Hainan Is Introducing A New 787 Business Class Product

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When it comes to aviation in China, all airlines are most definitely not created equal. I’ve flown longhaul business or first class on Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan, and Xiamen, and had very different experiences across all the airlines.

For example, while China Eastern has a top notch hard product (they have reverse herringbone seats), the soft product was abysmal.

China-Eastern-Business-Class-777 - 4
China Eastern 777 business class

Meanwhile I found that Hainan and Xiamen had by far the best soft product, with great food, professional service, and top notch amenities, while their hard product wasn’t great.

Both airlines have modern 787s, except they have standard forward facing fully flat business class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. The hard product is sufficient, but for such a long flight it would be nice to have direct aisle access from every seat.

Hainan-Airlines-Business-Class-787 - 1
Hainan Airlines 787 business class

Xiamen Air 787 business class

I recently wrote about how Xiamen Air will be installing a new business class product on their upcoming 787-9 deliveries, featuring reverse herringbone seats in business class. I argued that would be China’s all around best business class product, given the excellent soft product, onboard wifi, and reverse herringbone seats.

Well, it looks like Hainan doesn’t want to be outdone, as Hainan will be installing reverse herringbone seats on their upcoming 787-9 deliveries. Their latest 787 should be delivered by May 10, 2017, as the airline has another seven 787-9s on order.

Hainan 787-9 at Shenzhen Airport

Here are pictures they posted on Facebook of the new seats:



That cabin looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to fly it. I’m not sure if they’ll eventually reconfigure existing planes with the new seats, or if they’ll just install these seats on planes going forward. Hopefully the former, but personally I’m not too confident, at least in the near future.

I don’t yet see the new seatmap loaded for any 787 flights, so I’m not sure they’ve decided on which route to operate the new planes yet (or maybe they’ll cycle them through the system).

While Hainan doesn’t belong to any alliance, they do publish great business class fares, and are partners with Alaska Mileage Plan. So being able to fly Hainan and earn valuable Mileage Plan miles for those flights is a great feature.


So, who’s excited about Hainan’s new business class seat?

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  1. Tried searching for where these -9’s might be flying to yesterday. No luck as all -9 routes still show a seat map of 2x2x2 for fall departures.

  2. I was pricing a flight to PEK and they had good pricing via BOS in C — about $2400 round-trip. Any ideas if they will eventually join an alliance? I’d like to earn points I can use on such a long trip. Alaska Miles are useless to me since I never fly them.

  3. Alaska Miles can be used to fly on other partners… and they pay the highest for business class. 225% of flight miles in D, and 250% on C (of which 125% and 150% are elite qualifying, the bonus 100% is extra RDM). Highest payout of any carrier/partner

  4. And another comfortable bed for taller people with bigger feet turns into a seat to avoid! Being tall is an advantage in life. Except when it comes to travel.

  5. Some a330 of hainan fleet have already reverse herringbone. You can have them on some European road. Already got it between Paris xian or Prague bejing.

  6. @Lucky
    From the pictures, it looks like it’s Zodiac Cirrus. Given the mess at Zodiac we heard about, do you think Hainan will be able to have the seats in time for their 787 deliveries?

  7. I asked via twitter and they said the new ones will fly on their domestic routes for the first few months, then international.

  8. If this is the poor man’s version of the reverse heringbone seat – like on Finnair – than this is worse than the old seats.

  9. expert flyer is showing the new configuration on my Jan 26, 2018 flight from PEK to YYZ. I flew the 2-2-2 earlier this year and it was a great soft product, and the seat was more than adequate. That said, I do likes me my reverse herringbone!

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