Most interesting observation from my Emirates flight…

I think we’ve had an eventful enough day here on the blog, though I’ll leave you guys with one last thing I noticed at the very tail end of my flight (or rather it was pointed out to me by a crew member). This sign appeared above the shower spa suite:


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  1. I’d be curious to hear exactly how/why this was pointed out to you by a crew member (you were headed in the door with your entourage and were scolded? Was it pointed out with a wink and a smile?)…

    “The shower” also known as “the Mile High Club Lounge.”

  2. Thanks for the laugh! Wonder how many flyers have “joined the mile high club in that shower”? Extremely funny considering how conservative the MidEast countries are.

  3. Wait…people you’re missing the point. The key here is that it was “pointed out to me by a crew member”. Hahahahahaha. Pics or it didn’t happen!!!

  4. Actually, the reason for this is to permit children (who are not permitted to use the shower alone) to be accompanied by an adult. All enclosed compartments on board an aircraft must be placarded for maximum occupancy. You will see similar “maximum occupancy” placards on the crew rest compartment on the main deck and in the bar/lounge at the rear of the upper deck.

  5. @ Krazny — Actually an innocent(ish) explanation. Somehow jokingly got in a conversation with a crew member about how even though the suites are fully enclosed, they’re low enough so that the crew can see over them. I asked if they ever caught anyone doing something, and the crew member said all the time. Said crew member then said “for what it’s worth, the shower even has a posted occupancy of two people, so take that as you may.”

  6. @Ted F – The restricting factors for certification are the number of oxygen masks available in case of depressurisation and the number of seatbelts or other restraining devices available in case of turbulence. Hence, adult or child really makes no difference.

  7. OK, it makes sense that the occupancy limit is designed to permit an adult to help a child take a shower.

    So, what would happen if an adult couple decided to go into the shower room together? Would the FAs intervene?

    And if so, would an exception be made for the Emir and his wife or girlfriend?

    We really need to get to the bottom of this!

  8. @ snic

    Couples aren’t allowed.

    The Emir has his own private jet, so I doubt that would ever be an issue 😉

  9. Don’t forget that some disabled passengers may need their traveling companion in the shower with them to assist.

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