Heads Up: Award Wallet Giveaway

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Just a quick heads up that I have 200 Award Wallet Plus upgrade codes to give out. These give you six months of extra services such as tracking expiration dates, which is incredibly helpful.

People always complain that these go too quickly and without notice, so I’ll be posting these in two batches today at 5PM and 9PM Eastern.

That should hopefully give more people an opportunity to snatch up one of these codes. They’ll be first-come-first-serve, as usual.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

  1. Hey Ben! How do we go about submitting our name for the drawing/contest?

    Hope you are having a fab weekend.


  2. A while back you discussed Delta Airlines awards. I have to tell you of the terrible treatment we have had. Eleven months ago we interrupted our tour in Krakow, Poland to catch the exact time that award flights were to go on the internet. We made reservations we were quite happy with. Since then our flights have been changed a total of 9 times (once on Air France and 8 times on Kenya Airways, yes 8!) We were never even notified of the changes!
    The only way we found out was that we happened to go into one of our Skymiles accounts! We could have gone to the airport and found out we didn’t have a flight at all in spite of our email confirmation, and we can’t POSSIBLY be the only ones this has happened to. When I asked the supervisor why we were not notified of the change, he had no explanation. When United had to change our award flights, they called us and offered many options even on flights NOT showing awards!. When American changed the time by only 5 minutes on an award flight, they called us to let us know. We didn’t even get an email from Delta, nor could they produce one!
    Tonight we were told that we could not have our original flight from Kigali to Livingstone though it is still available on a number of websites. Now we are told that the only flight (take it or leave it) is one at 1:20AM with a 7 hour layover in Nairobi starting at 5:30AM! We don’t get to Livingstone until 3:20PM!
    We have to find someone to drive us from gorilla trekking in Rhuengheri to Kigali in the middle of the night (don’t know how safe the roads are at that hour) to catch that red-eye and then look forward to a 7hr. layover to be exhausted for our safari in Botswana that we paid 16K for. We are 68yrs. old, and this was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime. It has turned in to a nightmare. Thank you Delta! Delta passes the blame to Kenya Airways, but why then do they associate with such a partner, and why didn’t Delta notify us? It was a Delta award. They are only as good as their partners! We are cutting up our Skymiles AmEx cards, and donating our remaining miles to charity.
    People need to know this. Let this be a warning to anyone booking with Delta award miles internationally. You better call every 5 minutes to make sure you still have a flight! And Lucky, I’ll be very pleasantly surprised and impressed if you publish this comment as I see the Delta AmEx card advertised at the top of your column. In fact, I dare you!

  3. Thanks for offering Ben. These are always gone within a minute or two. Wonder if there is a better way to provide to your followers?

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