Hello, Live From Emirates’ New First Class!

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Man, this isn’t a bad way to kick off the week. Hello from 34,000 feet, as I’m enroute from Dubai to Brussels in Emirates’ brand-spanking-new first class. This particular plane is only a week old, and even has the new plane smell. This is only a short flight so I won’t spend too much of this flight blogging, but I can’t help but at least share a few photos of the experience (I’m amazed the Wi-Fi is fast enough for me to upload these — I’ve usually had terrible experience with Wi-Fi speed on Emirates).

Stay tuned, I’ll have a lot more thoughts later!

  1. Why is there a curtain in picture with the bed?
    If there’s no window behind,what’s meaning of it? Or if there is a window behind it,wouldn’t it be “closable” the same way it is in on the rest of plane?

  2. Very irritated by the cut out shape on the decoration above the screen, whats the reference for it? A leaf? I hope you had a good flight Lucky!

  3. @ Quacky — There’s a curtain because it’s Emirates first class, and they do things that are completely unnecessary just because they can. šŸ˜‰

  4. @ hbilbao — I chose a window seat, though kept going back and forth about what I do. Will write a separate post about my thoughts on the two types of seats.

  5. What kind of lights are those ones in the ceiling above, and are they useful in lighting the cabin?

  6. Honestly, I think the seat looks comfortable, but I can’t help but feel like it’s too much? It’s not really my taste. I’m honestly more excited for SQ’s. SQ’s look very nice and understated elegance. A bit sterile, some might argue, but again everything in Singapore is sterile. I lived there for around 5 years and most definitely prefer sterile and understated design. However, I’m really excited to try EK’s. Might splurge and pay cash for me and the husband.

  7. The seat with “windows” on the left hand side must be the middle seat – views are mismatched, the wall is vertical, flat and too thin. The seat (bed) with windows on the right hand side must be the window seat – the wall is curved.

    Ben, what are the 4 little round thingies on the wall between the virtual windows?

  8. That is a really narrow hallway; feels like a carry-on would be tough to roll through, though they probably tested for that. Having to get out in case of an emergency seems rough.

  9. Emirates has a temporary offer for the chauffeur drive in Brussels now.

    They drive any eligible customer for free to/from any town in Luxemburg (+- 200km drive) or for just 50 EUR to the former Nord-Pas-De-Calais region in the north of France (Calais,Lille,Boulogne,.. – can be over 250km)

    Normally only 70km is included.

    Probably too late for now but you can maybe use it next time šŸ˜‰

  10. +2 to @James. I’d admit both products are awesome but SQ’s looks a bit better in my opinion. And the hallway between the A and E seats might get easily crowded (as crowded as any first class cabin could ever be).

  11. Looks incredible but why the HELL are there only 2 routes with it to two boring cities like Brussels and Geneva????

    I wanna see this new plane from DXB to JFK, LAX, LHR, anywhere really.

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