Hyatt Furloughs Two Thirds Of Corporate Staff

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Just a few days ago Marriott announced plans to furlough two thirds of corporate staff, and now Hyatt is doing the same. The hotel industry is obviously struggling immensely, and has asked for $250 billion in government aid.

Hyatt furloughs corporate staff

It has been revealed that Hyatt will either furlough or significantly reduce the schedules of two thirds of their US corporate employees for the months of April and May (specifically, from April 1 through May 31, 2020). While this is specific to the US so far, similar cuts are expected in other regions.

Those who continue to work during this period will be taking temporary pay cuts.

Hyatt says they considered various options before arriving at the decision to furlough employees. Hyatt’s corporate employees’ eligibility for healthcare and other benefits won’t change, and they may also file for unemployment benefits during this period.

For those on a Hyatt healthcare plan who have been furloughed, Hyatt is taking steps to fund benefit coverage (including employee benefit premiums) for up to two months. Those who are furloughed are encouraged to use paid time off days to cover pay during the furlough period.

Apparently Hyatt is also working with other companies for opportunities for their employees that “leverage their skillsets,” including Walmart, PepsiCo, and Albertsons.

While Hyatt has over 100,000 employees worldwide, most of those aren’t corporate employees — rather they’re working at individual hotels that Hyatt has management contracts for.

Corporate employees would include positions like those working in their contact centers, for example.

Management making sacrifices too

Hyatt’s CEO and Chairman won’t be taking any salaries during the furlough period, while the rest of the company’s senior leadership will be taking a 50% pay cut, with money being saved through these measures going into a fund to help employees.

That’s a nice gesture.

Bottom line

It’s obviously sad to see so many employees being furloughed at this time. Hopefully these furloughs only last for two months as expected, and this doesn’t drag on for too long.

If you do call or email Hyatt in the coming days, make sure you’re extra nice, because these people are going through a very tough time…

  1. Our Hyatt Ziva Cabo reservation was just cancelled. I reached out and They said the hotel is not taking any reservations from April1- May31.

  2. Weird that people are sad about this when it’s the same people that are saying don’t travel… what do they is going to happen if people don’t travel?

  3. Hyatt staff in Melbourne and Singapore have been on leave for sometime now. If they had vacation days then allowed to take them, otherwise unpaid leave. Both hotels are still open but have shut their club lounges. I had a booking in Melbourne for Easter. It was on a super cheap prepaid rate. They are still open but sent me an email offering to cancel and refund it which I did. I have promised the Director of rooms and club lounge staff that as soon as we are all “open for business” that I will come back for a weekend.

    As an aside….I agree be kind and be patient. I would also add if the person has been helpful to you, then take their name and provide feedback online about them. It might not help now, but when things settle hopefully they will be looked at as first to come back!

  4. Wow Joe, you’re a genius to have figured it out. And i wonder whats point are you trying to make with your statement.
    These are some of the most common steps every major hotel company is expected to take. Cut payroll costs as much as possible. Look at the airline industry in the US too, cutting down their in flight services to stay afloat and cut costs.

  5. I live near the Hyatt Gainey Ranch resort in Scottsdale and frequently go walking around it. It is dead. No one is out front (valets, concierges, etc. ). I haven’t walked inside, but I can’t imagine more than a handful of rooms are occupied, especially based on the parking lot. Although Saturday they did have an auction going on in one of the ballrooms (the door was left open) and heard someone bidding $25K.

    A couple of resorts out here have totally closed for a few weeks. Even if things get better in a month or two it won’t help the resorts here because June through August is the extreme slow season (a bit too hot for the tourists to visit). So they won’t be able to recover until the end of the year.

  6. Hyatt aren’t extending chase free night certificates

    “Hyatt Concierge
    Thank you, skymiles99! We appreciate your loyalty as a Discoverist! Currently, we are not able to extend this award since it is your Chase Anniversary Award. We do not have the authority to change this award or issue points for it due to our agreement with Chase. However, as this situation is still developing, I advise that you check this link for updates that could be to your benefit:… as well as our FAQ for this matter:… . You can also feel free to check back here any time and we will be happy to see if there are any policy changes to your benefit. Please also be aware that you can gift this award to another person if you are not able to use it by calling Guest Services at 1 800 323 7249. Please also let me know if you need any other assistance. ^Mila“

  7. For all of these travel companies, when they say they are cutting corporate staff, that includes their software development teams. Don’t look for innovation anytime soon.

  8. Hyatt refuses to extend award night certificates even though they canceled my reservation. Marriott is smart to extend the dates so people can use their award nights when the crisis is over. If Hyatt refuses to budge, my loyalty will be to Marriott when things go back to normal.

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