Gogo Raises The Cost Of Their All-Day Wifi Passes

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I have a Gogo monthly wifi pass, which I find to be worthwhile given how often I travel domestically. While I don’t love the quality of Gogo wifi, it’s still the only way to stay connected on most American flights (though for better or worse, American will apparently be changing wifi providers in the future).


However, for those who don’t have a monthly Gogo wifi pass, the best value for getting Gogo wifi is to buy an all-day pass, which up until now has cost $16 per 24 hours.


The catch is that you need to purchase the pass before you get on your flight to get that pricing, because if you buy wifi onboard it will typically be significantly more expensive (as you can see below).


Well, unfortunately it looks like Gogo has raised the pricing on these passes. The cost of a 24 hour pass has increased from $16 to $19. Ultimately in most instances this will still represent a better deal than buying the wifi directly on a flight, though it’s not as much of a steal anymore.


However, do keep in mind that there are a couple of other good ways to get free Gogo wifi nowadays, that are at least worth being aware of:


Will the new Gogo pricing impact whether or not you buy an all-day pass?

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  1. Yup I’m not seeing the all day mobile pass as an option anymore. That was actually a great deal as they were only $8 when purchased in advance.

  2. US Bank Flexperks card. $59 annual fee gets you 10 gogo passes that are now worth $190. Can’t beat that deal if you use them all or even just half.

  3. Gogo has been a disaster on my last 4 flights on Delta. I used all-day passes and service was completely useless. At least customer service was great and they gave me 4 new passes since I basically could not use the service at all. If they are increasing the price they better offer a better service.

  4. They are improving the quality of service by raising their prices. Less people online, better speed. :p

  5. Booo you removed my comment.

    I pointed out you and put in a link to say you can still buy the all day domestic Gogo pass for $16 right now.

    You just need to go via the American website and it loads up AA gogo with the rate still in there.
    I think you should update the post with that information.

  6. The AA link gives you the $16 rate but that only works on AA flights. I fly Alaska and I can still get the $16 if I use their direct link too: https://www.alaskaair.com/content/travel-info/flight-experience/inflight-entertainment/wifi.aspx.

    The big difference is that you used to be able to Gogoair.com/all-day-passes and buy an all day pass for $16 and it would work on ANY airline but that rate has just been increased to $19. It must have changed recently because I purchased an all day / any carrier pass at the end of Oct at the $16 rate.

    I buy the all day pass frequently. Now I go to the airline’s direct purchase link rather than going to gogo.com. It’s not as convenient but it saves me a couple of dollars.

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