The World Of Hyatt Credit Card $15K First Year Sweet Spot

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In June The World of Hyatt Credit Card was introduced. In my opinion, this is one of the most well thought out new credit cards we’ve seen introduced in quite a while. That’s because the card can be worth holding onto just for the annual benefits it offers, but the card is also rewarding enough so that it creates a strong incentive to actually spend money on it.

Perks for having the card

The card offers several great perks just for having the card, including:

  • Discoverist status for as long as you have the card
  • Five elite qualifying nights every year just for having the card
  • An anniversary free night certificate valid at a Category 1-4 property annually

I’ve used my Category 1-4 free night certificate at the Park Hyatt Saigon

Perks for spending money on the card

Then there are incentives to put spend on The World of Hyatt Credit Card, including:

  • Two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 in spend on the card, which can help you towards earning Globalist status
  • A second free night certificate when you spend $15,000 on the card in a cardmember year
  • 4x points for spend at Hyatt hotels and resorts, and 2x points on dining at restaurants, airline tickets purchased directly from airlines, on fitness club and gym memberships, and on local transit and commuting, including ridesharing services

Globalist members receive suite upgrades, subject to availability

The $15,000 first year sweet spot

Reader dcueva13 asked the following in the “Ask Lucky” forum, which raises an excellent point regarding the first year value proposition of The World of Hyatt Credit Card:

Does anyone know if the $6000 initial spend count towards the $15,000 to get another free category 1-4 nights? Or is it in addition to the initial amount?

The World of Hyatt Credit Card currently offers a welcome bonus of up to 50,000 Bonus Points – 25,000 Bonus Points after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.  Then, you can earn an additional 25,000 Bonus Points after you spend a total of $6,000 on purchases within the first 6 months of account opening.

So, to earn the full welcome bonus you need to spend $6,000 within the first six months (which is a reasonable spend amount when you consider that only $3,000 needs to be spent within the first three months).

So everyone is going to want to spend $6,000 on the card to earn the full bonus, but then you’re already 40% of the way there towards the spend threshold for earning a Category 1-4 free night certificate (in addition to the one you’ll get on your account anniversary every year).

Ordinarily a Category 4 hotel would cost 15,000 points per night, so spending an incremental $9,000 would get you a night at one of those hotels.

Now, whether or not you actually want to value that free night certificate at 15,000 points is up to you. Given the lack of flexibility (you have to redeem at exactly a Category 4 to maximize value, it’s only valid for a year, etc.), some might apply a discount to valuing it.

However, if you’re able to get full value out of it, spending $9,000 on the card would earn you 9,000 World of Hyatt points, plus a certificate worth up to 15,000 points, which could be well worth it. That’s a value of up to 24,000 points, which is the equivalent of up to ~2.67 Hyatt points per dollar spent, which I’d consider to be excellent.

That assumes you’re not spending in the categories that are eligible for 2-4x points, in which case you’d be earning even more points.

On top of that, for spending $15,000 on the card in a year you’d earn six elite qualifying nights towards status, in addition to the five you earn annually just for having the card. To some people that may be worth hundreds of dollars, and to others that may be worth zero.

Use your Category 1-4 free night certificate at the Hyatt Olive 8, where rates are high in summer

Bottom line

Overall I think hotel credit cards are incredibly underrated, since they can be worth holding onto just for the perks they offer, if nothing else. There aren’t that many hotel credit cards that are actually worth spending money on, though The World of Hyatt Credit Card is an exception.

In addition to the huge welcome bonus and ongoing perks offered by the card, it can also be worth spending money on the card, both to earn a free night certificate, and to spend your way towards Globalist status.

If you have The World of Hyatt Credit Card, how much spend are you putting on the card in the first year?

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  1. @ Beachfan — First of all you’d need to spend $5,000 to get the two elite nights, not $3,000. It’s my understanding, though, that the limit is based on spend within a calendar year. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. I got this card when it came out a couple months ago, and am slightly confused how the cardmember year vs. calendar year play out. It seems that everything based on the *Card* is cardmember year (points, spend, free nights, etc.), but then everything with qualifying nights and world of Hyatt status is based on calendar year.

    So am i basically spinning my wheels spending money now? Assuming all the progress towards status will reset on Jan 1? Should I have waited til Jan 1 to get the card?

  3. I upgraded to this card last month. My card member year ends on December 5th…so my plan is to spend $15,000 before then to get the free night and the 6 nights towards status. Then after December 5th, I will spend another $5,000 before the end of 2018 to get 2 more nights towards status. Then in 2019, i will spend $10,000 more to get the free night certficate and 4 nights of status.

    Does this logic make sense?

  4. @daniel54321, yes, elite status earn year, hotels and airlines typically goes from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. If you are shooting to earn the status this year, which would be valid from the moment you earn it to Feb 2020 in case of hyatt, you have until Dec 31st to complete the spending.

    In my case… I had 30 nights so I spent my way to earn the rest of 25 nights this year as I don’t see a way to do that next year as we recently sold our business. No way I can generate that kind of spending now. Plus I needed to re-earn the status and get those 4 suite upgrade certificates to use on year end stays I had booked.

    But in your case, if you could postpone the spending after Jan 1st and can generate enough spending to earn the status, that status achieved would last till Feb 2021!

  5. So I’m already globalist but I got the card now. I’m doing $6K now. In early 2019 I will do another $10K to earn more nights. So $16K for a $15K threshold but I earn more nights that way. Does that make sense?

  6. Brian, I believe that the status stays get credited at the end of a cycle, so any spend you put on the card after December 5 would get applied in your January statement and count toward your 2019 stays. So, given your hypothetical, you’d end up with 11 nights’ credit for 2019 (5 for having the card, and 6 for spend).

  7. Free night from card goes by card member year. But the elite status goes by calendar year. So, your WOH status next year will be based on how many elite qualifying nights (from stays or spend) you get this year. One think that I love about this card is that Hyatt makes no difference on how you earned a elite night. So, when you get 30 night (stay or spend) you will get another cat 1-4 cert and 4 certificates for club access. And when you get to 60 (or 55 if re-qualify) you will get a cat 7 cert plus the 4 suite upgrades. On comparison, with the Ritz or the SPG lux, you can get status by spending too (75k), but not top tier (Marriott will give you Plat, not Plat Premier) and you wont get the confirmed suite nights.

  8. Spend those $15K on a 2% cash back card and you have $300 to spend as you like, much more valuable and flexible than a 1-4 category free night with Hyatt

  9. @omar Your forgetting that you’ll also earn at minimum 15k WOH points along with the free night. Putting 15k of spend on this card is a no brainer imo.

  10. @Omer

    the point of this article is that you would have to spend $6000 to get the signup bonus anyway, might as well go for another $9000 to earn a 1-4 cat free nights and 9000 additional points. Besides the night credits you would earn, 9000 points alone is worth about $160 plus the free night cert… you can come out head compare to just $300 cash back. But it all depends if you value Hyatt stays. But then if cash back is more valued, this is the wrong card to play with.

  11. @ Omer — As noted by AndyP, you’d want to compare the value of 15K points PLUS the free night certificate to the $300 you’d get with a 2% cash back card. Based on my valuation of World of Hyatt points, the 15K points are worth $225, meaning the certificate is really “costing” you $75, assuming all your spend is in non-bonused categories. And this doesn’t account for the real opportunity cost here being for $9K of spend, since you’d already spend $6K to earn the welcome bonus.

  12. @zach ahh your right I wasn’t even considering that my statement would close january 5th, 2019. Thank you.

  13. Still dont get why people that want cash back follow points and miles blogs… Anyways I get Omar thinking. I think the same way regarding Marriott cards… 2 marriott points are way less than 2 cents. So I will rather spend in a cash back card instead of a Marriott/SPG card (for non bonus). But Hyatt points are much more valuable. I can usually get $300-$600 value out of 15.000 hyatt points

  14. Just was notified I had qualified for Globalist already. The card has definitely made a difference along with double nights at Andaz. I have more than 10 more nights planned at Hyatts through the end of the year.

  15. @lucky – I get it that in the 1st year it might make sense as you already spent $6K for the sign up bonus, but from 2nd year forward just doesn’t make sense to put that spend for a 1-4 category night. You much better off applying for a 3-4 new cards and put that spend on sign up bonuses.

    @MarkG – It’s not that I am a “cash back” guy necessarily, just when putting spend on a card I look at the “opportunity cost”. For this card, with the exception of the 1st year, it just doesn’t make sense to put 15K a year on it. Whether you are a cash back guy or points and miles enthusiast, you better off put that spend on 2% cash back card or 3-4 new cards for sign up bonuses respectively.

  16. I upgraded my old hyatt card when the WOH cars came out. The 5 Elite nights never posted. Called chase and they told me that I dont get the tier qualifying nights until Jan 1?!? Anyone else have this issue?

  17. I’m as confused as daniel54321, especially after all these ‘replies”. Please somebody answer in simplistics terms. (re: So am i basically spinning my wheels spending money now? Assuming all the progress towards status will reset on Jan 1? Should I have waited til Jan 1 to get the card?). Actually, Lucky you should be clarifying this for your audience.

  18. Regarding the 9k marginal spend which could otherwise go on a chase unlimited, I would rather have 13.5k chase points than 9k hyatt points and a cat 1-4 cert. But I get a lot of value out of airline transfers and can’t find any cat .1-4 Hyatts I want to stay at. Generally, I value airline points much higher than hotel points, which almost seem to be a fixed currency.

  19. @mo: spending $15000 for a free Cat 1-4 Cert is based on Card Anniversary. You also earn 2 qualifying nights for every $5000 in spend, whenever those targets are hit (i.e. if you spend $10k this year and $5k next year; you’ll get 4 nights in 2018 and 2 nights in 2019). Also just having the card gives you 5 qualifying nights each calendar year. If you already have the card, I’d spend at least $6k in 6 months to get the 60,000 points. Spending the additional $9, as Lucky points out, will probably be a good return for some. In general, yes, getting the card on Jan.1 will give you the most time to hit $15k and reap both qualifying nights and free Cat 1-4 Cert but the 60k bonus may not be around then and your actual Hyatt stays next year may be less than this year.

  20. $6000 in 6 months( based on non bonus category you would earn 66000 points 60k bonus and 6k which you are going to spend on)
    Spend 9k extra and you get 9k eztra points total would be 75k points plus an extra night.

    Now let’s worl on year 2.
    One free ann night
    Spend $15k you would get $15k poings
    One free extra night after spending $15k.
    3 nights in cat 4 in one year for just $15k. Tell me what other hotel card gives you this much value? Cat 4 has some really really good hotels. I just wish they had one in times square NyC but still this card is amazing.

  21. Using my free night at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne during the Australian open – great value for a $500/night room

  22. Lucky–great blog, keep up the great work! Quick question….do you know of where/how you can track your status towards the $5k/2 elite qualifying nights. It’d be nice if they had a “status bar” for these spend stats similar to the Chase Freedom (on the Ultimate Rewards page) or the Amex Hilton (on the account home page). There is a “status update” on your statement to the $15k/free night…..but I can’t seem to locate anywhere to find out how I’m doing on Elite Qualifying Night spend with the Chase Hyatt card. If you’ve got any insights–much appreciated. Thanks!

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