Whew: Global Ghana Airlines Confirms They’re Not A Scam

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In September 2017 I first wrote about Global Ghana Airlines, a new startup airline that intended to operate nonstop flights between Chicago and Accra. At the time the airline announced that they’d begin operating flights within weeks.

There was only one slight problem. The airline didn’t actually exist. That’s to say that they didn’t have a plane, and they didn’t have any sort of approval from US or Ghanian authorities (and as Baltia can attest to, that can take 30+ years to get).

In fact, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority accused Global Ghana Airlines of misleading consumers, and advised the public not to conduct business with the company.

So there’s an interesting update on that front. This week Global Ghana Airlines issued a press release “clarifying” their situation, and that they are in fact legitimate:

Recently we were made aware of some public concern over written allegations from the Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Simon Allotey, stating that Global Ghana Airlines is not certified by the GCAA to conduct aviation business to and from Ghana. It is true that Global Ghana Airlines is not certified by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority because Global Ghana Airlines is a U.S. based airline and will be flying under a Category 1 certification which will supersede the Category 2 rating.

Global Ghana Airlines will be operating with our U.S. partners to serve you beginning on March 20, 2019! Tickets are available NOW at www.flyGGA.com; we hope to see you on board!

So, um, what?

  • They think it’s easier to get US certification than it is to get Ghanian certification? (I’m sure getting certified in Ghana is difficult, but getting certified in the US is also really difficult.)
  • They will be operating the flight between Chicago and Accra with their “U.S. partners.” Say what?

My favorite part is that they say that they’re launching flights as of March 20, 2019, and encourage people to book on their website. But online they’re selling tickets for travel effective immediately.

Seems perfectly legitimate to me!

  1. I’m curious what happens if you book a ticket for Jan 7th, show up at the airport and couldn’t find the plane – or their counter, for that matter. If you book it, would they issue a PNR and a ticket number? Can you find your reservation on Amadeus? This is overall very interesting

  2. The website claims they were established in 2016, and yet almost 3 years later have yet to operate a flight

    The director is appropriately named Johnnie O’Toole.

    They are even selling flights online.

    Trouble is they don’t have an aircraft or any authorisation

    They claim their maiden flight was in October 1 according to their Facebook site

    Scam scam scam However am sure many are stupid enough to believe they are genuine

  3. @ Norman — I can’t imagine there are ticket numbers or anything. What would happen if you showed up at the airport? The same thing that would happen if you PayPaled me that amount. I’ll gladly send you a six digit code/PNR if it makes you feel better. 😉

  4. @ Norman. Ask them which aircraft they use , the registration and delivery date. Seems they are also operating local flights in Western Africa lol. With which aircraft? What’s their IATA code ? Which GDS they using and for pictures of their inflight product and uniform Who is handling them at O’Hare ?

    It’s most likely a phishing scam and some people are easily tricked to provide all their personal details

    The US and Ghana authorities should work to close their website down

  5. I wonder if insurance will pay if the flight doesn’t happen…

    Then I’ll get a refund of the amount paid (plus earn miles from my credit card spend in the process?)

    P.s. Please make the sarcasm more obvious? In case anyone reads this and thinks it is really legitimate

  6. The Ghana passenger service fee is $100 which seems a bit steep to me. Also $250 in fuel surcharges? What is this, BA?

  7. Isn’t Category 1 & 2 certification an airport/country based certification? They make it sound as if they – Global Ghana Airlines – are the one getting the certification.

    Why can’t they be simply shut down?!

    Very interesting point there. One wonders if there’s a connection….

  8. Google Maps street view of their Chicago office screams “ready to fly internationally”.

    5923 S Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60638
    (773) 767-2700

    The letterhead shows “#204”. How about a bounty for first photo of interior of suite 204?

  9. Are you thick? The 1st September is not immediately. Your post clearly shows the date as 1/9/19, i.e., the 1st of the 9th month, September.

  10. @brad
    Please get your IQ tested.
    1/7/19 , 1/8/19, 1/9/19 cannot mean September 1st in the case of 1/9/19… what airline only offers flights the 1st of each month?

  11. @Addison: It seems like Green Africa is ahead of the pack, since they’ve already copyrighted their website 2019 in December (or earlier?) 2018!!

  12. I know this is very late, but I hope someone sees this fairly in-depth research. So looking at the records and comparing everything in the ‘About’ page of the airline:

    1) The is no Aerospace Institute in Chicago. He claimed to have attended such place, but no records of the ‘institute’ being an entity exist nor are there any leads online.

    2) ISO Aeronautics Training Institute was dissolved back in 2002, involuntarily. Somehow he “continues” to operate and train pilots. I quote ” Today, Mr. O’Toole continues to operate his flight school as a pilot instructor where he has certified more than 250 pilots” ????

    3) Sister City International Airlines is founded and operated by the CEO of Global Ghana Airlines. He is listed as the agent of that company too

    4) “Mr. O’Toole also works as an Aviation Consultant for the Chicago Public School system”. Uhm, what? Why would they need an aviation consultant for a public school system? No mentions from the Chicago Public School system online. Maybe I’ll reach out for a comment

    The website is a goldmine of information. Check out the *professional* photo of the CEO on the about page too

  13. Many of your questions are answered in this 4/19/19 interview with Johnnie O’Toole. Apparently he’s been upsetting a lot of people in the Ghanaian community in Chicago.

    He said he’s not a liar but there are some questionable things mentioned in this heated interview. Johnnie said the first flight was in September 2018. The GGA Facebook page says inaugural fight March 20, 2019. How can it be an inaugural flight if the first flight supposedly took place in September 2018? Sounds like neither actually happened! He also gives a weak excuse about “low season” as a reason for not operating flights now but gave a similar excuse when it was cold because de-icing the plane would cost too much as a start-up company. It’s f*ckn Chicago! He’ll never fly with those kinds of excuses (in addition to all the other non-weather related excuses). Not sure how he expects anyone to take the airline seriously at this point…if they ever did before.

    I figured sharing this interview will help others avoid wasting time dealing with what so many others have dealt with already from a business perspective. These types of negative reviews before even getting into the air is not a good sign of what’s to come…if it ever does. You be the judge!

    Skip the video to 55:15 to start Johnnie’s portion of the interview. After the introduction and situation is set (spoken in Twi, I think) the meat of the conversation (mostly in English) begins roughly at 1:00:00. The interview is almost 2 hours long but is great for understanding what’s going on with GGA and the character of the CEO. The sound quality isn’t the best. Even though another language is spoken at moments, if your primary language is English there is enough English spoken to understand the ridiculous nature of this “airline” situation.


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