Good Emirates First Class Fares From Colombo To Singapore (The Long Way)

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This isn’t the greatest fare in the history of the planet, but it’s an excellent fare nonetheless for anyone looking to fly Emirates first class.

Emirates used to fly nonstop from Colombo to Singapore. Unfortunately they’ve discontinued the route a while back, though that’s not stopping the airline from publishing a great fare between the two airports.

At the moment Emirates has ~1,400USD one-way first class fares from Colombo to Singapore, via Dubai. Availability for this fare is wide open through the end of the schedule, and tickets can be booked directly on the Emirates website. While stopovers aren’t allowed on the fare, you can choose a short layover, or a layover of just under 24 hours.

While the direct distance between Colombo and Singapore is about 1,700 miles, routing via Dubai means you can fly 5,700 miles. When in Emirates first class, why not? 😉

The flights between Colombo and Dubai are operated by the Boeing 777-300ER, featuring eight first class seats.

Meanwhile between Dubai and Singapore you can fly Emirates’ A380 with first class, including their spectacular shower, or you can fly a 777-300ER. Personally I’d mix it up and fly the A380 for the shower and bar.

For what it’s worth, if you credit this flight to Alaska Mileage Plan you’d earn 350% redeemable miles, not including any elite bonuses (which range 50-125%). For an itinerary of 5,700 miles, you’re looking at somewhere between 20,000 and 27,000 redeemable miles which I value at ~$400-540.

While I’m not suggesting this is a fare everyone should be jumping on, it could be a great way to depart Colombo.

(Tip of the hat to Carq)

  1. “Unfortunately they’ve discontinued the route a while back.”

    I not sure why that’s unfortunate, it’s still possible to do it direct on other airlines.

  2. I don’t see this as the long way, but the normal (and only) way for Emirates.

    Long way should also be the wrong way like CMB-DXB-LAX-SYD-SIN for good prices, aka mileage runs.

  3. Round trip (in case you’re interested) prices out around $2,000 – no much more, especially if you’re crediting to Alaska for the mileage.

  4. Man I miss the days AA had great sub 2K F class fares to the US from CMB. EK F to SIN then QF F to LHR then BA or AA F to LAX with Stop overs!!! Where are those fares! I even got to do one on QF codeshare on EK F on the SIN-DXB-LHR portion. Wow nostalgia

  5. Business class seems to be a better deal one way for 561 USD plus tax or even 744 USD plans tax that allows stopover in Dubai for up to 7 days

  6. What other Emirates First Class fares are available at these kind of very low prices?
    Are there still great fares out of Cairo?

  7. Is it possible to book a 5 day stopover in Dubai with this fare? When I tried to do this using multi-city, the price was much higher. If possible, how do I do this?

  8. This routing appears to have disappeared entirely? The separate tickets still exist so maybe they caught on. Anyone know any other good routes like this?

  9. Yes. Looks like even economy has been pulled. Zero availability. Any way to force price this?

  10. I’m seeing business fares working again. First Class is not working, but is appearing on Google Flights somehow, even though you can’t actually purchase them it seems…they’re also up to $2500 🙁

  11. Hi i actually don’t see this anymore, any idea why? It is showing different fares and once you process to book it just doesn’t allow you

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