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I’m considering moving to Los Angeles. One thing I love about Los Angeles is that it’s basically 20 cities in one, in that you have so many unique areas. But beyond that, there are many cool weekend trips you can take from Los Angeles — Santa Barbara, San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, etc.

While thinking about all the places you could go from LA, I realized that I’ve never been to Palm Springs before. Admittedly most people don’t want to visit the desert in summer, but the good news is that rates are super reasonable, so I figured I might as well. So I’m going with a friend, and staying at Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs (now the Parker Palm Springs), which seems to be a quirky enough property.

I used a couple of my SPG Platinum Suite Night Awards to confirm an upgrade to a junior suite. The description of the room looked as you’d expect. Mostly…


…until I got to the part about a party shower.


Can anyone enlighten me?

  1. Pure guess but might it be roomy enough to fit 4 or more people? Whether you do that or not, of course….

  2. I Googled it, and there’s a pic on a Tripadvisor review. Looks like a rather large square shower. Nothing special!

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — not just to Ben, but to everyone — this is a lovely property, but NOT a property to use a suite upgrade award at. The Parker is fiercely independent and in a battle with SPG, so your “suite upgrade” gets you a junior suite so undeniably awful and dark and gloomy and poorly located that it isn’t even offered for sale on the Parker website. You’re way better off sticking to one of the spacious, bright and airy rooms in the North Building.


  4. I was at the Andaz 5th in NYC last weekend, and the shower could fit 6 people. No joke. It only takes two to party though 🙂

  5. I know you want to use, or earn points, but there are so many properties in Palm Springs that are so much more fun. We really like the Hacienda at Warm Sands. You should check it out.

  6. I live in Ps and love it. Summer is great. Never been in the Parker, but I agree with Robert D. about the Hacienda in Warm Sands. Plus it’s way closer to everything than the Parker. You have to drive or Über to/from the Parker.

  7. Hope you enjoy PS. We have a place here and just arrived today for a week’s vacation. It’s one of our favorite times to be here – very low key and no crowds. Ditto the recommendation of Hacienda; it’s a great property (we’ve known the owners for many years) but I can’t see you staying there as they don’t give points! 🙂 The problem with the Parker is that it’s an island onto itself and has nothing of interest nearby. And make sure you do the Tram.

  8. Sorry, Ben, you’re just too smart for such a rookie move. Staying at a chain in PSP is NOT the path to a full experience. I’ll pile on here, and join Robert D and others. The Hcienda at Warm Sands is great, while I like Escape. Weaning yourself off the chains is the ultimate “upgrade”, in this case!

    I lived in Palm Springs for 2 years.
    I’ve returned for 6 visits since.
    I always stay at Warm Sands or at Escape.
    I’m not insane.

    Enjoy the desert!

  9. The Santiago is also great. Not as “luxurious” as the Hacienda, but still a nice property and half the price of the Hacienda. I agree with YYZgayguy, Palm Springs is not the place that stay in a chain.

  10. I have to agree that the Parker is not a property to use upgrades on. Their junior suites are actually SMALLER than some of the regular patio rooms. Unless you’re getting a villa with the upgrade I’d switch to a regular room for the rest of the trip if you can. As to the hotel being pretentious? It’s the Parker…at least it’s not nearly as stuck up as the Viceroy 😉 I also HIGHLY recommend getting a rental car for the trip as after a weekend long trip you’ll have spent twice as much using über as for some reason (this was just my experience) you can only get uber blacks to pick up at the Parker. You can always get a base Uber back at least but boy does it add up. On an aside this also applies to anywhere in Malibu. I hope you make LA you’re new home base. I left my heart there and will be moving back next year myself and I’m literally counting down the days 🙂

  11. i’m at the parker right now. it’s absolutely the best hotel in palm springs bar none.

    it’s also very cheap anytime in summer. you should just pay cash. the just ran a deal like 99 a night for a regular room and they’d probably upgrade you.

    personally i only stay in a VILLA. it’s much better than every other room. if you’re not in a villa, there’s not too much difference. next best i guess is the LANAI by the pool. i don’t know about the junior suites probably a waste.

    i have been coming to PS for years and i’m a luxury traveler. this is 5* in every sense, just a truly beautiful place that makes you happy to be alive. i’ve rented houses for 5 or 10k a week out here that don’t compare to the parker. no place like it.

  12. H Ben

    here is a quote from a manager at the hotel;

    “And then we have jr. suites in the south buildings,” Meding says, “which are oversized suites with two bathrooms, one of which has what we call a party shower—it’s a huge shower that people absolutely love. It’s really fun.”

  13. Golden Showers and Slings? Nice. You forgot to mention the Party shower included faucets by Price pFister. I could go on and on, but really, this is a freaking travel blog. Censorship by goverment a bad thing, Censorship by private individual is a right. My decision would be to remove the posts. They add nothing to your blog. I get it that some people like to urinate on other people but there are plenty other places on net they can discuss that.

  14. @ Jason @ legoboyvdlp — It’s the same rate whether you book for one or two people in the US. It doesn’t matter how many people the room is booked for.

  15. So basically the friend was a guest in your room, and slept in your room? On the floor or what, unless you like sharing beds 😛

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