Hainan Airlines Cuts Business Class Limo Service

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Hainan Airlines is generally regarded as the best airline in mainland China (my experiences match that, and I haven’t even flown their new business class).

Hainan Has Offered A Chauffeur Service

While hardly a core part of what makes their product great, one of the cool things that they’ve historically offered is a limo service for international business class passenger.

This feature has only been available on select routes on revenue business class tickets, though historically even discounted business class tickets have qualified. Given Hainan’s often very attractive business class pricing, this sure has been a nice value-add — I’ve taken advantage of this a couple of times.

Hainan limo service at LAX

Hainan Cuts Business Class Limo

As announced on their website, Hainan Airlines has cut their complimentary limo service for business class passengers as of September 25, 2019. Existing limo bookings will be honored, but no new bookings will be taken anymore.

They simply explain that this is “due to service adjustment,” and that “Hainan Airlines will provide more diversified services to meet the needs of passengers.”

Hainan’s 787-9 business class

Why The Cut?

Hainan Airlines is in big financial trouble, as they’re owned by the HNA Group, which has been selling off many assets, and many airlines in the group have been struggling to pay for new planes. My guess is that this is a plain and simple cost cutting move, as this is an easy area for them to save.

The number of airlines offering business class chauffeur service with relatively few strings attached keeps decreasing. For example, we’ve seen Etihad cut chauffeur service everywhere except the UAE, we’ve seen Emirates add several restrictions as to what passengers are eligible to use the service, and more.

Did you ever have a chance to use the Hainan Airlines chauffeur service?

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  1. I got a Lincoln Navigator that could fit 4 people and a metric ton luggage, when I flew to LAX by myself. It seemed to be a huge waste of money and space, as well as the fact that it was not exactly the most comfortable car out there.
    This cut would not affect Hainan’s position as an excellent value option across the pond given its attractive fares that can be reliably found, lie flat seats across the board and tear-jerking AS accrual rates.

  2. We will definitely miss this service. I do question whether any significant cost savings can be squeezed out by squashing services further — though I suppose the answer’s a lemon. Regardless, as long as their cheap fares and generous AS earn rates remain, they will remain our preferred carrier to Chinese destinations.

  3. @Lucky, I chose a more expensive and less desirable itinerary on HU in part because I valued this service which was included at the time of my booking. They just emailed me to say “Sorry to tell you that due to the adjustment of the free delivery products of our company, the international business class car transfer product reservation has been stopped from September 25, 2019 Beijing time (inclusive), we can no longer provide limo service to passenger”. Do I have any recourse here? I booked through the chase travel portal using UR. Hainan is wanting to charge me to cancel although they’re no longer willing to provide the service I paid for because they said it was a free service. It seems to me that a lot of the services included as part of business class are “free.”

  4. I regularly fly between Europe and China. Hainan always used to be a good product but services have really deteriorated recently – KLM / China Southern currently seems to be the best choice and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is incomparable. Always used to enthuse over Cathay Pacific and their “Pier” in Hong Kong but services at Guangzhou Baiyun shames them.

  5. Ben is not here to sort out this kind of stuff and anyone with half a mind will know that he and Ford are going through personal distress at the moment and really don’t need any of this ridiculous whining nonesense.

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