Could Hilton Points Soon Be Redeemable For 0.5 Cents Each On Amazon?

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This has the potential to be really interesting…

Last year Hilton made it easier to redeem Hilton Honors points, and as part of that, they introduced the functionality to redeem points for Amazon purchases. Amazon has this “Shop With Points” functionality for a few loyalty programs, including Amex Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, etc.

Generally speaking Hilton Honors points have been redeemable for 0.2 cents each towards Amazon purchases, which isn’t a good deal at all. Personally I value Hilton points at ~0.4-0.5 cents each, so redeeming them for less than half of that amount isn’t very good.

What’s interesting is that twice within the past couple of months it has been possible to redeem Hilton points for 0.5 cents each towards Amazon purchases, but only for a very limited time. This is something that was only available for a few hours in each instance, which led me to believe it was some sort of a glitch.

It looks like this may not have been as accidental as it seems. Doctor Of Credit reports that Hilton sent out a survey asking members their thoughts on various things, and one of those things was how they’d value being able to redeem Hilton points for 0.5 cents each towards Amazon purchases.

It seems that this was being asked in conjunction with having a Hilton Amex Card, so it looks like the ability to redeem this way could be a co-brand card benefit.

I think it’s far from a sure bet that this will happen, but I do think it’s interesting that this is seriously being considered, which also suggests that the previous periods where this was possible may not have been a glitch.

If Hilton added this perk, I’d say it’s pretty remarkable. There aren’t any hotel programs that currently have a “cash out” option that gives you a fair value for your points — this would be the first program to have that.

Personally I could absolutely see myself redeeming Hilton Honors points this way. Money with Amazon is basically good as cash to me, and then I could instead use that cash to book Hilton stays, given the excellent return on spend they offer for hotel stays.

What would you make of Hilton letting you redeem points for 0.5 cents each towards Amazon purchases?

  1. I would love this option but think it’s too good to be true. If they do it one more time, I’m redeeming all points it’s such a good deal. I can then replace the points with the Amex card.

  2. In a previous post you said you earned up to 40 points per dollar as an Hilton Diamond. This is a 20% return which is amazing.

  3. I forgot to add this to the comment above: Assuming they actually start allowing members to redeem their points on Amazon at the 5 cpm rate.

  4. I would use Hilton points this way. 0.5 cents is actually a good valuation for Hilton points, unlike the valuation they give to AmEx points.

  5. Also interesting: Hyatt revealed the category 8 SLH hotels.

    Also interesting on top of that, a category 7 Hyatt House hotel in Niseko (ski area premiums…)

  6. Given that the majority of Honors standard hotel awards redeem at less than 0.5 cents per point, I find it difficult to believe that Hilton would allow redemptions that high through a third party.

  7. @ Ben

    Would you elaborate more on your statement – “Money with Amazon is basically good as cash to me, and then I could instead use that cash to book Hilton stays”?

    Are you somehow saying that the finite money you would have spent with Amazon is instead forwarded to Hilton stays (on a Hilton card)?


  8. Had no idea this wasn’t known. I responded to a survey and have had the feature for about 2 months now. Tbh I’ve gotten more value using them on amazon then in the limited travel I do (barely enough to earn hh status.)

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