Hainan Airlines Offering Limo Service For Business Class Passengers

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Hainan Airlines is generally considered to be the best mainland Chinese carrier, as they are a Skytrax 5-star airline (whatever that means nowadays).

Hainan Airlines business class cabin

I’m excited to fly them soon between Los Angeles and Changsha, a route which they’re launching today. The flight will be operated 2x weekly using a 787 aircraft.

Hainan Airlines 787

When the route was first announced, Hainan had a sale with some amazing fares — for example, I paid ~$1,350 for roundtrip business class between the US and China (and I can even credit those flights to Alaska Mileage Plan).


One thing I didn’t realize is that Hainan Airlines offers business class passengers complimentary chauffeur service.

The service is available for travel between the following markets:

  • Between Beijing and Boston/Chicago/San Jose/Seattle
  • Between Shanghai and Boston/Seattle
  • Between Changsha and Los Angeles

The Hainan limo service is available if you’re booked in fare classes C, D, I, or R. That even includes discounted business class fares, like the one I’m flying soon.

The chauffeur service has to be requested by phoning up Hainan Airlines between 24 hours and 30 days before departure, and can be used for a radius of 30 miles around the airport. Hainan’s phone numbers in the US are 888-688-8813 or 888-688-8876. Their phone number in China is +86-898-95339. You can also email them at [email protected].


I emailed Hainan Airlines regarding my upcoming itinerary, and received the following response:


Thank you for your email. You are available for the limo servicer. Please finish the attachment and send back to us. If you don’t know how to fill it! You can call us 95339-2!

Best regards!

There’s one form for the limo service in the US:


And then a separate form for the limo service in China:


It’s fantastic that the chauffeur service seems to be valid both in the US and in China, and both on arrival and departure. That’s four transfers with the cost of one roundtrip ticket.

There are a few other airlines out there which offer premium passengers complimentary chauffeur service, and it’s always a nice touch when they do. It certainly makes the whole travel experience more seamless.

Emirates chauffeur service in Dubai

By the way, among other quirky Hainan “features,” on their website they advertise a “welcoming service,” which includes the ground staff meeting you at the check-in counter, assisting you with the check-in process, and answering any questions. If I’m understanding that correctly, this is a fancy way of saying that they have an airport check-in desk. 😉


Bottom line

This is a pretty cool “hidden” perk of flying Hainan business class, which I suspect most don’t know about. Reader Michael made me aware of it, and even when he showed me a screenshot it took me over five minutes to find the necessary page on Hainan Airlines’ website. The fact that it’s offered in both the US and China, and even on discounted business class fares, is awesome.

I’ll have more information on the experience after my upcoming flights to Changsha.

Has anyone used Hainan’s business class limo service?

  1. Not sure why everyone doubts Skytrax ratings… I feel it’s always spot on, not only by carrier, but by cabin as well…

  2. Interesting. When you book a flight in R cabin (such as the discounted business fares), it shows this warning message: “Dear Passengers, if the business class seat you have booked is in the R cabin, you will not be able to use the VIP shuttle bus service.”

    Is the VIP shuttle bus service something else?

  3. Off Topic: Looks like according to the message you are “available” for the “limo servicer.” It’ll be funny if a mechanic shows up, without any limo or other ride, saying he’s the limo servicer.

  4. Lucky, we just looked at our reservation and it states clearly “We are providing VIP passengers who select Europe and America Business Class (C/D/I) flights self-operated by Hainan Airlines with a luxury car service to and from the airport…:”

    No “R.”

  5. @Fred: If you check the website (Lucky provided a link) R class is included (as of 1/6/2016). I’m guessing they forgot to update the conditions on the email that goes out to ticketed passengers.

  6. Angel, As Mrs. Fredd just said, “Wow!” The e-mail I received was Dec. 30.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. This chauffeur service is also available in Toronto (their other North American gateway) in C, D or I classes. Service will allow pick-ups within 50km (30 miles) of Toronto Pearson airport which is pretty good. As far as I know, the only others which offer a similar included service in Toronto are Emirates (within a larger distance of 80kms) and Etihad (also 50kms).

  8. Flew Hainan from YYZ to PEK back in 2013. They only offered chauffeur service in China at the time. Booked it via the local office in YYZ. Arrived at PEK in Terminal 2 and I see a guy holding a sign with my name on it as we enter the customs hall. He walks us up to the front of the line, breeze through to baggage claim and walks us to the Mercedes E class limo waiting outside. Driver didn’t talk at all which was fine. Very efficient IMO. 🙂

  9. I believe other Chinese airlines, such as Air China, have offered chauffeur service as well. Not clear on the current status though.

  10. I was about the tell you about this!. They also provide overnight hotel and shuttle service for those transferring in PEK for over 6 hours, for ALL customers.

  11. Maybe soon the long-spoiled US airlines will start to complain about the Hainan, along with the Middle East ones, for doing too much for customers and causing “unfair” competition.

  12. Perusing the site and found this tidbit. I am departing SEA for PEK 4-4-17, Bus “I”. Just arranged for the limo to my hotel via the 888 number Lucky provided. I will give you an update once I go through the process. Thanks Lucky!

  13. I am flying Seattle – Beijing business class round trip next month. I was thinking the limo service was only for my Beijing airport transfer. Glad I found this article. I will now request for Seattle as well. Pretty amazing if they will provide all 4 transfers. I flew with them about 18 months ago (Seattle to Phuket via Beijing). Thought the business class product was very good. My only complaint was the cabin temperature was VERY warm for all 4 flights.

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