Garuda’s 90% Off Award Promotion Is CONFIRMED!

Earlier I wrote about how Garuda Indonesia is offering a 90% off award promotion, for tickets booked by December 31, 2016, and for travel between February 1 and May 31, 2017. The promotion obviously seems too good to be true, given that this means that a first class Garuda Indonesia award ticket will cost between 9,000 and 19,000 miles, which is insane.


Many speculated that Garuda Indonesia in fact intended to offer 10% off, meaning that they meant they were charging 90% of the normal cost. It’s no surprise that some people suspected that may be the case, since it’s not often you see a 90% off award sale.

Well, Garuda Indonesia has confirmed on Twitter that the promotion is indeed intended to be for 90% off, meaning it’s as generous as we thought.

That’s incredible, and I’m happy to see that the promotion is what we suspected it would be.

As I mentioned in the previous post, you need to book by phone in order to take advantage of this promotion. It can be tough to get through to Garuda Indonesia’s call center, as the automated system seems to hang up on many people after a few minutes. However, if you try often enough you should be able to get through.

This is a promotion that’s certainly worth the risk and effort, in my opinion. There’s lots of award availability across dates given how few people otherwise have access to these awards (you can’t book Garuda Indonesia first class through partner programs), so I’d certainly consider taking advantage of this.

Garuda Indonesia first class is one of the best products in the world, so I’d highly recommend using this promotion if you can.


You should be able to search Garuda Indonesia first class award space through the website quite easily, even if you can’t book it there. You’ll need a GarudaMiles account, and then just enter the details of the flight you want. Rather than clicking “Search Flights,” click “Redeem Miles.”


Then on the next page you’ll be shown a calendar with dates that have availability at the standard cost. You won’t be able to select the actual journey details if you don’t have enough miles, but at least you can see if there’s availability.


If you have any data points to share on trying to redeem miles for Garuda Indonesia first class, please do, as I think we’d all benefit from working together here!

(Tip of the hat to Point Me to the Plane)


  1. I looked at the page on the website to buy mile, I see the form but it doesn’t say where to send to process? any idea?

  2. Hmm tried signing up for their program and it won’t let me select a city for my address… And I tried three browsers.

  3. So even if you have no Thankyou points, at 38,000 points round trip per person (for the longest haul option), that’s $950 for Garuda First…pretty amazing!!! Do you know if flights have to originate out of CGK, or can it be booked in the opposite direction?

  4. I just asked on twitter about buying miles. No option to do over phone or online. Only option is to fill in form from ticketing office.

  5. It won’t let me see availability for travel originating Europe (LHR,AMS). Only out of CGK.. Anybody got a solution?

  6. @ Stags — From Jakarta to Amsterdam, Singapore, London, and Tokyo Haneda, at least those are the consistent routes with first class.

  7. Is anyone else having trouble registering for a Garuda Miles account? Forgetting for a moment that I can’t find a nationality for USA, the bigger issue is that when I select my state, no cities populate from the drop-dox box, and unfortunately you must select a city in order to proceed.

  8. Ditto re: signing up and city option not showing up. Tried safari, chrome, and Firefox. Also tried the app but it won’t let me input a nationality.

  9. Can anyone share the experience of buying GarudaMiles? The miles can only be purchased by submitting a form which seems really old-fashion… not sure how long it would take to process the purchase.

  10. From a business perspective, I’m a little worried about Garuda, who have never had the most trouble-free management without political interference. Why are they doing this drastic a sale?

  11. Thks Lucky for posting this. My parents and siblings still live in Jakarta. I told them already and encourage them to go to the local office to book. It’s well past midnight now, but I emphasize to them to skeedaddle to the local office in the morning.

    This promo is going to break the internet!

  12. What are the chances this deal gets cancelled before our points transfer? if that happens, is there any way to get our points back?

  13. @Scott

    I just spoke to the UK ticketing office and they said that purchasing miles can only be done via Head Office in Jakarta. So if you can’t fill in the form over the phone with them, or email it over, that must mean that the only way to purchase miles is literally by handing in the form in person at the Jakarta HO!


  14. Wish I could get in on this but gonna miss out. Hope there is good availability for everyone frantically trying to book.

  15. can anyone verify @Dave’s comment that “they don’t take American or Canadian credit cards?”. Dave, if you’re out there, do you mean they don’t take them for purpose of purchasing miles, or they don’t take them to pay fees on award bookings? The latter would seem to be a major problem for us yankees. thanks.

  16. ah this would have been super if the process was a bit easier. I think for a new member (as of today) with the 200 miles (Thanks Garuda), the only way to buy more miles is to take a trip to CGK! Pass. I’ve got NRT-DPS booked on 31MAY via DL in Bidnez and that was still a steal at 40K miles and $7 in taxes. Would have loved to move up to first on that flight, but will save the $600 for better champers in Bali.

  17. Could easily be dependent on which call center you call into. I could see some of the foreign call centers not taking US credit cards. It should also be noted that at lest one person on FT has be told he needs to go one of the four US ticketing offices to complete the redemption. If you don’t live in a city with one of these that could be a major deal breaker. The deal is as hot as it is complicated.

  18. I tweeted Garuda and they sent me a link where you could free text input your city.

    It worked for me, good luck.

  19. Just transferred TY points to my GFF account… I live in DFW, so I would not mind going to Houston to have it ticketed!

    So what should I do? Call the call center, book it, and then go to Houston?

  20. I see no option for “America” in country. Just “United States of America”. Selecting “American Samoa” lets me do “Other” for state and city and enter in manually. But I see no option when selecting “United states of America”. This is in Chrome on a PC

  21. @Lucky : We see that you only have 200 miles which might be the bonus miles during the signup.
    Where did you credit your miles when you traveled them last time ?

  22. From reading Point me to the Plane’s article on this, you need your *original* Garudamiles membership card with you when you redeem the award in person at a Garuda office. That may kill the deal for most people since I know it took 4-5 weeks for me to receive my GarudaMiles membership card (it was mailed from Indonesia to USA.) Just an FYI.

  23. Seeing multiple reports that you need to go to a ticketing office with ID and membership card by December 31st to ticket these

  24. I am waiting for confirmation on the card. I live in NYC so getting to an office is easy. Also have Citi TY points to transfer. That is the last missing piece.

  25. On the screen shot of Garuda’s T&C, it states that this promotion is for “low grade first class” travel. Does anyone know what that means?

    I am very curious (and slightly suspicious) as to why Garuda would run such an exceptionally generous promotion.

  26. I got around the city issue by choosing my country as UK, then from the city dropdown choosing “Other.” Typed in the name of my city, then switched UK back to USA and chose a state.

  27. I registered with a bogus UK address. Then, once I was a member, I was able to change my address and enter my US city into a typable box in my profile.

  28. I am having a hard time registering on their website. I cant seem to be able to select the city when entering my home address. Anyone have this issue??? Its so annoying!

  29. Has anyone called one of the USA offices to see if they will allow the printout card? I agree having the physical card could be a deal breaker for most.

  30. I just tried calling local ‘sales office’ which is a generic 800 number. They told me they have no information, can’t answer my questions and that I must only call the head office. Let me know if anyone has more luck.

  31. The Garuda ticket office is right down the street from where i work in Houston. But can anyone share how they are able to call the Jakarta call center to book? With Skype??

  32. Mandy: Can you go down there and see for us please? Most of us are 100s of miles from the nearest office.

    This deal seems to be impossible for most people…It won’t break the internet, because you can’t use the internet to get it 😀

  33. I messaged Garuda Airlines on Twitter and I was told that you can access the Virtual Card on Garuda Indonesia Mobile App to show your GarudaMiles membership. You do not need to have the physical card when you go to the office to book the award.

  34. OK. I’ll just fly to Jakarta and walk into their office to purchase miles. Hopefully it works and they will allow last minute booking.

  35. Can I make the Reservations and issue the tickets in their office just before the flight (let’s say I’m going to book London to Jakarta and after getting to London a day before the flights I’ll issue the tickets)?

  36. Also, I called the phone number listed for US sales to check on coming in to finalize the reservations (which are already on hold). The person could not have been more useless.

    All he kept saying was either 1) “walk in not allowed” or 2) “you must call the jakarta head office”. Literally all I wanted to know was their hours. He said they don’t handle miles reservations and cannot do anything in person. Don’t know what to do?

  37. 1 – Would love to hear why they are doing this. It seems insane.

    2 – Having to to an office to ticket it rules out most people.

    3 – Why are some posters ___ (not so smart)?
    Example: Where do they fly? (go to their website)
    Can I transfer from Amex? Go the Amex site. The list is right there.
    Can I use Delta Miles? You surely can not book first as DL never allows booking in first.
    And, since flights do not show up in Delta searches anyways, the answer is easy. No.

    4 – Back to #1. Why are they doing this?

  38. Maybe they had to achieve some kind of minimum points transferred or transfers made in a year to remain a Citi partner?

  39. I just got off the phone with their office in Hong Kong. Everybody seems to be confused. A booking has to be made first, which then has to be confirmed by the head office, but given the public holidays here by the time they confirm (or not) I will have no time left to transfer points from my Visa PremierMiles account before the promotion expires. Now, I’d take my chances and transfer the points now if it wasn’t the case that this promotion reveals just how crappy GarudaMiles redemption rates normally are – from HKG to LHR via CKG (J first leg, F second) would normally be 235,000 miles ONE-WAY! – the same on CX, non-stop, would be 180,000 ROUND-TRIP!
    With all due respect Lucky, I don’t think the Garuda First experience is THAT superior to CX to justify these absurd rates… or the hassle and risk required to enjoy the promotion.

  40. I would agree with the last poster. The total confusion and lack of process will keep many from even attempting to battle this monster. After a few minutes I gave up.

    Sad, as this airline was on my wish list to fly based on the great reviews.

    The whole thing smells funny.

  41. Based in HK, I tried to call all Garuda offices in Asia. Managed to get one where they answer (which is good already !) in English (even better !).
    Asked for first class flight redemption, all full from Feb to May. I was on the phone for more than 1 hour : CGK-AMS, CGK-LON, DPS-NRT. They checked every day (sometimes I was put on hold, sometimes I heard them typing on the keyboard).
    I was told that other routes don’t have F anymore for this schedule (not operated by 777 anymore). At the end I got tired and asked for business. Once you finally find CGK-AMS available, good luck for finding the return flight. I said I would call back. Not sure I will.
    Good luck to other people !
    Did anyone find something in F after my post ? Let me know.

  42. It worked.
    I got
    2 DPS- NRT class
    2 HND – CGK J class
    1 CGK – PVG J class round trip
    1 CGK – HKG J class round trip
    All of this for around 60k miles and less than 500 usd.
    Great deal

  43. Ben, I’m on the phone with their agents in India. They have a new office in Mumbai. I had to direct them to the promotion. Although it has been 5 hours and five calls, still no progress. I am also not sure if we can book awards from their code-share cities (Delhi to Bali) because they do not show up in the mileage calculator. Will update you if I break through or break down 😀 Take care!

  44. Update
    Greetings from Garuda Indonesia !!!

    As per your query you can only redeem miles solely on pure Garuda flights eg : BOM-Jakarta and not on code-share flights.

  45. Just booked a bunch of GA J class domestic Indonesia and intra Asia flights aboard their new Airbus 330s with this amazing promo! GA only show a SINGLE seat availability on available dates/flights. Once taken they’re gone forever at this amazing redemption rate, so you really wanna book FAST!! The great thing is, GA will let you book the redemption flight first and then you have until Dec 31 to ticket it. A very handy option to have for those wanting to transfer miles into their Garuda Miles account!

  46. Update II

    Cannot book a redemption ticket from Indian offices of Garuda from/ to anywhere. Will have to call another country’s office. Not cool.

  47. Live in London and decided to call their dedicated First Class tel number. Got picked up straight away and the v helpful agent made two reservations for me, one in First, one in Biz on the same Amsterdam to Jakarta flight, then emailed me the booking references.

    Then to buy the 28k miles he advised me to take the form to their Hammersmith office and for them to send it to Jakarta. They took the form and said it would go on the next flight with their other mail.

    Have also emailed their CS and First departments with copy of the form and booking references.

    If they process the miles purchase I can then take the train to Gatwick for ticketing…

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