How To Combine Hyatt Points Between Accounts

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The major hotel programs all have different policies when it comes to being able to combine points across accounts. I’d say Hilton Honors is by far the best in this regard, as the program lets you transfer points instantly to any other member online, and you can transfer up to 500,000 points and receive up to two million points per account per calendar year.

However, I’d argue that World of Hyatt isn’t too far behind, with its little known option for combining points. In this post I wanted to look more closely at how that works, because I just used this feature myself in the past couple of days.

Basics of combining Hyatt points across accounts

World of Hyatt will let you transfer your points to anyone else’s World of Hyatt account without any fees. There are two major restrictions to be aware of:

  • You can only transfer points to another member “in order to have a sufficient number of points to redeem a particular award”
  • You can only combine points (regardless of whether you’re sending or receiving) once every 30 days

To discuss the second point first, over time you can do multiple transactions with multiple members, though you are restricted to one transaction every 30 days.

The first point is a bit more confusing. As you can see, the terms state you can only transfer points for the purposes of having a sufficient number of points to redeem for a particular award. However, in practice that’s not actually verified in any way. When you make the request they don’t ask what you’re trying to book.

I imagine that if you have a balance of a million points they may deny your transfer request, but short of that it seems like you can transfer points to someone else without issue. I’ll share more on my experience with that below.

Redeem points at Ventana Big Sur

How do you initiate a Hyatt points transfer?

The process of combining points isn’t as easy as it could be, probably by design. To combine Hyatt points you’ll have to fill out this form, which requires you to enter the following info:

  • The name, World of Hyatt number, phone number, mailing address, and email address for both members
  • The signature of both members

Once you fill out that form you just have to email it to [email protected] Alternatively you can mail the form to Hyatt, but that seems unnecessary.

Redeem points at Andaz Tokyo

The benefits of combining World of Hyatt points

There are potentially a few benefits to being able to combine World of Hyatt points:

  • On the most basic level, it allows you to combine points so you have enough for an award stay; in other words, if you have two accounts with 15,000 points each, you can combine the points so you have enough for a one night stay at a Category 7 hotel, which costs 30,000 points
  • This can also be useful thanks to World of Hyatt’s Guest of Honor benefit, where Globalist members can gift friends and family members their elite benefits when redeeming points out of their accounts; so you could transfer points from a non-Globalist to a Globalist, and then in turn the Globalist could make an award reservation for a non-Globalist so they would receive elite benefits
  • Combining points is considered “activity” for the purposes of keeping your account alive, so it would reset the expiration of points

Redeem points at Park Hyatt Paris

My experience combining Hyatt points

Ford and I just did one of these points transfers in the past couple of days. I “only” had about 48,000 World of Hyatt points, while Ford had 110,000 points, earned mostly through the World of Hyatt Credit Card (review). I’m a Globalist and he’s not, so I figured it made sense to consolidate points.

I do have a hotel booking in mind, so rather than transferring some points from Chase Ultimate Rewards to have enough for the stay, I figured we’d transfer points from Ford’s account, since we’re better off having more points in a flexible account.

Earn Hyatt points

We filled out the form on Thursday night, and to my surprise within 24 hours I received an email from Hyatt confirming the transfer had been completed, and that the points were in my account. That was much quicker than I was expecting.

A few things to note:

  • I sent the email with the points combining form from my email address (even though I was the receiving account), and that wasn’t an issue
  • Ford and I both used e-signatures for filling out the form, and that wasn’t an issue, so you don’t need a “wet” signature
  • Nowhere during the process were we asked where we planned on making a booking that required combining points
  • The information on the form and World of Hyatt account need to match exactly, and that includes having the right phone number, email address, etc.

Redeem points at Calala Island, Nicaragua

Bottom line

While not quite as straightforward as Hilton’s system for combining points, Hyatt’s system is ultimately pretty user friendly. This is especially true when you consider the huge value you can get by making Guest of Honor bookings using combined points.

If you’ve ever combined Hyatt points, what was your experience like?

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  1. Where you planning to stay?

    I’m currently enjoying a staycation at the Hyatt Regency Frisco (opened June of this year). It’s lovely and very easy to socially distance, especially in the pool. The few people I have seen here are very respectful of not clogging the elevators, too.

    And damn it feels good to be in a hotel again.

  2. Did Ford have exactly 110,000 points? Do they make you do increments of 1,000? I have a point total ending in 998 so it would be sad to lose those last ones

  3. Do they make you do increments of 1,000? I have a point total ending in 998 so it would be sad to lose those last ones

  4. I received a new Amex Hyatt offer for $50 back on $250+ spend, which I added to my Green card, which is a nice complement to the Chase WOH Visa 10% (up to $25) back offer on $100+. I guess if my next paid stay is expected to be in the ballpark of $250, better to take the Chase offer ad get 4x WOH vs. 3x MR.

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