I’m In Heaven: My Hotel Room Has A Massage Chair!!!

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Over the years I’ve seen some unique hotel room amenities. Some are useful, some are just plain cool, and some aren’t up my alley.

Well, tonight I’m staying in a club room at Le Meridien Dubai,Ā thanks to its proximity to the airport.


While I was impressed by the room in general, I was shocked by what was waiting for me in the corner — a massage chair!

I love massages in general, and love these chairs, but I’ve never before seen one in a hotel room. What an awesome amenity!

Also, this isn’t some weak massage chair which just massages parts of your body, but rather the chair basically eats you up. It squeezes your shoulders, hips, and even feet, so it’s basically like you’re being massaged by four people at once.



My intent was to work from the chair, but after sitting in the massage chair for 20 minutes unable to move, maybe it isn’t in fact the best place from which to work…


But that doesn’t make it any less cool.

Have you ever had a massage chair in your hotel room? Anyone love this amenity as much as I do?

  1. We stayed in the Westin Wuhan Wuchang last year in an executive suite which had a massage chair. We had trouble getting our 8 year old out of it. I was a pretty cool amenity.

  2. Hah I was there last night!

    The only issue with this hotel is that the Royal Club Wing (the only nice building in that complex) has no suites. The rooms you are in is the only kind available.

    Grand Sheraton Dubai (WTC) has a better location and very large fantastic suite versions of the room you are in (they both share the contemporary fresh decor). You lose the chair though (also not all LM rooms have the chair). Both are crazy cheap at times. LM is often 100 USD!

  3. Be careful to not fall asleep on the chair and get squeezed by it. LOL!!!! It is like getting a bear hug.

  4. I had this once in a club room at the Westin Chaoyang in Beijing. It was fantastic after a day walking around sightseeing.

  5. I just wonder how thoroughly and often the chair is cleaned? Public massage chairs are disgusting. One in a private room would be more so.

  6. Seems like you are in Al Garhoud Meridien. You should try some Japanese food at the Japanese restaurant, they are very tasty.

  7. You can find them at the Westin NYC Times Square in the spa rooms, at the Westin Chaoyang in Beijing in the renewal rooms and suites, and at numerous ITC (f.k.a. Sheraton) properties throughout India. Not as uncommon as it seems.

  8. Imagine how many people have had intimate experiences on that chair…especially if there’s a vibrate massage. Massage chair in a private room is bound to be gross.

  9. I *hate* massage chairs with a vengeance. I hate it when I go to get a pedicure, and the lady doing the pedicure automatically turns on the chair. I immediately ask her to stop it.

  10. Shoot! I thought about staying at that hotel for our trip in 3 weeks, but decided against it! I would’ve done this hotel just for that!

  11. @ Lucky – surprised this is your first time. Its very common for upgraded rooms in SE Asia and Middle East.

    I have had the opportunity to have upgraded rooms with massage chairs at least a dozen times – trick is especially with SPG rooms is to ASK for an upgraded room with a MASSAGE chair šŸ™‚

  12. @SS @ Ben – If you travel to India and stay at any ITC and get an upgrade, ask for a room with a massage chair.. its yours, as a Plat member

    Also in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta (hit or miss)

    Lots of options

  13. The LHR Concorde Room spa has at least one of these. I had a go prior to our BA F flight in May as there were no actual human-being F class appointments available (several months prior; can you BELIEVE these people?) or walk-ins, but they shoved me into one that looks exactly this one. They make you feel so good it is borderline obscene!

  14. I was just considering the LM Dubai for an upcoming stay. Does Gold Preferred status provide for an upgrade from a standard room in the old building to a Royal Club room?

  15. Not sure if I felt that comfortable with the image in my head who else was sitting in there before and the uncertainty if it has beed properly cleaned. But if you can get over that it must be very relaxing šŸ˜‰

  16. For everyone grossed out by this awesome perk, are you imagining the person using it was naked? If so, interesting, if bizarre assumption; if not, what’s the big deal? Personally, since I will be clothed, I don’t care what the previous users were wearing/doing. I want a room with one. (Even though I have one at home.)

  17. ha! We had the Presidential Suite at Le Meridian in Jaipur and they had an even more elaborate massage chair then this. I was “stuck” in it for hours! šŸ˜‰

  18. We’ve had a massage chair in Remm Shin Osaka – it wasn’t as full on as the one in Le Meridien Dubai though, but did the job just fine šŸ™‚ more hotels should have massage chairs!

  19. They had one too at the Doubletree Naha, Okinawa – though it is only available in Premium rooms – but the chair takes up half of the space of the already super tiny room.

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