Grand Hyatt Beijing Pool Is AWESOME!

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Back in 2012 I wrote a post about my five favorite hotel pools. I mean, it’s tough to compete with the likes of the Marina Bay Sands, which has an outdoor infinity pool on the 57th floor.

Marina Bay Sands pool

Or the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, with a pool on the 118th floor.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong pool

I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt Beijing right now, and I have to say that I think the Grand Hyatt Beijing gives those hotels a run for their money in terms of the pool situation. It has an underground pool complex called “Club Oasis,” and it’s kind of ridiculous.

I saw pictures of it before my stay, but said to myself “there’s no way that’s real.” And it actually kind of drove my hotel decision in Beijing (that and the fact that it’s a Category 4 Gold Passport property, making it a great place to redeem a Hyatt Visa free night certificate).

I’m happy to report that it really is as ridiculous as it looks. It’s bizarre… it’s confused (is it Greek or Tahitian or Las Vegasy or…?)… but most importantly, it’s awesome!

Grand Hyatt Beijing pool

Grand Hyatt Beijing pool

What’s your favorite hotel pool that you’ve experienced?

  1. Wow, that is a beautiful pool! You guys get around… Were any taxi cabs damaged by Andrew B on this leg of the journey? (Though having seen the taxis in Beijing, I suspect they were already dented before you hailed them.) 😉

  2. My all time favorite pool is Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. My husband and I and our 4 teenagers went last summer….and they upgraded us the Presidential Suite! We’ll be in Maui next week…staying at the Andaz. Their multi-level pool looks nice.

  3. My favorite pool is the one at the Komaneka at Bisma Hotel in Ubud. Surrounded by rice fields, birds, and the most peaceful setting.

  4. Amazing pool!!! How did you find the hotel in general? I have a night in Beijing and I’m debating between the GH and the PH.

  5. I imagine the pics don’t do justice. Best hotel pool for me has been the Four Seasons Sayan on Bali right next to the Ayung river.

  6. Grand Hyatt Kauai in Hawaii. The pool complex is probably not close to the Atlantis in the Bahamas but the mix of pools, lazy river, jacuzzis, salta water lagoon and the real beach all together with amazing landscape, palm tress, etc… is just awesome. Perfect place to go on vacation with kids.

  7. The “indoor” pool at The Rome Cavalieri was rather impressive. But maybe that is technically a “spa”.

  8. I love the pool at the Raleigh in Miami. Not my number one specifically — that’s hard to define — but it certainly comes to mind.

    I think you’d like the pool at the Grand Hyatt São Paulo; it’s full of Lufthansa staff just hanging around between flights. 😛 Come to think of it, I think you’ve stayed there, right?

  9. That is insane. It’s insane, ridiculous, and unnecessarily opulent…AND I WANT TO GO THERE.

  10. I guess I can see why you think that pool is so awesome, but no indoor pool can be on any list of awesome pools. Part of a great pool experience is to have sunshine. Plus, this pool just looks way over the top tacky.

  11. @ Luis — I’m red as a lobster after 30 minutes outside, so I’m a fan of indoor pools.

  12. @ Diondo — Can’t say the pool at the Hyatt Capital Gate impressed me that much. It’s a fine pool, but nothing special in my opinion.

  13. Lucky: i stayed there as well for the better location and pool over the park hyatt but I’m told that the park hyatt takes better care of their diamond members more so then this property. …what was your reason for going with GO vs PH and if you’ve stayed at the PH as well, how does it compare?

  14. This looks almost exactly like the pool complex in someone’s house I saw on one of those “wacky things rich people put in their houses” shows. Like, down to the fake palm trees and wall murals. I wonder who was first?

  15. I stayed there a couple of times 6 or 7 years ago… I don’t usually make use of the hotel pool but this one rates as the best (and tackiest) I’ve come across.

  16. Tacky or not, it’s a great indoor pool in a city. Imagine you are trapped in the heavily polluted Beijing in the cold winter or terribly hot summer. This pool gives the local population a feeling of escaping to a tropical island. I thought it reminded of Vegas. my mom loved it. Of course, I’ve traveled to many beautiful islands but my mom is stuck in beijing. Service is great at the pool. Staff reminded my mom not to stay in the hot tub too long due to her health. It was never crowed. Large locker rooms with shower/towel/bottled water/magazine/plastic slippers.

  17. @ avi — In this case it was that I used a free night from the Hyatt Visa, which caps out at Category 4 properties. Have found this property to be great, my only complaint is the internet, which is horrible. Will check out the Park Hyatt next time.

  18. lucky says “I’m red as a lobster after 30 minutes outside, so I’m a fan of indoor pools.”

    I’m like you but I’ve found a solution. Try packing Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Broad Spectrum SPF 100+ on your next trip. Works like a charm.

  19. @Luis spot on……..I can’t trust your pool judgment if you are thinking an indoor pool could actually be a top pool as you inhale the chlorine fumes in that wonderfully polluted city………but at least you got the conversation started and some of your readers had some good suggestions……….Simple small pool for me but great views of the Mediterranean yachts overlooking Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat …………………..
    Chateau Chèvre d’Or………..magical…..

  20. I’ll still go with Marina Bay Sands as the best pool experience of my life. Went at 6:00 am when the pool opens and had the entire pool to myself. Watching the Singapore city lights dim and the sun come up was a magical experience!

  21. My favourite is still the Hilton/Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur: They even have a proper water slide! Grand Hyatt Beijing is probably second on my list. (Though my experience with hotel pools is quite limited.)

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