How To Pick Up Flight Attendants?

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Maxim has an interesting article (I realize the phrases “Maxim” and “interesting article” don’t usually go in the same sentence) in which they interview Heather Poole about how to seduce a flight attendant. Heather is pretty awesome and kind of the voice of flight attendants worldwide, and I think there’s actually some decent advice in here.

No personal experience, of course (hi, mom!), but based on what I’ve witnessed from others over the years, I think many of these tips are actually quite useful.

Like the one that the article starts with:

One important thing to remember: it’s not illegal to join the mile-high club, but it is illegal not to follow crew commands. Keep that in mind.

This is, indeed, true. After all, the maximum occupancy of the Emirates shower suite is two. Why? So a passenger that needs extra assistance can be helped. It’s up to your friendly crew to interpret what constitutes “assistance,” of course. 😉

What’s are the odds of getting a flight attendant’s attention?

About as good as they’d be in any other public environment. Start with a ‘hello’ when your flight attendant greets you at the boarding door. You’d be surprised how many people don’t even acknowledge our existence when we say, ‘Good Morning’ when they walk on board. During the service, try using ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Good manners are rare and really stand out these days. Mix in a little eye contact and we might blush. It’s nice to be noticed.

Let us do our job, but once the service is over walk to the back and ask for a glass of water or something. While she’s pouring the drink, ask a question about where to go and what to do in the city you’re traveling to. That should get the ball rolling. You’ll know you have a shot if she doesn’t walk away to pick up trash or shoo you off the linoleum.

What else can you do to get their attention?

When you see someone who needs help with something, like a bag, by all means help. Nothing says ‘nice guy’ more than that. My heart kind of swoons whenever I see somebody helping their fellow man, it’s such a rare thing these days. And I’m prone to follow it up with more wine or water for them. But who knows, you might get farther with someone else. I almost cried once when a businessman switched seats so my son and I could sit together. I hadn’t even asked him. Kindness is sexy, and anytime is a good time to pull that trick out of your hat.

Check out the full article.

I think the moral of the story is to be a nice person and take the “hints” from the flight attendant you’re interested in. If they’re not showing interest, don’t push it. That’s creepy, especially in a confined space.

Similarly, chances are you won’t impress a flight attendant by loudly closing a billion dollar deal on your cell phone during boarding. Or by playing Words With Friends after the boarding door has closed.

Anyone have any other tips to share, regardless of whether you were on the giving or receiving end of the attempted inflight pickup?

  1. “…not showering interest…”?

    So, basically, if she won’t go into the shower with you, you don’t have a shot. Too bad this advice only works on one particular airline.

    (/snark off)

  2. Be sure to say you are a decent enough stewardess but hot
    Also be sure to snap your fingers at them whenever you need their service
    or repeatedly ring their call button for every little thing
    Using the knee defender can help get their attention too
    Works every time for me 😉 🙂

  3. Lucky – how about letting us know about your successful moves? Surely you’ve had a few hot encounters in all those F flights with no one to keep you company?

  4. I have found that hitting on a flight attendant is a lot more effective when my wife isn’t sitting next to me.


  5. On Delta International Flights I tell them I have a place in Sun City, Arizona…it makes their white hair stand end on end…

  6. I have found dancing with them on a bar top in a far flung location goes well. (Ah, memories of youthful energy). It can also lead to a free TPAC upgrade on the way home.

  7. @iadhost: LMAO!!!! When I read this article my first thoughts was: “this won’t apply to any US airline international flights”

  8. If you are going to receive “assistance” in the shower, I would definitely NOT do it inbound to DXB! I don’t think you would like UAE prison too much…

  9. I offer them my Etihad food baggie leftovers, then accidentally drop my wad of $100 bills and magnum condom in the aisle.

  10. Picking up any US based flight attendent is out of the question unless 60-80 year old women are fine with you. If I were you, I would try one on asian airlines.

  11. Picking up a flight attendant is like hitting on a waitress, sure 1-100 can be successful. Crew members usually socialize with other crew members outside of work. Become friends with a group, next thing you know you will have more single cabin crew members than you know what to do with

  12. Someone trying to get your number when part of your job is to make them happy is taking advantage of an inappropriate power dynamic. Your boss shouldn’t hit on you and neither should your client. Picking up a flight attendant is a 1/100 chance, and nobody’s job should include enduring those 99 advances.

  13. Or ask Ralph Fiennes! 😉
    However in his case, I believe it was the flight attendant who tried to pick him up? Regardless, I think it’s best to have a business card and if you two hit it off at the onboard bar or what not, you can always give him or her your business card and then let them contact you … and go from there!

  14. I made a quick research about the topic earlier today and I wondered that Lucky hadn’t wrote about that, and now I opened my laptop and I see this article. It’s weird 🙂

    I read a different article which says that you can have better chances to pickup if you fly first or business class than coach. So thats why you always fly on F or Business ? :)))

    You should make a ‘Behind the Scenes’ post about with your shower suite stories :))

    Beyond joke, on short haul nearly impossible to make a conversation longer than 50 sec. On long haul easier but…
    Since you have limited time to seduce the “look” is more important than in other life situations. I think you should look fit, wear nice clothes, smell good if you want something.

  15. Ben if the flight attendant asked if you wanted some warm nuts would you take that as a hint? Or that he’s just trying to offer good pre-flight service?

  16. I’ve picked on up in Vegas, but alas, no success in the air. Most of the ones I see aren’t really my target age range. I’m sure this was a more fun topic in the 50s.

  17. The best advice is to know when to take the hint. Not much is more tedious than being stuck in the front of a metal tube within earshot of a guy who won’t stop trying to pick up a flight attendant that is having none of it.

  18. I wish I had read this a week ago. On a recent AF flight from JNB to CDG one of the attendants was a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. She had the pony tail too. I asked her if people told her of the resemblance and she said yes. We had a good laugh as I referred to her as Lara for the rest of the flight. Unfortunately I was connecting back to the States, so that is as far as it went. I wonder if those nice crew rest areas get some action from time to time.

  19. After walking back thru coach and evaluating the situation you could gently opine “I am next for the shower and I have been granted the privilege of bringing along a friend and I have determined that you are the most worthy to be there and I would love to scrub your back if you deem it in need of a scrub………just saying…….if you want to be stinky who am I to keep you from that………….

  20. I was on a United flight from JFK to SFO earlier this year, in business class (p.s flight) and after the breakfast service, a male flight attendant asked me, when I walked to the galley to pick up some snacks; “Do you fly this route often? I feel like I’ve seen you onboard before.”

    I wasn’t expecting to hear that, since well – it was my first time ever flying JFK-SFO, so I just replied “No, this is my first time” followed by some unsecure laughter. Haha.

  21. Another very good opportunity to grab her attention while sitting on aisle seat. When she comes for closing the overhead stowage you have two options. 1. You can act as if you are lost in thoughts or sleeping and keep your knee on the arm rest. You are sure to get a hard press of her front thing on your knee may be two or three times depends on how many chance she takes to get the thing closed. But that’s the end of it. She will notice it and keep it in her mind. You may not even get a second round of drink on time during the flight. Now option 2. Wait for her to come. When she is near you to close the stowage put a smile and tell her very friendly ” Come on, I will help” and do it yourselves. She will definitely notice you and this is the best way to break the ice. Afterwards do not rush to her. Be gentle, polite and decent, try talking to her while she is alone and not busy in the galley. ( Remember, apart from the mechanical smile and hospitality, she is also a human being with emotions. Everyday she comes across hundreds of passengers, most of them are either arrogant, bullish, crazy nuts, over acting to impress them for one night sex or some are ignorant fools. Be the nice gentleman in every woman’s dream. You need not look handsome like George Clooney. But your behavior counts everything.) Seating rules: Always select an aisle seat preferably 3 or 4 rows from the rear of the airplane.

  22. What about hitting on flight attendants on Asian airlines? Do you think they would be more receptive?

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