Hilton Extends Double Points Promotion Through September 9, 2018

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Of the major global hotel chains, Hilton Honors is the program that most consistently offers excellent global promotions for members. Hilton Honors’ current global promotion offers double base points at all brands between May 1 and August 31, 2018. This means you’re earning:

  • 10 Honors bonus points for stays at most brands (for a total of 20 points per dollar)
  • 5 Honors bonus points for stays at Home2 Suite by Hilton and Tru by Hilton (for a total of 10 points per dollar)
  • This doesn’t include the elite bonus points that Silver, Gold, and Diamond members earn

Hilton has just informed me that this promotion is being extended for stays through September 9, 2018. While that’s not a huge deal, it does mean that you can earn bonus points as part of this promotion for any Labor Day gateway you may have planned. If you’ve already registered for the promotion then there’s no need to register again, as your eligibility window will automatically be extended.

With the exception of two limited service brands, Honors members will earn 20 points per dollar spent, Silver members will earn 22 points per dollar spent, Gold members will earn 28 points per dollar spent, and Diamond members will earn 30 points per dollar spent.

This is in addition to the bonus points you earn for paying for your stay with a Hilton Amex:

This promotion is valid at Hilton’s portfolio of over 5,000 hotels around the world, and unlike the promotions from some other chains, all properties participate in this promotion. There’s also no cap on how many points you can earn, and there’s no minimum stay requirement.

Non-Affiliate Product Disclaimer: The information for the Hilton Honors Aspire Card has been collected independently by One Mile at a Time. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

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Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.


  1. No wonder. I just looked at Bora Bora.

    for 5 nights (including 1 free night)
    KING LAGOON VIEW 1,240,000 points
    KING GARDEN VILLA 1,330,000 points
    KING HORIZON VIEW 1,540,000 points
    KING OVERWATER VILLA 1,795,000 points
    KING DELUXE OVERWATER VILLA 1,920,000 points
    KING BEACH POOL VILLA 2,220,000 points

  2. A standard redemption at Conrad Bora Bora is 80000 per night so 32000 for 5 nights including 1 free . But you have to be lucky to get them .

    The higher rates are for premium rooms which do not include 5th night free .

    I will be staying there in September 😉

  3. and that’s the game that Hilton plays. lots of points granted for virtually nothing to offer- outside of a few “diamonds” in the rough that you Hilton Loyalists will love to correct this statement…

  4. Nobody cares about Hilton – how good can a loyalty program be when it basically gives away (weak) top tier status for free w/a CC? Thank goodness Marriott isn’t following that ill-informed path.

  5. Any word if they extended 3x points for Amex card holders? It’s been great in July – without even considering the card points, I earn about 30% back on every stay as a Diamond with 3x points.

  6. Eh. UA-NYC, Mariott is basically giving out free status too via Rewardsplus with “UA”. I bet if you dont have any status with UA, you would not be as loyal to Mariott anyway.

  7. @Woot – I’d already pointed out the same thing to this guy, but it is a waste of time, as he is invariably the last person who would keep spewing the same discredited or pointless claims over and over, long after everyone had already caught on and moved on to make other pointless claims…

  8. @Woot – Marriott gave out Gold, which was two notches down from the top level. I’ve been SPG Plat for 9 years so I don’t benefit from the partnership anyways.

    Oh, and come 8/18, the Gold status UA flyers will get w/Marriott won’t have lounge access or the 4pm checkout guarantee…now 3 notches down from the top. Better for those of us who actually, you know, stay in the hotels to earn the hotel status!

    But Hilton will still be giving away (admittedly weak) top tier status to anyone willing to get a credit card and use the credits.

    #FactsMatter (just not to DCS).

  9. @UA-NYC sez:”Marriott gave out Gold, which was two notches down from the top level.”

    That’s not what self-anointed travel gurus, whose bogus claims you peddle constantly as if they were the gospel truth, used to claim. In their ‘esteemed’ opinion, there was no “material” difference between MR Plat and Gold levels. Is that claim being revised after the demise of their beloved programs, and they (and you) are now actively trying to elevate MR to fill the void?

    As a UA 1K/1MM/Lifetime Gold, I SUSPECT that I and other UA top elites will be getting, through RewardsPlus, the new MR Plat Elite status after 08/18 – a status that is not “materially” different than the program’s two higher Plat levels. It’s only SPG Golds who were matched to MR Gold Elite, who will be downgraded to the new MR Gold Elite status that will be as useless as was the soon-to-be-defunct SPG Gold.

    Is it not funny how everyone and their dog want to get the Hilton Gold status, which is materially different from and steps way below HH Diamond, despite claims of how “weak” Hilton is. For the edification of anyone who cares to be in the know, just because Hilton makes it easy to obtain their elite status levels does not mean that those levels are “weak”. Au contraire, it is part of the company’s philosophy that says “if you give them status, they will come”, which has transformed Hilton Honors into the vibrant, stable and rewarding program that it’s been while others have either gone belly up, lost members or are still trying to find a formula that works.

    How vibrant has Hilton Honors been? As @Lucky correctly pointed out above “Of the major global hotel chains, Hilton Honors is the program that most consistently offers excellent global promotions for members.” Tellingly, the self-anointed ‘Thought Leader in Travel” — easily the most biased blogger against Hilton — tried to disparage this extension of the program’s Double Points Q2 promo in a post that made so little sense it did not attract a single comment. The promo is being extended, not because of some cockamamie rationale about “soft bigotry of low expectations”, but because it’s been popular with members, for a good reason: I have had only three stays during the promo period and, between the promo’s Double Points (83,388 HH points earned to date) and the Aspire’s 14X (58K+ HH points earned), I have raked it in. That’s 140K+_ HH points and counting, after just 3 revenue stays!


  10. Oh, my, I sure did grossly underestimate above the number of ASPIRE points I earned from my three stays that earned me 83,388 for the double points promo!

    I knew the exact number of points I earned from the Q2 promo because Hilton has a cool utility named “Track my offers” (maybe because the program is so prolific at offering them) that lists current promos, whether or not one registered, how many points one has earned, and the number of days left before a promo expires.

    I just went back and explicitly checked in my account how many points I earned on the Aspire because in the back of my head my estimate above did not seem right since earning double points is equivalent to earning an extra 10x, while the Aspire awards 14X. It means that I should have earned about 1.4x more than I earned from the promo:

    83,388 * 1.4 = 116,743 (NOT ~58K)

    The actual number of Aspire points that posted during the promo period is: 104,217.

    The discrepancy is due to the fact that two of the stays were Advanced Purchase bookings for which the Aspire points posted way back when I booked, while the points for incidentals on the Aspire for my actual stay a week ago have not yet posted. In total, the Q2 promo and the Aspire will earn me at least: 104.217 + 85,338 = 187K points, i.e., almost enough for 2 free nights at a Hilton $1000/night aspirational property.

    That’s why this promo is so popular with bona fide Hilton aficionados*, not withstanding claims by self-anointed travel gurus about how this promo is a case of “soft bigotry of low expectations”, meaning that Hilton’s promos seem lucrative only because other programs offer so little. What it means is that Hilton promos ARE lucrative, and it’s a damning statement about how much other programs are lacking!

    *Aficionado: a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.

  11. When Hilton properties regularly only offer rooms well into the six figures each night, the only hope is to try and keep up earning those inflationary points. Have at it! That is pretty much the opposite of “playing with a full deck”. LOL.

  12. Only one who does not understand at thing about the concept of STANDARD awards (highest rate: 95K HH points/night) vs. PREMIUM awards (award costs: each property’s discretion) would make such ridiculous statement.

    You should be more concerned about what you’ll soon be up against when MR STANDARD awards will start costing seasonally more than Hilton’s in RAW number of points (highest rate: 100K MR points/night), while MR members will continue to earn significantly less points per spend than do HH members. What that means is that Marriott will take over for SPG as the program with the highest “spend er free night” (literally the monetary cost of awards) in the business. With the garbage that you have been and keep spewing about how “inflationary” Hilton awards are, without knowing jack on the subject, I expect you, for consistency, to quit patronizing “Marwood” some time in early 2019 after the new fully merged program launches with its new award chart…or you can simply eat your words and stick around. In either case, I’ll be here chucking.


  13. As a Hilton Diamond, I feel like I get treated great during my stays, and that’s why I stick to the brand, but the high point requirement for redemptions is certainly a sore spot. 40 points per USD might be a more useful return.

  14. @Jerry sez: “…but the high point requirement for redemptions is certainly a sore spot.”

    It shouldn’t be because that’s is a misconception – perpetuated by travel bloggers who do not know better – that arises from the general failure to consider the EARN side of things. Your claim that Hilton has a high point requirement was quite likely prompted by the fact that the program’s top STANDARD award rate is 95K/night, which is NUMERICALLY a large number. I guess you would feel that Hyatt’s top award rate of 30K/night is more affordable because it is NUMERICALLY a smaller number. However, on revenue stays a WoH globalist would earn 6.25points/$, whereas a Hilton Diamond would earn 20points/$, excluding everything else like points earned through co-branded credit cards, promos, elite bonuses, etc, most of which would lopsidedly be more favorable for Hilton Diamonds.


    The relative HH Diamond-to-WoH Globalist EARN rate = 20/6.25 = 3.2
    The relative top HH award cost-to-top WoH award cost = 95K/30K = 3.16 = 3.2

    What that means is that while a top Hilton award costs 3.2 times more in RAW points than a top Hyatt award, a Hilton Diamond earns 3.2 times more points per spend than does a WoH globalist. Therefore, Hilton and WoH awards cost EXACTLY the same.

    The math is really quite simple so that there is no reason for the misconception to continue. If you are referring to the exorbitant number of points that Hilton properties ask for PREMIUM awards, then you shouldn’t, because where individual Hilton properties make certain awards purposely unaffordable to discourage redemptions (e.g., during extraordinarily high demand) by designating them as PREMIUM, other programs would simply show no awards available. You just need to decide for yourself which situation is more annoying.


  15. @Jr — Not until you let me know that I’ve not made you wiser, which still does not seem to be the case based on that comment.

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