Hilton Now Lets You Pool Points Across Accounts For Free

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A few months ago, Hilton announced some major changes that they’re making to their Honors program. Many of these changes have already been enacted, including the ability to extend your Diamond status by a year, changing how award costs are calculated (including new points and money awards), etc.

Hilton has now made yet another perk available, which I’m quite excited about. As of today, Hilton Honors points pooling is live, allowing members to combine points across accounts. This allows members to share up to 500,000 points per year, and have up to two million points per year shared with them, at no cost. This is a fantastic new benefit.


To create a new “pool,” just follow this link and enter the name and email address of the person you’d like to invite to the pool.


After you do that, you’ll receive an email confirming that you tried to initiate a points pool.


The person you’re inviting will also receive an email, and will be asked to confirm that they want to join.


Once accounts are linked, points can be transferred instantly from the people who have been linked to the person who initiated the pool, which is pretty awesome.

Here are the basic details you need to know about points pooling:

  • Up to 11 Hilton Honors members can combine points — one pooler can initiate and receive points from up to 10 members
  • You need to have a minimum balance of 1,000 points to take advantage of this
  • You can use pooled points for whatever you’d like, including both room and non-room rewards
  • You can transfer a minimum of 1,000 points and a maximum of 500,000 points into a pool in a calendar year

While some other hotel loyalty programs allow points pooling in one capacity or another, Hilton Honors’ system is by far the most “no strings attached” of any of them. In addition to the general benefit of being able to transfer these points to others, this is also an awesome way to transfer points to a spouse who may have status with Hilton, and therefore would get more value out of having a stay booked in their name. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to combine points when a single member doesn’t have enough points for a free stay, but you do when you combine them.

Very well done, Hilton!

Will you be taking advantage of Hilton’s points pooling?

  1. Quick question: do both members have to have at least 1,000 points? Ie, can it not be a transfer from one member with points to one without?

  2. Limits from the T&C:

    “You must […] have been active within the Hilton Honors program within the past 30 days.”


    “Each Hilton Honors Member is limited to six (6) Transfer and six (6) Points Pooling transactions per calendar year.”

  3. @Stanivus says, mindlessly and obliviously, with the evidence to contrary staring him/her in the face: “Hilton is really trying. It’s a shame their program is so watered down.”

    Hilton is “trying” nothin’. They are simply doing what they have been doing since 2007 after their currency visionary CEO, handpicked by Blackstone, took over. As for the program being “watered down”, you are definitely not referring to Hilton Honors! Have said WoH! lately? You should. Better yet, stop reading travel blogs if you cannot think or figure things out for yourself.

    Though much maligned by “travel gurus”, Hilton Honors yet again shows with this new feature for pooling points why it’s been consistently and hands-down the most rewarding hotel loyalty program in recent memory, the usual suspects’ constant disparagement notwithstanding….

    Cheers from my Rainbow Corner Ocean Front premium room upgrade at Hilton Hawaiian Village!

  4. Usual suspects of course referring to anyone who disagrees with him.
    Hail King DCS, master douche of the land.

    Cheers from the real world.

    That aside, this is a trend setting type benefit that hopefully other hotels pick up. I have transfered points at Hyatt from SO to me, but it involves a little more work. Thinking the relative limits are less than these set by HH.

  5. DCS: “Cheers from my Rainbow Corner Ocean Front premium room upgrade at Hilton Hawaiian Villag”

    What? No Suite? 😛

    I’ll see myself out….

  6. Most def. I’ve been waiting for this program for a few months and my wife signed up for a few Hilton Cards so we could take FULL advantage of this program.

  7. Hey, @Emperor, get some damned clothes on, and stop throwing around words like ‘anger’, ‘hate’, when all anyone with an ounce of gray matter between the earn would see is guy a just having fun!

  8. @joe – there would be “disagreement” if anyone had advanced a coherent counter-point to my points about Hilton Honors continuing to deliver a rewarding program for its members despite self-anointed travel gurus’ relentless disparagement.

  9. @Bac sez: “What? No Suite? ”

    I have no doubt what your pick would be between a corner premium room with a nearly 180 degrees ocean front view or a junior suite on the resort or city side.

    I already told you my pick and you thought it was funny… wanna reconsider now?

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