Details Of Hilton’s Next Double Points Promotion

While registration isn’t yet open, Hilton has just shared the details of their next global promotion, which is one of their popular promotions from the past. Specifically, between May 1 and August 31, 2018, Hilton Honors will offer double base points on all stays. With this promotion you’ll earn:

  • 10 Honors bonus points for stays at most brands (for a total of 20 points per dollar)
  • 5 Honors bonus points for stays at Home2 Suite by Hilton and Tru by Hilton (for a total of 10 points per dollar)
  • This doesn’t include the elite bonus points that Silver, Gold, and Diamond members earn

This means that with the exception of two limited service brands, Honors members will earn 20 points per dollar spent, Silver members will earn 22 points per dollar spent, Gold members will earn 28 points per dollar spent, and Diamond members will earn 30 points per dollar spent.

This promotion will be valid at Hilton’s portfolio of over 5,000 hotels around the world, and unlike some other chains, all properties should be participating in this promotion. There’s also no cap on how many points you can earn, and there’s no minimum stay requirement.

Hilton tells me that registration should be up by next week, at which point I’ll post again.

This promotion matches the ones we’ve seen from Hilton in the past. The double points promotion was the most common one that they ran in 2017.

To compare that to Hilton’s current promotion, through April 30, 2018, Hilton Honors is offering their Points Unlimited promotion. With this you can earn 2,000 bonus points for each stay, plus an additional 10,000 bonus points after every five stays, with no limit to how many bonus points you can earn.

Obviously Hilton’s current promotion works out better for those who make short stays that are inexpensive, while the upcoming promotion will be more lucrative for those who make more expensive stays that are longer.

I have to give Hilton credit both for the quality of their promotions, and also for the fact that they offer them continuously.

What do you make of Hilton’s upcoming double points promotion?


  1. Hah! I was hoping for this kind of offeras I have an upcoming stay at the Conrad Rangali during the promo period!

  2. “…current promotion works out better for those who make short stays that are inexpensive, while the upcoming promotion will be more lucrative for those who make more expensive stays that are longer.”

    That assertion is right on the money, which makes the upcoming Q2 promo my kind of promo.

    Current Q1 promo has done very little for me (6K points so far), whereas with 3 relatively pricey and extended stays already booked during Q2, I will rake it in.

    This is how:

    Earning estimate for a Diamond with the new HH AMEX ASPIRE card:

    = 10/$ (base points) + 10/$ (Diamond Bonus) + 10/$ (Q2 promo bonus) + 14/$ (Aspire card)

    = 44/$

    Other bonuses: 1000 (Diamond MyWay) + 500 (AMEX CO-BRAND booking bonus) + taxes * 14 (Aspire)

    Grand total per stay = 44/$ + 1500 + taxes*14

    Real example:
    6-night stay in YVR in early June:
    Total folio: $2291 (excluding incidentals)
    Taxes: $367

    Total points for the stay: 44 * 2291 + 14*367 +1500 = 107,442 !!!

    — Points from that one YVR stay thanks to Q2 promo: 22,910
    — TOTAL Points from 3 stays thanks to Q1 promo: 6,000

    No comparison, so


  3. @DCS – the AMEX co-brand booking bonus is unfortunately no more. It doesn’t change the math appreciably, but it’s 500 easy points less per stay.

  4. Wait! It is even more lucrative than I estimated above!

    I forgot 5/$ for “point+point” double dipping!

    Total = 10/$ (base points) + 10/$ (Diamond Bonus) + 10/$ (Q2 promo bonus) + 14/$ (Aspire card) + 5/$ (double dipping) + 1000 (Diamond MyWay) + 500 (AMEX CO-BRAND booking bonus) + taxes * 14 (Aspire)

    = 49/$ + 1500 + taxes*14

    For the 6-night YVR stay above:

    Total points = 49*2291 + 14*367 + 1500 = 118,897 !!!

  5. @Thomas: “The AMEX co-brand booking bonus is unfortunately no more.”

    It is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but I was not aware that it had been discontinued. When was it discontinued? Wait…

    …Woah! I just checked my past stays and it looks line I was awarded points for “AMEX Co-brand booking bonus” TWICE for 3 of my last 4 most recent stays.

    29 Dec 2017 – 31 Dec 2017:
    Hilton Colombo Residences

    31 Dec 2017 – 05 Jan 2018
    Hilton Pattaya

    11 Jan 2018 – 15 Jan 2018
    Conrad Hong Kong

    Then for my most recent stay a couple of weeks ago
    29 Mar 2018 – 31 Mar 2018
    Millennium Hilton Seoul
    — Nothing, zilch, nada!

    So, it looks like they doubled it up just before the end of the last program year, and then discontinued it at the beginning of the current program year. You can say that it went out with a bang! 🙂

  6. @DCS:

    I thought they stopped the points+points/points+miles with the new system? I’m only Silver and I know for sure from having done 2 recent stays that the new system is absolutely less lucrative for us on the bottom.

  7. @tda — Nope, I would’ve soon enough, but I have not heard that either. I heard about ‘points+miles’ going away, which missed some people off, but ‘points+points’ going away is news to me.

    I need to make sure that information-containing emails from HHonors, through which I used to learn of upcoming programmatic changes, are not being segregated and moved to my overflowing junk-email bin, where I can easily miss them…

  8. Okay, I now see it. Hilton has done away with double-dipping altogether as a separate earning option, and not just ‘points+miles”.

    From the HH FAQ:

    “1. How has Hilton Honors provided an easier way to earn points?

    We have simplified how members earn Points when they book direct and stay with us. As of April 2nd, 2018, members earn 10 Points per dollar spent (5 Points per dollar at Home2 Suites by Hilton and Tru by Hilton) and increased elite tier bonuses for Silver (20%), Gold (80%) and Diamond (100%) tiers. Members with stays on or before April 1st, 2018, were awarded Points or Points and Miles in accordance with their Earning Style Options.”

    The last sentence says it all: “Members with stays on or before April 1st, 2018, were awarded Points or Points and Miles in accordance with their Earning Style Options.”

    I was awarded ‘points+points’ for my stay a couple of weeks ago, but no more after April 1.

    What Hilton has done, at least for Diamonds, is to combine (as % of base points or spend):

    50% ‘old-style Diamond bonus’ + 50% ‘points+ points’ double dipping = 100% new ‘Diamond bonus’.

    The 50% ‘points+ points’ double dipping has been incorporated into the total earning, which has simplified things, but the ‘points+miles’ double dipping option has been effectively discontinued.

    I am now up to speed and it is all crystal clear again.. Double Dipping is gone (but not really for those who previously had the ‘points+points’ option), as is the AMEX co-brand booking bonus (no biggie, but I will just have to start booking using the app to get the easy 500)

    The correct formula for HHD earning was this my original on April 13, 2018 at 12:33 pm.


  9. I am on a roll now. It looks like I’d earned
    TWICE for ALL my Q4 2017 stays (5 of them), up to end of January 2018, and it was not mistake in my favor.

    I now recall that there was a promo to earn a “500 booking bonus” with the AMEX Biz Plat. What AMEX did was to simply award the 500 bonus to anyone with the Biz Plat card, in addition to the 500 booking bonus that they would normally award to those who book and pay with a co-branded HH AMEX card.

  10. And I’m sure everyone will rush to thank you for publicly pointing it out, DCS, if Hilton sees this and decides to correct their errors.

  11. The conventional wisdom when it comes to travel issues, DCS, is that errors are not publicly discussed, lest they be corrected. The fact that this persisted as long as it did (with it only ending when the booking bonus did back in mid-January) speaks to that conventional wisdom.

    My point is that there is nothing that theoretically stops Hilton, now that attention has been drawn to it by you, from going back and correcting the error.

  12. (◔_◔)

    I will address this one because it is even sillier than usual, but it is also edifying.

    Any self-respecting Hilton Honors “Diamond” would know that HH is one of few programs that seldom makes “errors” in their various offerings, especially when it comes to promos. They run a tight ship and know what they are doing 99% of the time. What bloggers have in past flagged as mistake award or cash room rates have invariably turned out to be deliberate offerings. Any errors above were mine, which I went back and systematically clarified or corrected, thereby making it clear that they were my errors and not Hilton’s. There are no errors in any above that that HH would want to go back and correct because, again, they were my errors.

    Take that yet another conventional wisdom and peddle it elsewhere.

    As always no.valid.point.

  13. In other words, DCS cannot admit that his beloved Hilton might have made a mistake by double-posting the Amex bonus for a significant period of time.

    Typical, and pathetic.

  14. Apologies for the need to disagree regarding Hilton Honors however the copious mistakes they inflicted upon me confirm they are far from infallible! I was a consistent loyal Diamond member for several years . Last year they made several errors in posting my points . I wrote several times to have the matter rectified .The responses were generic , irrelevant and dismissive . They were unwilling to investigate and did not respond with an informed outcome . The Hilton Honors executives simply ignored my correspondence. Accordingly this experience confirmed Hilton Worldwide through the Hilton Honors loyalty program have little or no respect for loyal members . They expect unwavering spend at their properties however if an error occurs they take no responsibility whatsoever , in fact they ignore any pleas and treated me with the utmost disdain.
    I have no respect for a company that provides no customer service especially given I was dedicated to the brand for years . I no longer support Hilton and as a result I discovered just what I had been missing for years and that was customer service and hotels that were not dated offering an exponentially enhanced stay . Thank you Marriott/SPG ,never again Hilton.

  15. Colour me shocked that DCS only managed 3 Hilton stays in Q1!

    I’ve managed 3 times that and HH isn’t even my main program (until Monday, perhaps, when it looks like Marriott is going to announce something truly horrendous for the unified program).

  16. Lucky,

    What happens if someone books a stay from April 30 through May 3… will they get both the 2,000 point (per stay, though April 30) bonus as well as the daily double-points (starting May 1)?

  17. Hi Lucky,

    If I book a prepaid rate for a stay within this period, and I’m Hilton Gold, would I still get the 28 points/$ spent?

  18. @European son sez: “Colour me shocked that DCS only managed 3 Hilton stays in Q1! ”

    Though I managed “just” 3 Hilton stays in Q1, that added up to a total 11 nights and $2.9K in folio spend (29K base points). That’s an average of just under 4 nights per stay and an average rate of $970/stay — .i.e., my typical pattern of relatively pricey extended stays, which is why I will do very well under Q2 promo.

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