My Uber Had A Hello Kitty Theme!

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Usually I take the Metro home from work, but sometimes when I stay late I spring for an Uber. Earlier this week when I opened up the app and requested a ride after a long day, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

It was an UberPOOL, and it turned out to be a minivan with two other riders. When I got in, I immediately noticed that something was different.

Had I unwittingly boarded one of EVA Air’s specially themed planes? It was pretty much Ben’s dream Uber – all decked out in Hello Kitty swag!

There was also a tip jar which, while not specifically Hello Kitty-themed, at least conformed with the color scheme. (Though nowadays I just tip through the app anyway.)

There’s even a Hello Kitty shifter cover (is that even a thing)?

I wasn’t sure whether I felt kind of silly with my head pressed up against a kitty headrest or if it was the most awesome thing ever.

My trying-to-look-dignified-despite-my-surroundings look

Kudos to the driver for making an extra effort to give passengers a memorable ride!

Has anyone else ever taken a themed Uber? What was it like?

  1. ‘Travel themed news’? This is getting a tiny bit out of hand…. if it’s a hello kitty themed plan, fine; BUT AN UBER? Really? Lucky, keep your writers on track please… does anyone actually care about this?

  2. While I am not a Hello Kitty fan, I really appreciate occasional light-hearted articles like this one. Thank you, Andrew! The last picture is fantastic. 🙂

  3. Oh please with the negative comments. This is the reason why i love OMAAT so much. Its versatile. Its entertaining. Its an all rounder. Please continue with these type of posts Andrew. I for one am enjoying it.

  4. Are those fake fingers on the outside of car by the door? (Making it look like fingers slammed in door?

    There are a lot of negative posters lately. Sad

  5. I had an Uber that had a working Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart for 3 players (2 screens on the head rest and 1 on the dashboard). It was so fun!

  6. The decals on the side of the van make it art. They’re so low key! It’s like one Hello Kitty fan signaling to others in anti-Kitty world.

  7. Right, hello kitty fetish is acceptable but others are not.

    Typical liberal close mindedness and hypocrisy.

  8. UberPOOL as well as LyftLINE are generally despised by Uber and Lyft drivers. It ranks right up there with using Postmates for a McDonalds meal. Stick with UberX or regular Lyft for the extra dollar.

  9. If I jumped into a ride share like that, it would instantly put a big smile on my face!
    What a fun ride it’d be if it was a pool and other riders got in along the way! Kudos to the driver!!!

  10. That was fun Andrew. Thanks for sharing. Ignore the haters!

    And much better than some of the really nasty ubers I’ve been in!

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