The Most Baffling Hotel Welcome Gift I’ve Ever Received

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My mind is sort of blown right now.

Ford and I are staying at the Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi, using my annual free night certificate from the Chase Hyatt Visa Card. We are just in Abu Dhabi for one night enroute to our final destination, and the hotel is lovely as always. I really do love this hotel as a stopover point, and it’s my preferred option if I actually want to go sightseeing in Abu Dhabi during a one night stopover (if I just want to relax, I prefer the Westin, as it’s a bit closer to the airport but also more secluded).


We went out sightseeing for the afternoon…




…and when we returned to the room this cake was waiting for us on the desk:


Okay, so here’s the bizarre part. It actually is an “anniversary” for us, but:

  • I didn’t order the cake
  • I certainly didn’t tell anyone it was our anniversary, let alone where we were staying (I booked this only a couple of days before our stay)
  • I’ve never written online about our anniversary date
  • Ford didn’t know what hotel we were staying at till we got to Abu Dhabi, so there’s no way he or anyone could have arranged it

So I’m just plain baffled.

Did the hotel deliver us the cake on accident and it was just a really lucky coincidence, or HOW ON EARTH DID THEY KNOW?!?

This sort of reminds me of the time the Park Hyatt Dubai read my mind when it comes to the lackluster service they have at breakfast. I had thought one day about how bad service was at breakfast (though didn’t say anything), and the next morning I had an email in my inbox apologizing for the lackluster service at breakfast.

But this is even more puzzling.

Anyone have any theories?

In the meantime, kudos to the Hyatt Capital Gate for this generous/sweet/creepy gesture!

  1. Exciting! Is it your anniversary at Hyatt? Maybe since you became a member, or a Platinum member? Or your anniversary of the first stay at this particular hotel? In any case, happy anniversary! 🙂

  2. I’m baffled too. What is the anniversary? Yours and your friend’s? Yours and the hotel’s? Without this crucial piece of information how can you expect any guesses?

  3. You said you used an Anniversary night. Don’t mean to pop the enthusiasm but sounds like they just meant it for that.

  4. What I find even more weird is that your hotel is based out of the Middle East in a country where let’s say homosexuality is punishable…. And they will write a cake for you saying happy anniversary? Must be other kind of anniversary. With the chain and or.

  5. First, I used my free night sign up bonus to stay here on my 2015 RTW (actually just IAD-AUH-LHR-AUH-IAD, including Apartment and 787-9 1st.) super fun Hotel, huge room, great dates 🙂 Love the over hanging side of the building

    2nd, Happy Anniversary – I think they could just tell when you checked in.
    I know you two aren’t far along in your time together, but best wishes! Hubby and I celebrate 37 years together on New Year’s Day!

    Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes for many more 🙂

  6. I really don’t know what they meant, a little bit creepy if it was an anniversary, but if it wasn’t must be a mistake.

  7. Umm, maybe Ford talked to someone who would know where you were staying? Did anyone know? Someone must have known…

    Happy anniversary!

  8. I suspect it’s either a snafu of some kind, or a hotel-related thing. Nothing gayer than that I would suggest. Strange a card not left with it though!

  9. How do they treat gay couples in the UAE? There’s certainly many cases of people (even tourists) being jailed and deported.

  10. I really think that they might be confused about your “anniversary night” certificate, and gave you a cake for your “anniversary”. 😉

  11. @david22
    I lived in AUH and no issues being gay or having a partner. I have several friends who live there who are coupled in committed relationships. As long as you’re not making out in public or drawing unwanted attention to yourself you’re totally fine. In fact, two men living together doesn’t raise an eye. Unmarried men and women living together is not okay.

  12. The way you’ve written “an anniversary” would suggest it’s not the first 😉

    And maybe it’s your anniversary with hyatt or chase?

  13. It boggles the mind why you would want to spend a penny in a country which defies your sexuality as criminal.

  14. Happy Anniversary Boys!


    You’re a celebrity. Things leak. Perhaps you’re one notch below paparazzi problems, but only for now.

    Someone was being kind and they did their homework. There’s nothing creepy about it.

    There are no secrets at your level, boyo.

  15. They know you used an Anniversary night award and it was a simple gesture to acknowledge that. Happy Anniversary

  16. Happy Anniversary, boys! Perhaps it was an anniversary cake for the Etihad A380 inaugural flight exactly a year ago? 😉 Either way, have a great time in the middle east!

  17. Why don’t you actually be up front about what the actual “anniversary” is with you and Ford instead of being so cryptic. You act though you share a lot about your life but you really don’t

  18. As I see just one fork and knife it might be an anniversary of any of your memberships that you registered at this hotel. Or this was a round-number stay at this hotel (e.g. 50th time or so).

    More important is to enjoy your anniversary, guys!

  19. Happy Anniversary Stay, have had the cake/chocolate/flowers with card wishing me happy anniversary, though this normally puts me in SE Asia. The one fork I agree with that it would be this type and your reading way too much intoi it. Bit sloppy though, they must have known there was 2 in the room! I am aware of several hotels and airlines that monitor/read this blog. One even requires all front of house staff to read it and comment on it (internal) before they start their shift. From a stalkers perspective you are so easy to track, twitter, Instagram etc.. If you have liked a business Facebook page then it’s OMG he is approaching our hotel he is getting closer… gotta love that Facebook app on your IPhone! When as negative review is posted here and on many travel sites, they take action in most caese not to remedy the issue but be seen to do something which is normally to take immediate action, “no sir, yes sir we have immediately dismissed them” in which means deportation for those in the middle East.
    Historically and for journalist integraity and to protect the innocent use a “non de plume”. It makes life and privacy a lot easier. In fact most of my articles are required by my clients too be thus, in their minds as I not receiveing any special favours ( sometimes it’s the opposite) and treated like anyone else. While some times the comment may not be negative but ” cause loss of face or embarrassment ” as in OMG his excellence. There is no way known or willingly I would fly into that country!!

    I have been following your blog since, on being offered champagne and ordering diet coke and hot nuts instead! Watching you become more refined (experienced) yet still causing my jaw to drop, thank good or you would be just another travel blog. You can teach a journalist a lot, legals, ethics but they have to be able to communicate and/or relate to their readers which in my opinion you do well. The first two need some work still. What you print here maybe viewed completely different by an official/court in another country, remember “loss of face”. How many Google hits for your name now? Face images? Take care and safe travels, it’s the journey (life) that’s more important than the destination (£#@%&).

  20. Happy anniversary to both of you. Also It’s always a beaut thing when these hotels acknowledge loyalty if the this was the case. Love your blog mate so keep it coming. I love reading the sometimes negative if not vitriolic comments from the jealous people lol. I’m waiting for Mike to comment. Where are you mate? Lol

  21. maybe it was a mistake. maybe the anniversary cake was for the guest who was supposed to check in later that day.

  22. Did you mention something about your credit card’s “anniversary night” at check-in, and the receptionist misheard it and thought you meant it was your anniversary? That would make sense.

  23. I was in Abu Dhabi for the Formula One Grand Prix and stayed at that infamous hotel .
    I had the worst Concierge experience I have ever had in a hotel. Almost no information on what to see in Abu Dhabi other that the Great Mosque , she was supposed to check schedules and availability and never got back from her.
    I asked directions on how to get to circuit and which entrance to use and nobody at front desk or concierge had that info
    I got there having a terrible flu and asked Guest Services for the closest pharmacy phone number , his reply was “I don’t know “went down to front desk ask the guy over there and he called front desk supervisor , I talked to her and request the closest pharmacy phone number she said that she was not able to provide that , and from the lobby windows she pointed out a building 3 blocks away where a pharmacy was and told me to walk there I just looked at here and said thank you .. you should go.

    For the race day ( Sunday) I request a pick up service at circuit to avoid long lines , driver never showed up and after waiting 90 minutes I walked until I could catch a cab back to hotel.

    Being Platinum I got this service I cant even imagine what a regular customer might have .
    I’ll never step into this Hyatt ever in my life

  24. Well earlier this month I stayed at the Anantara Seminyak in Bali, alone, and I also got a happy anniversary cake on my second day there 😉

  25. Perhaps one of your closest friend?
    I did tell Director of Room St. Regis Bali that you’re staying there after I learned you stayed in St. Regis Bali =) so many possibilities knowing you are that famous =)

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