Marriott’s Hotel Talisa Rebrands As Grand Hyatt Vail

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I always find it interesting when a hotel decides to leave one hotel group for another.

In some cases these kinds of changes are justified, and a hotel could do much better with another hotel group. In other cases it sure seems to me like hotel owners simply have unrealistic expectations of how well they should be doing, and they think that switching hotel groups will improve their results.

Over the past year or so we’ve seen a non-insignificant number of hotels leave Marriott for Hyatt. This isn’t too surprising, if you ask me, given just how many hotels Marriott has. Many hotels may have been happy as part of Starwood, but now find themselves in a situation where they have too many competitors belonging to their own brand.

That’s why I find one upcoming hotel change noteworthy. Hotel Talisa Vail, currently a Marriott Luxury Collection property, will become the Grand Hyatt Vail as of July 24, 2019.

Perhaps most interesting is that this hotel only joined Marriott in September 2018, less than a year ago. This used to be an independent hotel known as the Vail Cascade Resort, and it underwent a $65 million renovation before becoming a Luxury Collection property (and here I was thinking Luxury Collection is the brand specifically for hotels that don’t want to pay any money to renovate). šŸ˜‰

Now it’s leaving Marriott less than a year later. The hotel has 285 rooms, so it’s quite large, and perhaps the “Grand Hyatt” branding isn’t too far off. The hotel is already bookable as a Hyatt, though as of now you can’t use points yet, and we don’t know what category it will be. I’m sure this will be updated soon.

What makes this equally interesting is that while the hotel is owned by Vail Hotel Partners LLC, a private real estate investment firm, it’s managed by Two Roads Hospitality, which was the largest owner and operator of independent hotels, resorts, and residences in the US.

As many of you may remember, Hyatt has acquired Two Roads Hospitality, and that’s why they’ve been adding several brands.

Bottom line

It’s anyone’s guess how much this change in branding is related to dissatisfaction with Marriott, rather than Hotel Talisa’s unique situation of being managed by Two Roads Hospitality (which is now owned by Hyatt) while also operating as a Marriott hotel.

This is a great addition to the Hyatt portfolio, and marks Hyatt’s first hotel in Vail, though they do have the Park Hyatt in nearby Beaver Creek.

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  1. Interesting. I have a Marriott points booking done 5 month ago for Jan 2020. I assume this will be honored?

  2. @lucky thanks. I guess the titanium status won’t be that helpful and I will have to say bye to free breakfasts though…

  3. I stayed here using SPG points (20k/night) during March 2018 so I think it may have joined SPG/Marriott before September 2018. While I know it was likely harder to book at, I am sad to see this property leave Marriott. After staying at the Ritz Batchelor Gulch this year, we reflected over how great this property was.

  4. Maybe they are disappointed they wonā€™t be getting away with charging resort fees much longer under Marriott šŸ™‚

  5. It became a luxury collection in 2016 or 2017 as Vail Cascade. It then closed for renovations and took much longer than planned (18 months). Owner went bankrupt. New owner apparently owns numerous Hyattā€™s and change of control language probably allowed an out from
    Marriott contract. Staff has remained mostly the same through all the changes. Hotel was not close to reaching ā€œplannedā€ ADR and that wonā€™t likely change with Hyatt. Primarily due to inconvenient location, but it is a nice hotel with great staff.

  6. Weird but nice property. The location is awkward, especially for winter, which is obviously high season in Vail. We stayed here last year but wouldnā€™t again because of the location. Of course, weā€™re also shopping different parts of Vail with an eye to buying there, so our needs are different than most.

  7. “here I was thinking Luxury Collection is the brand specifically for hotels that donā€™t want to pay any money to renovate”

    That’s Autograph Collection. Luxury Collection actually has pretty strict standards for design, configuration, and finishes.

  8. My guess is the numbers will hit them, hard!
    But they won’t be allowed to get back to Marriott.

  9. I actually miss the old Vail Cascades resort. Sure the lobbies and rooms got new decor, but the only significant thing that went up when it became Hotel Talissa was the price.

  10. Iā€™ve stayed there when it was Cascade, again after the remodel as Talisa, and currently have another stay scheduled for mid-August. Nice property, and I actually prefer the location.

    Big question: @lucky Did you get any guidance on when stays will count towards Hyatt status?

  11. Stayed there this winter and booked two connecting rooms using points. Loved the hotel and it was very convenient to ski-in ski-out with a chairlift right outside the hotel. It seemed to be the best Marriott option, so we will (unfortunately) be looking to other ski resorts as we won’t pay for a room there and the other Marriott options in Vail didn’t seem great.

  12. Stayed here last year…it was 1 week before opening season and everything was off! No breakfast, only bar open for food, everyone confused, it was just not a good stay. They did credit us back all the parking fees as compensation. I’d rather stay somewhere else.

  13. I’ve been wanting to get back to Taste of Vail in April. This could make for a good UR point transfer to Hyatt.

  14. Contacted hotel regarding my upcoming(3!) reservations in Talisa. I am a platium member and they said that benefits as free breakfast and upgrades will be honored, but I won’t be earning any points and stays for Marriott:-(((((((

  15. I stayed here last year during ski season and loved it. They did a terrific job with the renovation, the service was friendly and competent, and the amenities were top notch. Also stayed here many times back when it was the Cascade and always thought it was a pretty good property. Sad to see it leave Marriott.

  16. Wondering why someone mentioned the location to be “awkward” for winter. Looking to book Dec 27-Jan 1. Last time we visited Vail we stayed at the Sebastian, loved it but felt the rooms were a bit small. We welcome any recommendations:) thanks

  17. Not sure why…I stayed there in January and loved the location….one of the few ski in ski out locations in Vail. A hotel shuttle took us to dinner when we wanted to go into Vail proper.

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