Hilton 4th quarter promotion

When I first read about a promotion from Hilton this morning, I had to check my calendar and make sure it wasn’t April 1. And while it’s not as good as Hyatt’s Faster Free Nights promotion, it’s half decent.  Basically, through December 31 you can either earn double base points OR 25,000 bonus points for every four stays, capped at 75,000 points. Registration is required.

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  1. well I have two stays near JFK where Hyatt has no properties, and need one night on HNL where Hyatt only has one property. I guess with one mattress run this will net me another 25,000 HHonors points, so woohoo!

  2. Good timing – thanks for the tip Ben. Off to SJC tmw staying at Milpitas HGI. One of possible 2 stays for the balance of this year, so I opted for the double base miles.

  3. “Not as good” as Hyatt’s offering? Try “not even close”.

    25K gets you into the Hampton Inn near the airport where I live.

  4. @ HunterSFO — Sounds like it works out well for you!

    @ Simon — Makes sense. Seems like 25,000 is the better deal, but of course only if one makes at least four stays.

    @ Jeff — Baby steps, baby steps. Hilton is the worst loyalty program when it comes to promotions, for whatever reason. Seeing anything at all makes me happy.

  5. 25,000 is probably the better deal for most, but not for me. My business travel is looking pretty light through the end of the year with little prospect of hitting 4+ stays. I am, however, spending a night in NYC this month and next and at rates of about $430/nt at the Hilton Times Square, the double base points is a no-brainer for me.

  6. This was a good find, thanks for the tip! I actually had 4 stays already booked (3 in Korea, one at the LAX HGI), so this was painless.

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