~$15 to me. The value of food and beverages varies pretty significantly to me depending on where I am, the time of day it is, whether the hotel has a club lounge, and who I’m traveling with.

90% of the time I’ll select points. That’s especially true if the hotel has a club lounge, since most of the stuff you’d receive as an amenity can also be found in the club lounge.

When do I select the food & beverage amenity over the points? I’ll consider it, if:

  • I’m arriving late at night and am hungry for a snack. It’s not uncommon that I land somewhere at 11PM, the restaurant is closed, and I’m hungry, so the food & beverage amenity is better than nothing.
  • I’m traveling with someone that likes beer/wine. My love of drinking is mostly limited to champagne and mixed drinks. As a Diamond amenity you can often select beer or red/white wine, which I’m not really into. But if I’m traveling with someone that is, that can be worth it (not the part about getting them drunk, necessarily, but rather from a “value” perspective, since the two cans of Diet Coke I’d otherwise select aren’t all that expensive). 😉
  • If it’s a Park Hyatt or otherwise really nice hotel. As a general rule of thumb, the nicer the hotel, the better the welcome amenity is. For example, I believe the Park Hyatt Washington DC does (or at least did) offer their famous apple pie as a Diamond welcome amenity. I would have totally gotten it during my recent stay, except I was trying not to totally pig out.


So those are the circumstances under which I’d consider choosing the food & beverage amenity over the points.

How about you? Under what circumstances do you select the food & beverage amenity over the points?

  1. @ John — There was an eclair and some fruit waiting in the room, though I actually selected the points.

  2. I choose the 1,000 each time. The interesting thing is some of the Hyatts, and I am talking Park Hyatt, don’t even leave anything in the room for you upon check in. I just think it’s a nice touch to at least have some of welcome letter from management – it shows they really care.

    On the flip side, I’ve had a Grand Hyatt have wine waiting in the room, even though I selected points – clearly some Hyatts value Diamond more than others.

    I don’t need anyone to bow down to me, but once you’ve achieved Diamond, it means you are pretty serious about Hyatt and they (management) should show appreciation for that.

  3. I guess I always take the long view (free nights) and go for the points. I have never chosen a “gift” in lieu of points wherever I have been afforded the choice (basically Hyatt and IHG where I have Diamond and Platinum status respectively).

  4. It’s usually points for me unless if I do my research and know there’s a good/filling amenity (like the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay’s Cuban Sandwich) but sometimes a property will still send an amenity without me even asking. This is why I love Hyatt.

  5. Hyatt Regency Guam: “We can offer you a F+B amenity or 1,000 points. Trust me, you’re going to want the points.”

    Hyatt Regency Orange County: “And I assume you’ll be taking the points then?”

    The last few Hyatts I’ve stayed at, the front desk clerk has implied that the Diamond amenity is shitty and the points are preferred. I often want to ask what the amenity is, but it’s too embarrassing once they’ve already implied it’s no good.

    I think Hyatt should clearly publish somewhere what the amenity is so you don’t have to think about it upon arrival.

  6. Grand Hyatt Kauai said everyone chooses the points, but we opted for the cabana and were quite pleased with it

  7. Lucky, if the amenities are already in the room waiting, and you opt for the Welcome points, do you need to tell them to clear the F&B amenities, if not they will be wasted in the room?

  8. Sometime early on in my Hyatt career I was given wine, so I pretty much expect at least that and something to eat as the amenity. When they offer something less, I negotiate. I’ve had good luck getting them to bump up the welcome amenity through a mix of asking, joking, mentioning previous amenities.. whatever I feel will work at the time. I was bumped up to a wine and cheese plate at the hotel du louvre in Paris, as well as the PH Istanbul. I was given 2 bottles of wine, fruit and chocolate at the PH Moscow, a bottle of sochu at PH Seoul and fruit. There have only been a few times where they wouldn’t budge, and it was clearly worth less than 1k points. I think they told me to fuck off at PH Chicago.

  9. @ flyingfish — Many hotels will offer some sort of an amenity in addition to the points. Especially true at nicer hotels, in my experience.

  10. Obviously, at Hyatt Place/House I choose the points.

    But I’m the oddball at the full service properties and generally choose the F&B.
    I enjoy the look on their faces when I ask to see the selection card 🙂
    My guidelines are about the same as Luck’s just I lean the other way. A Regency Club (assuming it’s open when I arrive … rare) or a major meal on the flight in will sway me to the points. But otherwise, I find the F&B to be the perfect thing to “hit the spot” after a day of traveling and/or or late evening arrival where I’d prefer not to go out.

  11. Do you select your amenity ahead of time? I scanned through the profile section on Hyatt.com but didn’t seem to find it.

  12. When traveling with the wife she usually wants the F&B amenity…when traveling alone its almost always the points

  13. Usually I pick points right away but I have been offered both F&B and points at some Hyatt properties… option C is usually what I pick.

  14. Hi Lucky, I don’t know if you covered this before – I had requested for the Diamond amenity when I was at Andaz Amsterdam. But it was not delivered by the time I checked out. What sort of compensation would seem fair?

  15. @ Kai — I would have called down to follow up on it. Otherwise I would call and request the points you’d get for the Diamond amenity.

  16. Had an excellent bottle of Malbec along with some other snacks as Diamond amenity at Park Hyatt Buenos Aires in June. That was definitely better than 1,000 points in that instance

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