Earn 500 Bonus Hilton Points Per App Booking For All Of 2017

Hilton Honors deserves a lot of credit for the continuous promotions they’ve been offering for a while.

As of February 1, 2017, Hilton Honors is running their “2K Every Day” promotion, which is straightforward. Members who register earn 2,000 bonus points per night, regardless of how long they stay for, at what Hilton hotels they stay, etc.


While 2,000 points per night isn’t a huge bonus, it’s solid, especially given the lack of compelling promotions from other hotel loyalty programs at the moment.

Fortunately on top of that Hilton has just announced a further promotion, which is valid throughout the rest of 2017.

Hilton Honors members can earn an additional 500 bonus points per booking when they complete a stay booked through the Hilton Honors app. Registration is required prior to your first eligible booking.

The promotion is valid for stays booked and consumed between February 7 and December 31, 2017, there’s no limit to how many bonus points you can earn, and this promotion can be stacked with others.


I value Hilton points at ~0.4 cents each, so to me 500 points are worth ~$2. That’s not a reason to switch a stay to Hilton, but at the same time you might as well book through the app to take advantage of the offer.

Ultimately this isn’t a huge bonus, at least compared to the previous such promotion Hilton offered. Late last year Hilton offered an additional 5,000 bonus points per app booking, which was huge.

In some cases this meant you could get almost free hotel stays, since you could get the bonus even on award stays, as long as there was an eligible charge on the folio. So you could book a hotel that cost 5,000 points per night, put a charge on the folio, and then earn 5,000 points. Of course that requires finding a Category 1 Hilton property that’s convenient and/or that you want to stay at.


  1. Hello Lucky,

    How can we verify this bonus is eligible for new booking or existing booking also enjoy? Thanks!

  2. “to me 500 points are worth ~$2”

    To people who understand that the 500 points are being EARNED and not REDEEMED, they could be worth up to $50 because that’s how much one would pay to earn $50 on a revenue stay if they did, say, a mattress run. In fact, the points might be worth less than $2 when spent, if there is — horror! — a huge devaluation before they are redeemed.

  3. Silly question, but I didn’t see anything in the T&Cs of this promo specifically address this: does it need to be a paid stay, and not an award stay, to earn the 2,000 points?

  4. @Jim asks: “Silly question, but I didn’t see anything in the T&Cs of this promo specifically address this: does it need to be a paid stay, and not an award stay, to earn the 2,000 points?”

    No, the 2K points can be earned on an award stay; just register and be sure to spend at least a buck (literally) on incidentals charged to your folio.

  5. From the FAQ:
    Will members earn Bonus Points with the “2K Every Day” promotion for Reward Stays for this promotion?

    Members will earn Bonus Points with the “2K Every Day” promotion if they have incidental charges during a Reward Stay, provided such charges are deemed eligible folio charges. This does not apply to incidental charges for stays at Hampton, Home2 Suites or Homewood Suites by Hilton. For a complete explanation, see number 14 under Accrual of Points here.

  6. “Put a charge on the folio”

    Are you saying one could get 2000pts + 500 pts on an award stayjust by like charging something to the room?

  7. In most cases I would rather get 3.5% cash back with eBates booking on my computer vs. 500 extra points with the app. It is worth registering for though…

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