Expert Says Hotel Sex Is Better

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I don’t know how exactly you become an “expert” on hotel sex (the answer is that you publish books entitled “She Comes First” and “Passionista: The Empowered Woman’s Guide To Pleasuring A Man”), but apparently psychotherapist and sex counselor Ian Kerner is one.

Huffington Post published a story yesterday entitled “You’re Right, Hotel Sex IS Better Than Regular Sex. Here’s Why.”


So, why is hotel sex supposedly better than non-hotel sex? The basic reasons are as follows:

  • Hotels are an indulgence — hotels are designed to be “luxurious and sensual,” and to appeal to the five senses; therefore it’s a good setting
  • Hotels help you check out of life — for sexual arousal to occur, you want to minimize anxiety and stress, and escaping from home helps with that
  • You don’t have to go very far — even a staycation should have these effects

I don’t have much firsthand experience here, but my initial thoughts are:

In all honesty, while I agree to some degree, I’m also somewhat skeptical of the conclusion. On average I don’t think people are actually more relaxed in hotels than at home. You’re often dealing with jetlag, the obligations of work, the expectation to “maximize” everything as much as you can, etc. There have been many studies about how the greatest enjoyment which comes out of vacations is the anticipation. Personally I don’t find travel to be “relaxing,” even if I’m traveling to a relaxation destination.

So rather than listening to some fancy author, let’s pose the questions to the people who truly stay in hotels all the time. What do you guys think — is hotel sex better?

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  1. For you, travel is part of work. For many of us, it’s all about vacation. It’s about being AWAY from the stresses of home and work and for your followers, it’s often at a level of luxury way above what we have at home, No wonder sex and everything else is heightened. It’s just one more thing I greatly look forward to!

  2. Without a doubt, yes!

    No mess to clean. No distractions. No worrying about waking the neighbours next door. Hotel sex is definitely the best sex!

  3. Although, although, although…take the Intercontinental San Francisco (and any number of other hotels) where to get to the elevators, you must pass the front desk, and then after XX:00 there’s a security desk asking for keys? That can get embarrassing after a successful night on Grindr. In, guest in, guest out, out, in, out, in, guest in, guest in, guest in… you get the idea. Kind of silly to do at a hotel where they know your face and name, but…they seem happy every time I come back ^_^

  4. Ok….that’s disturbing *and* confusing for a person to get less enjoyment in a hotel room knowing that others have had sex in the room.

  5. Ben Purely in the interest of science, would you look into this question further with some intensive personal research and then report back? Just explain it as taking it for the team. 😉

  6. Sex is definitely better as far as I am concerned because you are in new surroundings, it is exciting and different from the regular ho hum routine.

  7. Absolutely yes. Especially as a parent of two my wife and I take advantage of a credit card free night. Get the grandparents to babysit and you’re having a romantic night out. You can’t have a romantic night in because you’re thinking about laundry or vacuuming or any other house cleaning.

    Thank you staycation. Thank you Marriott. Thank you IHG. Thank you Chase.

  8. Of course sex is better in a hotel. You got you some strange on a business trip while the kids and the old lady are at home.

  9. Most definitely! My husband and I love our hotel stays for exactly this reason. Get away from it all. No cooking, eat out. Breakfast ready in the morning. Enjoy the pool and hot tub to relax. Drink without driving so we can both drink. King size bed, which we can’t fit in the room at home. No phone ringing or dog to let out. No communication with the family. What’s not to love? Perfect conditions for GREAT sex!!

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