Hello from Manila (one last time)!

It’s our last night here in Manila, as we’re off to Hong Kong tomorrow morning. We’ll then be spending the night in Hong Kong, and will be flying HKG-NRT-JFK on Monday. Then we’ll overnight in New York, where we’ll meet up with my brother, and finally fly JFK-MIA-TPA on Tuesday.

While we’re happy to have seen Manila, it’s not a city we particularly have to return to. It was interesting as such, but getting around is a PITA and there’s not *that* much exciting stuff to do.

Our stay here at the InterContinental has been fantastic for the most part. The employees are extremely friendly, we got an upgrade to a nice suite, and the club lounge is great. My one big gripe would be the concierge team here. To call them useless would be a huge compliment. They’ve not been able to make a single decent suggestion, so I decided to do some research online about what do to in Manila. I saw that “Corregidor” was suggested, which is about 30 miles from where we are. When we asked the concierge team how long it would take to get there, we were asked whether we wanted to go by land or air. She explained how it was 300km away and would be too long of a journey. Eh, no.

Then we asked for a restaurant suggestion for tonight. The concierge pulls out a book entitled “Manila’s Best Restaurants,” and looks under the food type we requested. Once again, no “insider knowledge” as InterContinental seems to pride itself in. When she finally made a suggestion we asked how expensive it would be, and the lady said “it’s worth the money and then some.” Gee, thanks!

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